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Zoé Lee has been akumatized. Zoé Lee is a student in Ms Mendeleiev's class. Zoé Lee is the Bee Miraculous holder.

You may hate me, but I love you, even if the whole world hates you, sister.

—Zoé, "Queen Banana"

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Zoé Lee[10] is a teenage girl from New York City and a student in Ms. Mendeleiev's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. She is also Chloé Bourgeois's half-sister[7] and André Bourgeois's stepdaughter. She attended a boarding school when she was in New York, where she once lived with her mother.

In "Sole Crusher", after being tired of hiding her true self in order to please her half-sister, Zoé is akumatized by Shadow Moth into Sole Crusher, a supervillain who can absorb people and becomes larger by stomping on or kicking them.[11][12] She also receives a Magical Charm that prevent her from being reakumtized.

In "Queen Banana", after Chloé is akumatized into the titular villain, Zoé receives the Bee Miraculous from Ladybug. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Pollen, Zoé becomes Vesperia, a bee/wasp-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir during particularly difficult missions in the fourth season and beyond.


Physical appearance

Zoé has pale, light grayish gold-blonde hair with light brilliant rose-colored bangs on the left side, vivid azure eyes (similar to Marinette Dupain-Cheng's form as Ladybug) and light scarlety-coral lips. She also has small freckles. In "Sole Crusher", Zoé's hair strand was originally like the rest of her hair until she later gets it dyed near the end of the episode by Rose Lavillant and Juleka Couffaine.

Civilian attire

She wears a black faux leather jacket, a white top with a pink, cyan and yellow honeycomb flower on the front, and yellow pants. On her feet, her shoes have white shoelaces, toe caps and soles. The sides of her shoes are decorated with blue, lime-green and pink heart and star patterns with black outlines. There's a moderate apple green crown on the left side of her left shoe and a white skull on the left side of her right shoe. The midsole of the shoes seem to be decorated with different drawings that appeared to be drawn with a black permanent marker. The left shoe has a red heart drawn on the toe cap that reads "I ♡︎U".[13] At the end of "Sole Crusher", her shoes get more drawings from her new friends. On her left wrist, she also wears a two blue beaded brown bracelets and red and yellow pattern wide white bracelet with black lining on each and a luminous vivid opal-colored beanie on her head.

As Vesperia

Zoé's transformation

As Vesperia, she wears a yellow and black swan-necked, bee and wasp hybrid formed superhero jumpsuit, which has a leather texture. The upper part of the suit is black with yellow stripes with yellow forearms and hands with black fingers. She has a yellow zipper at the front with a triangular yellow and black slider, making it look like she is wearing a jacket. The lower part of the suit is yellow with black stripes. She wears black boots with a yellow stripe at the collar, tongue and toecap and a black mask with yellow around her eyes. Her hair becomes braided with a black streak and her bangs are of equal length and black highlights. The Bee Miraculous is located right above of the base of her braid, holding two black antenna-like ribbons, similar to Chloé's as Queen Bee. The Spinning Top, her weapon, is tied with a yellow string around her hips when not in use, it has a same color as Queen Bee's form of Queen Wasp's.

As Sole Crusher

As Sole Crusher, she is a hybrid form of her half-sister Chloé Bourgeois, having her physical look (like face and hairstyle), and her mother's form as Style Queen. Her hair, eyes, skin and clothes (which are the same as Chloé's) that are sparkly brilliant amber with encrusted very light cyan-colored jewels. Her headdress-like accessory features lightning-shaped horns. Her jacket collar and the backs of her high heel shoes also feature lightning-shaped ornaments.

For more of Zoé's outfits and designs, see Zoé Lee/Designs.


Zoé is a very sweet girl[14] who can be very caring and nice to anyone that crosses her way, being even able to make friends with someone she has just met, like Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She is also very forgiving, showing this in Sole Crusher, after Marinette trips and falls on her. Zoé is also very generous as she gave to the taxi driver that took her to Le Grand Paris the baking goods that Marinette gave her, after hearing from her how her children love them. She is also shown to be creative, shown to dye her hair and customize her own shoes.

Her greatest dream is to become an actress as she is very skilled at doing so. However, because she was constantly acting a role, much like Lila Rossi and her lies, Zoé ended up concealing her true self and, when she was not able to do it anymore, she ended up having no friends back in New York. After moving to Paris to live with her maternal family, she pretends to be like her mother and half-sister in order to please them and be accepted by them. She also wants to fit in, which is why she is always acting. After being deakumatized, she learned that the way she was acting was wrong and decided to finally stop hiding her true self.

In "Queen Banana", at first she was hesitant in taking the Bee Miraculous knowing how Chloé would react, but Ladybug reassures her that unlike Chloé, she'll keep her identity a secret.

In "Optigami", she is instinctively protective of anyone as she wanted to pull Chloé down before Style Queen hit her.

As Vesperia, most of Zoé's personality remains the same and she's proven to be very clever using her acting skills that led to her sister's downfall. She can also act in a flashy way, similar to Queen Bee, but always shows a much humbler side. According to Plagg, Vesperia is more refined, sweeter and nicer than Queen Bee.

As Sole Crusher, she is much more confident and refuses to let others boss her around. However, she is still willing to please Chloé as she considers crushing Kitty Section just to be like her.


As a civilian

Zoé is very good at acting. In fact, she is so good that she can convince others she possess a much different personality than the one she truly has as she was able to convince her mother and half-sister she was just like them. In the episode "Queen Banana", a scene from a movie shows her skillfully wielding a toy sword demonstrating that she has good fencing skills.

As Vesperia

Zoé, as Vesperia, has the same abilities as the most recent Bee Miraculous holder, Chloé Bourgeois. She has enhanced physical characteristics such as speed, strength and agility. She also has the superpower Venom, enabling her to immobilize her opponents.

As Sole Crusher

She can absorb any person she kicks or stomps with her shoes on. The more people she absorbs, the taller she grows. However, because of her size, it is hard for move freely in tight spaces or catch those who have speed, she had lower speed than her enemies (Ladybug and Cat Noir). Not only that, but her shoes make her easy to tumble and, when the heels are broken, she has difficulty in moving.



André Bourgeois Square.png
André Bourgeois
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Audrey Bourgeois
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Mr. Lee
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Chloé Bourgeois
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Zoé Lee

André Bourgeois
Audrey Bourgeois
Mr. Lee
Chloé Bourgeois
Zoé Lee

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    = Gender Unknown


  • Audrey had been living in New York, but is currently living in Paris. More information about her will be revealed in the future.[15]


Before Season 4

Despite her parents residing in the same city, Zoé lived most of her life within a boarding school in New York where she was surrounded by people who accepted her friendship and her status as Audrey's daughter. However, afraid of her school mates acceptance being revoked, she took on a fake persona in order to easily gain their approval. But she disliked pretending to be someone she was not and unable to bare with the possibility of maintaining her facade forever, Zoé decided to reveal her true self to her school mates. Despite her hopes of being accepted for who she truly was, she was crushed as her school mates chose to end their friendship and ridiculed her for being someone they did not approve. Out of all her former friends in New York, only one remained with her, this one friend's words of affection would later be drawn by Zoé on her shoe in an effort to remember their kind words. Unfortunately, Zoé's one time attempt at revealing her true self in New York also resulted in her being bullied by her former friends for the rest of her time at the boarding school to the point where they put cockroaches in her locker. Due to the severe bullying but still hopeful she could have the chance to find a place where she can belong, Zoé left school and moved to Paris to meet her family, hoping to find a better life and a fresh start there.

Season 4

Zoé crying on the balcony

In "Sole Crusher", on her way to Le Grand Paris, she ends up in the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie and bumped into Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The two bonded over Marinette's clumsiness and Zoé's creativity before she went to Le Grand Paris. Scared of not fitting in with her mother and half-sister, she began to imitate their behavior in hopes they'll accept her. When she first meets Chloé, the latter starts to explain her expectations for her sister, including belittling everyone and using her step-father as a tool to get what she wants. At school, she acted hostile to everyone and was transferred to Ms. Mendeleiev's class, but she was aware of her cruel attitude. It reached a head when Chloé proposed they fill Marinette's locker with cockroaches, where Zoé went to the balcony in despair. André Bourgeois comforts her and encouraged her to cast aside her family's interests to fit in, but her distress left her vulnerable to Shadow Moth's akumatization. After becoming Sole Crusher, she chased down Chloé and kidnapped Marinette who tried to reason with her before she was stopped by Ladybug and Cat Noir, who deakumatized her and gave her a Magical Charm for protection. Later that night, Zoé went to the Liberty for a concert where she apologized to everyone for her behavior and explained her insecurities about fitting in. After she's reassured she's fine the way she was, she becomes friends with the teens and stood up for Chloé's expectations when she returns home. André safely escorted her to her new room and she later sent Marinette a photo montage of all her new memories and friendships in Paris, including adding more doodles to her sneakers and dyed part of her bangs bright pink.

In "Queen Banana", Zoé participated in the school's movie project, as one of the lead characters of the movie "Terrificator". However, she was forced to forfeit the role when Chloé took full control of the movie. After her sister left; Zoé was given her lead role back but it resulted in Chloé akumatization into Queen Banana and on the path of revenge but she was led to safety by Marinette feeling responsible for Chloé's akumatization, Zoé came out of hiding and attempted to reason with her by surrendering herself in exchange for Paris' safety, but failed as Queen Banana sarcastically agreed and continued to attack civilians. Before being attacked, she was saved by Ladybug and taken to a secluded location in the subway where Queen Banana's car could not enter. Zoé was asked by the heroine for her help to defeat Queen Banana, receiving the Bee Miraculous. Zoé, who despite being a little hesitant at first, accepted the power and used the Bee Miraculous to transform into Vesperia.

Afterwards, she went to help Cat Noir fight against Chloé's sentimonster which went out of control after being touched by Cat Noir's Cataclysm. As she gained the attention of the sentimonster, Vesperia quickly avoided his attacks and used Venom to paralyze it where it stood. Then, she introduced herself to Cat Noir, who humbly welcomed her to the team before being informed that Ladybug needed both of their help. Due to them having already used their powers, the pair momentarily separated to feed their kwamis in order transform again. Despite Queen Banana left without both her sentimonster and go-kart, she managed to take Ladybug hostage. As Vesperia watched Queen Banana threatened Ladybug, she distracted her by teasing her about being the "right Queen Bee", allowing Ladybug to glue the villain's holster to get her gun stuck before being tossed aside by Queen Banana, who has now chosen to focus on attacking Vesperia. Despite Vesperia being turned into a banana, her sacrifice allowed the heroes to defeat Queen Banana the moment she unknowingly places her gun in her now glued holster. After being restored, she watched as Chloé refused Ladybug's magical charm and ran away. Knowing the importance of Chloé having the magical charm to prevent akumatizations, Vesperia had an idea on how to effectively persuade Chloé to accept the charm.

After de-transforming, Zoé reunited with Chloé in order to tell her that she will always love her as a true sister no matter what. Knowing fully well of Chloé's admiration for their mother, Zoé then tricked her into thinking the magical charm was a gift Audrey had given her but was more than happy to give to her once she requested it, causing Chloé to accept and use it, preventing any more akumatizations.

In "Gabriel Agreste"

In "Mega Leech", she attended her stepfather's project ceremony along with her sister Chloé until she was controlled by a mini Malediktator. Once she was freed by a Polymouse, she was then given the Bee Miraculous again to paralyze Mega Leech. After the job was done, she returned the Bee Miraculous to Ladybug.

In "Crocoduel", she watched Kitty Section preform with her friends, then realized Luka was upset that Marinette wasn't coming to their performances anymore. Later, Zoé and the others came up with a plan to have Marinette see Luka again at his and Juleka's birthday party in an effort to help them reconcile. The next day, she arrived with Marinette and her friends with presents to the party, which happened on the Liberty. After Marinette ran to hide from Luka, she and the others comforted him, which prevented his akumatization. Upon learning that Jagged Stone was Luka's and Juleka's father, she expressed delight along with everyone else and continued the party. However when Luka and Juleka's parents were akumatized, she ran off the boat and watches the battle. Alya then pretends to be injured, which caused Zoé and the others to help her as Marinette ran off and transformed into Ladybug. After the titular villains' defeat, she and everyone returned to the boat to continue the party.

Chloé using Zoé as a human shield from getting hit by Style Queen

In "Optigami", she was present at the ceremony for the Fashion Icon of the Month of the Style Queen magazine as well as the moment her mother is akumatized after being humiliated by Sentialec. She shared a hiding place with Chloé as their mother continued her attacks, however, after Chloé left their hiding place to tell the villain where Sentialec went, Zoé tried to make sister hide again. When Style Queen tried to turn Chloé into glitter for laughing at her, Zoé used as a human shield, but the two of them end up being turned into glitter together. After Style Queen's defeat and Ladybug used her lucky charm to fix everything, Zoé was restored.

In "Ephemeral",


Chloé Bourgeois

Chloé is Zoé's maternal half-sister. They come to meet when Zoé comes from New York to live with her maternal side of the family. Despite having a very sweet and caring demeanor, she decided to be accepted and liked by her sister, by pretending to be like her, vain and mean, and following her advice, ending up being mean to Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the very first friend she meets in Paris, in order to please her. After being deakumatized and realizing she could be herself and still be accepted, Zoé stops following Chloé's advice, causing a great gap in their relationship.

Their gap continued to grow in "Queen Banana", when Chloé's jealousy got the better of her as Zoé was going to be the star of their class' film and yet she didn't mind giving her sister the role. Despite that when the class' original film was put in the theater it caused Chloé's jealously to make her vulnerable to akumatization and Zoé was her main target, she gave in to her akumatized sister's demands but was saved by Ladybug. Then, realizing she'd have to become a heroine to save her sister, Zoé was hesitant to take the Bee Miraculous knowing how Chloé would react but as Vesperia, she helped Ladybug and Cat Noir deakumatize her. Despite it, she heard that Chloé wasn't thankful and called her an inferior copy of her.

After Chloé's deakumatization, Zoé still chose to love and care for her regardless of Chloé still hating her and convinced her in taking Ladybug's magical charm saying it was gift from their mother.

Her desperation to be accepted by Chloé causes her to be akumatized by Shadow Moth into Sole Crusher. In her akumatized form, she wants to show Chloé that she can be at her level and better by crushing her with the latter's own shoes she had lent to her. She follows her all over Paris just to be able to stomp on her.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Zoé meets Marinette when she arrives to Paris and stops by the latter's family to have some French croissants. The two of them immediately get along, with Marinette inviting her to hang out with her and her friends and sharing numbers. However, struggling to be accepted by her half-sister Chloé, Zoé ends up being mean with Marinette in order to please her. After being akumatized and learning that she can be herself and still be accepted, Zoé stops listening to Chloé's advice and decides to be friends with Marinette. She was working with Marinette and their friends in making a film. During Chloé's akumatized rampage in "Queen Banana", she was brought to safety by her.

Unaware that Marinette is Ladybug, Zoé first sees Ladybug among the rooftops with Cat Noir as she was getting a tour of Paris. After being deakumatized, she was grateful towards the heroine for saving and giving her the magical charm. In "Queen Banana", she was saved by Ladybug when giving into the titular villain's demands, and seeing that the heroes would need her help in stopping Chloé, Zoé hesitated in taking the Bee Miraculous aware of her actions with it believing she wasn't strong enough to do it until she was convinced by Ladybug otherwise and working together they deakumatized Chloé. But hearing Ladybug voice concern about Chloé rejecting the Magical Charm being only thing that can protect her from future akumatizations, she had an idea how to get her sister to accept it and in doing so returned the Bee Miraculous to the heroine.

As Sole Crusher, Zoé is shown to still have some care for Marinette. This is shown when, after capturing Marinette while trying to get Chloé, Sole Crusher holds her after thinking about that might be very droll thing to absorbs her. Not only that, but when Marinette tries to reason with her, she does listen, then being convinced otherwise by Shadow Moth. As Sole Crusher, she was very upset with Ladybug getting in her way.

Audrey Bourgeois

Just like Chloé Bourgeois before Audrey decided to stay in Paris, Zoé seems to have a distant relationship with her mother. Nevertheless, much like with Chloé, Zoé tried to act just like Audrey to be liked and accepted by her. However, it's still unknown the true extent of their relationship, despite being showed that Audrey seems to favor Chloé over Zoé, as she seemed to side with the former about sending the latter back to New York when she failed to live up to her half-sister's expectations.

André Bourgeois

Zoé seems to have a very good relationship with her stepfather, as he, much like her, has to hide his true self from his family, fearing to not be liked or accepted. When Zoé seems conflicted on what to do, he tries to help her, by sharing his secret with her and helping her to hide her shoes. When Chloé demands her father to send Zoé back to New York, André is able to convince her to allow Zoé to stay, but in another room away from Chloé's, something that Zoé appreciates. In "Queen Banana", he angrily scolds Chloé for wanting to get rid of her again, refusing to indulge his daughter because Zoé stood up for herself.





Zoé's Magical Charm.

  • The designed charm for Zoé has diamonds embedded on it because the charms are based on the color scheme/characteristics of the person's akumaization.
  • Zoé is the first Miraculous holder to receive a magical charm before becoming a superhero herself.
    • She's also the first in her family to receive a magical charm.
  • Zoé is the third miraculous holder not to get spotted by Optigami, the others being Ladybug, Cat Noir, Polymouse, Pigella, Purple Tigress and Bunnyx.
    • However, that's because Optigami was supposed to spot heroes whose identity was known by Shadow Moth. So, since he didn't know that Zoé was Vesperia, Shadow Moth wouldn't have had any reason to target her even if spotted by Optigami.
  • As seen in "Sole Crusher", Zoé is right-handed.
  • In the episode "Gabriel Agreste", she says her half-sister's famous line/catchphrase, "Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!"
  • Zoé is the only person in Ms. Mendeleiev's class who uses a Miraculous so far.
    • She is also the only person in Ms. Mendeleiev's class who owns a magical charm.
  • Zoé can be seen as a light parallel to Chloé as they are both wielders of the bee miraculous, however there are differences between the two. Chloé is a selfish and overzealous spoiled brat who uses her father to get whatever she wants and barely has any friends because of her toxic personality. Zoé, on the other hand is a kind-hearted person. She comes from a Friendless Background because she couldn't be what others wanted, is quick to befriend the main cast, and has a very healthy and encouraging relationship with her stepfather, André.


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