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I can do incredible things with my yo-yo. The string goes on forever, and I can use it to move around or tie up my opponents. I can even make it spin super fast to use it as a shield.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Marinette's Double Life"

The Yo-yo is the tool of the Ladybug Miraculous.

The current owner of the yo-yo is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who uses it as the superhero Ladybug.


The yo-yo is a red circle with a smooth surface and five black spots in a quincunx pattern, resembling Ladybug's earrings in charged mode. Ladybug usually attaches it around her hips when she's not using it. The length of the string is unlimited and can be controlled by willpower.[1] The string is black and has a small red hoop to put around the user's finger at its end.

In "Stalac Mode", as seen in "Frozer", the yo-yo has a different appearance, having black hexagons over it instead of spots.


The yo-yo is extremely versatile. Ladybug uses it as a weapon, both offensively and defensively, to hit enemies with it like a projectile or tie them up with its string. It works like a grappling hook, which Ladybug can swing from and use to travel far distances. The yo-yo's string never runs out and, as mentioned in "Animan", is unbreakable. When swung in a circle very quickly, it lights up and creates a pink shield able to deflect and withstand strong attacks. In "Stormy Weather", Ladybug uses the yo-yo's shield to protect herself and Cat Noir from a bus launched at them by tearing a hole through it. The string of the yo-yo is strong enough to cut through thick metal or concrete, as displayed in "Gigantitan" and "Anansi". It can create safety nets to catch people and even large vehicles like cars or helicopters from falling.

The yo-yo being prepared to purify an akuma.

The yo-yo is useful for some of Ladybug's special abilities. Whenever something corrupts or infects an object or animal, like butterflies transformed into akumas with the power of the Butterfly Miraculous, or feathers turned into amoks with the power of the Peacock Miraculous, the yo-yo can capture and purify them back to normal.[2] The yo-yo opens up, showing glowing pink energy, and it closes around the infected animal or object. It opens again with them healed or clean, such as akumas getting purified into ordinary butterflies and or Mr. Squid in the fourth issue of Miraculous Adventures being purified from the unknown black substance. The yo-yo can contain things larger than the yo-yo itself, and it can hold more than one object at once, from a stuffed animal to a huge swarm of akumas.

The yo-yo is also used for Lucky Charm: Ladybug throws the yo-yo in the air, and it releases a pink energy that produces an object that Ladybug uses to save the day. However, the Lucky Charm is also Ladybug's weakness because, as it is used in the middle of the summoning process, she can't use the yo-yo to attack or defend until the process is finished, as seen in "Sandboy", the power will be canceled out if the process is interrupted.

One side of the yo-yo can slide open, revealing a screen. With this, Ladybug can use the yo-yo as a tracker, a map, a communicator to contact Cat Noir, or a cellular phone. Additionally, it can access the internet, as seen in "Simon Says" and "Pixelator".

In "Dark Owl", it's revealed the yo-yo also has an ear communicator and camera so the holder can communicate with others.

In and out of "Aqua Mode", the yo-yo can also work as a breathing apparatus for those who can't breathe underwater, like Kim in "Syren", Ladybug herself in "Queen Wasp" and "Reverser", and Otis in "Mayura (Heroes Day - Part 2)".

In "Backwarder", it is revealed that the yo-yo can store or hold other objects like letters, and it also has its own timer. Anything stored in the yo-yo can be transferred to the user's bag or purse if wearing one when they aren't transformed and stay inside the yo-yo when they are. The yo-yo can also purify amoks, as seen in "Miraculer".

Also seen in "Weredad" and "Miraculer", if the holder can't use the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) as the result of having no Lucky Charm, the power can be activated by using the yo-yo.

While under the power of fusion with the Dragon Miraculous, the yo-yo's shield making ability was expanded when combined with the Water Dragon in "Miracle Queen".

In "Mr. Pigeon 72", the yo-yo gains the ability to create magical charms when it purifies an akuma from a defeated akumatized villain.

In "Gang of Secrets", it is revealed that since she became the Guardian of the Miraculous, Ladybug's yo-yo now allows her to quickly access all the Miraculous stored in the Miracle Box. However, as shown in "Strikeback", any other person in possession of the yo-yo can access the Miracle Box and all its contents.

It is revealed in "Kuro Neko" that even when the Ladybug Miraculous holder uses their yo-yo to tie something up, they can still lose their grip on it.



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  • In concept art and test animation in the 2014 licensing video, the yo-yo appears to have more abilities, like being able to split in half to become a staff, generating a wing-like shield, and exploding like a bomb. These abilities have not yet been seen in the show.
  • In "Copycat", one side of the yo-yo can be seen with inverted colors (black with red spots) at times, like when Ladybug is using it as a communicator. Thomas Astruc said that it was a mistake that couldn't be fixed.[3]
  • When Ladybug is using the yo-yo or capturing the akuma the yo-yo makes a wire like sound effect.
  • When it's not worn, the string is black, but when wrapped around Ladybug's waist, the string is red like her costume. It's currently unknown if that is a continuous error of the writers or not.
    • When used by Mister Bug the yo-yo's string is black even when wrapped around his waist, but it is red when wrapped around Scarabella's waist after she transforms. Based on this, it is possible that the red string only appears with female users of the Ladybug Miraculous.
  • A recurring gag involving the yo-yo has Cat Noir getting hit on the head with it, usually by accident but occasionally on purpose when Ladybug is irritated by one of his comments or to prove a point.
    • She also does this with her staff as Lady Noir in "Reflekdoll".
  • The yo-yo is a toy which was invented by the Chinese coincidentally.
  • It is the first Miraculous tool based off of a toy preceding the Bee Miraculous's Spinning Top and the Mouse Miraculous's Skip Rope.
  • The yo-yo is the first Miraculous tool introduced needed for a holder to access their superpower.
  • Ladybug's yo-yo can purify multiple akumas at a time, as seen in "Stoneheart" and "Mayura".
    • Hinting that the yo-yo could have infinite space which is one of the laws of Anime physics called the magic satchel, as it can hold or store things bigger than an a akuma like a stuffed toy or a letter.
  • In "Miraculous Adventures Issue 4", the yo-yo can also purify or clean other objects that aren't affected by an akuma, like Mr. Squid.
  • In "Simon Says" and "Captain Hardrock, the string of the yo-yo is shown to be able to hold the weight of a police car and helicopter with ease, meaning that it's capable of holding a weight of 1000-3000 pounds or more. It can even stop speeding buses and trains which are even heavier.
  • In Jeremy Zag's Instagram, Ladybug's yo-yo gains a new appearance although it's unknown if it's a result of her becoming a guardian, the effect of a fusion form, transformation power up form or another reason.[4]


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