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Season 4, episode 18 (Production order); Episode 96 (Overall)

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"When I was a kid, I just wanted people to be happy! So now, I'm gonna do what I should've been doing all along: help people through a new TV show! What about you guys? What are your dreams?"
"Sorry, Alec, but when you're a superhero, even your dreams have to remain a secret."

Alec Cataldi and Ladybug, "Wishmaker"

"Wishmaker" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Wishmaker" is the 18th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 96th written and produced episode of the series, overall.


A supervillain comes to Paris and interrupts Marinette's attempts to think about her future as the villain makes people’s childhood dreams come true.


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Marinette is handing out questionnaires to her classmates, which she received from Miss Bustier, who is telling the class that the papers are about filling their study options when school is finished. Chloé openly admits that when she finishes school, she will be rich, since she already is, and mocks Marinette for being a baker girl, which she believes is plain ridiculous. Miss Bustier tells Chloé that people are defined by their choices and what they decide to do with their lives, and that's why she is asking everyone to start defining themselves. Mr. Damocles elaborates by informing the students about the Paris Expo, and it will be held in various locations across the city. During this, Marinette continues to distribute the papers, and she blushes once she reaches Adrien. Marinette next comes to Alya, who asks her if being a superhero counts as a job. Both laughs as Mr. Damocles tells the students they should never let the context impose on their costume, they should choose their own. With this said, he quickly runs out of the classroom and returns as The Owl.

Adrien however, is watching all this eventually looks at the career expo papers sadly, and the scene transitions to his room sometime afterward. Plagg asks Adrien if he wants to continue modeling, but Adrien explains that he only does modeling because of his father's wishes, and he never wondered what he wanted to be independent. Plagg suggests to Adrien that he could continue being Cat Noir as his full-time job, but Adrien worries that with Ladybug constantly choosing new Miraculous holders, she won't need him anymore. Plagg lets Adrien know that he'll always be there for him, and advice that they could open a cheese shop together. Adrien laughs at Plagg's words and warns him he can't eat cheese if he's trying to sell it. Plagg slightly grunts and wonders if there are jobs to taste cheese, to which Adrien brings up visiting the food trade booths. Ultimately, the two decide to visit the Paris Career Expo.

Meanwhile, Marinette is discussing her complicated life with the Kwamis, and tells them that a job is something that "gives meaning to your life". This confuses the Kwamis, as they ponder across all the different "jobs" Marinette currently has, such as being the Guardian, crafting, or being in life, until Sass tells them to remain silent. Sass then asks Marinette what is the really important thing that will bring meaning to her life. A bewildered Marinette admits that she doesn't know anymore, and Tikki advices her to go and visit a few booths at the Paris Careers Expo, to which Marinette agrees.

Later at Île aux Cygnes, Alec Cataldi is welcoming his audience to a new show he's recording, entitled "You Gotta Be Kidding Me". Live at the Paris Careers Expo, he plans to introduce people to the most pointless shops and jobs ever. To start, Alec attempts to humiliate André the ice-cream maker, by making fun of the fact that he constantly moving around Paris, making it hard to find where he is, and the fact that he chooses the ice-cream flavors you eat. Andrè claims that people come to him to share their love and experience of magical moments, but Alec still claims that it's not a real job. After Andrè offers Alec ice-cream flavored with lime for his sourness outside and chocolate cinnamon for his sweet dreams. Alec becomes mortified after receiving the ice cream from André and orders the cameraman to cut the scene. They both walk away, but Marinette, who was witnessing everything in the crowd nearby, asks Andrè how he get to knew making ice cream was his job. Andrè tells Marinette about how years ago, he was in a job that didn't make him happy, but everyday when he came home from work, he would concoct ice-cream flavors that suited his mood. He soon came to the realization that if ice-cream enchanted his daily life, he wondered if his true calling was to enchant others' lives. Andrè then offers Marinette ice-cream flavored with strawberry and cherry "for the indecisive lady", and pistachio and pecan for "the clear sighted young man". Marinette soon realized that the "young man" Andrè wanted Marinette to share his ice-cream with was with Luka, who was standing right behind them. Marinette quickly informs Andrè that she and Luka aren't dating anymore, and they're just friends. Andrè assures them they don't need to be in love to share his ice-cream, and they decide to take it.

Later, Marinette tells Luka that she was surprised to see him here because she thought he already knew what career he's going to have. Luka tells Marinette that he's in charge of his school's booth where shows people about being a maker of stringed instruments. The two arrive at Luka's booth, where guitars, electric guitars, and other stringed instruments are displayed as Marinette looks fascinated, and Luka grabs one of the guitars and asks Marinette why she's here if she wants to be a fashion designer. Marinette confusingly tells Luka that she doesn't know anymore because there are so many careers that interest her in the world of fashion, creation, decoration, and compliments Luka that he's lucky to know what he wants to do. Luka advises Marinette to listen to her inner voice, and shows Marinette the first instrument he made himself which took two years to complete. Luka hands over the guitar to an amazed Marinette, but Alec abruptly comes into the scene and mocks Luka by stating that it would be easier to download a guitar-playing app within seconds, to which he does and masters playing it, and then deems Luka's job as pointless. Luka grabs violin and tells Marinette, Alec and the cameraman to follow him outside to the Île aux Cygnes. There, Luka closes his eyes whilst feeling the breeze as Alec, and his cameraman look at each other in confusion. The cameraman begins to film Luka, who raises his violin in the air to let the wind produce music for it, and explains that "musical instruments fill the space and space fills the instruments".

Alec begins to cry at the seemingly beautiful sight, but then realizes that he's on the air, and once again orders the cameraman to cut the scene. As the frustrated pair storm off, Marinette compliments Luka that he has a gift for finding the right words at the right time. Luka suddenly notices Adrien, who's far from the two, sadly sitting under the tree. Luka alerts Marinette of his presence, Marinette gets nervous and hides behind Luka. Luka asks if she still hasn't told Adrien about her feelings for him and she says she hasn't. Marinette realizes Adrien looks sad and together they decide to go over to talk to him. Luka asks Adrien if something is wrong, he responds by saying he went through every stand in the career expo and still doesn't know what to do with his life and if he doesn't choose his father's will for him. Luka sits next to Adrien, Marinette looks conflicted about who to sit next to, but ultimately chooses to sit next to Luka. Luka turns back to Adrien and tells him he's never thought modeling was truly his passion. Adrien says it was easier that way, he thought he would be happy doing what his father wanted of him.


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  • Despite Shadow Moth knowing Luka's secret identity, Ladybug still entrusts him with the Snake Miraculous and decided to get his help because she knew her and Cat Noir's secret identities were at risk.
  • Alec Cataldi is the fourth person that gets akumatized for the first time in season 4, following Harry Clown, Wang Fu and Zoé Lee.
  • It's revealed that Adrien feels sad about Ladybug prioritizing other Miraculous holders over him.
  • A place named Île aux Cygnes, which appeared in the comics version, first appears in the series in this episode.
  • It's revealed that André used to work at an office before he became an ice cream vendor.
  • It's revealed that Luka is a maker of stringed instruments at his school.
  • According to Alec, the reason he was bald is because when he was a kid, he had a big afro. But since everyone made fun of him for it, he shaved it all off.
    • It's also revealed that this is the main reason why he became a TV host that often mocks others. That is until this episode when he changes and decides to embrace his real dream by helping others make their dreams come true.
  • The episode reveals some of the characters' childhood dreams:
    • Marinette's childhood dream is being a knitting fairy.
    • Adrien's childhood dream is him wanting do what his parents want him to become.
    • A toy vendor's childhood dream is being Santa Claus.
    • Jagged Stone's childhood dream is being a crocodile.
    • An unknown person's childhood dream is being the Robo Tech Ultimate Destructor.
    • Fire Captain Hessenpy's childhood dream is a being a firefighter and a cowboy at the same time.
    • Mr. Banana's childhood dream is to be a cucumber.
    • The man wearing a red beret's childhood dream is to be a Dino Huggie.
  • As of this episode, Luka knows the true identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • Luka kept this knowledge of Ladybug and Cat Noir's true identities to himself however, instead of telling Ladybug when she asked if he knew.
    • This makes him the third person, post-Wang Fu's amnesia, to know Ladybug's true identity. Alya finds out in "Gang of Secrets" and Su-Han in "Furious Fu". This also makes him the first person ever to know Cat Noir's true identity.
    • Unlike Alya, Luka found out Ladybug's true identity instead of her telling him, and as of now, Ladybug herself doesn't know anything about this.
    • Luka is also the third member of the French Miraculous superhero team to know Ladybug's identity, following Alya in "Gang of Secrets" and before, Bunnyx in "Cat Blanc".
      • Chronologically, however, Luka is the second member to know Ladybug's identity, as Alya comes before him, and Alix has yet to be told of this in the current timeline.
  • In Adrien's childhood dream, Emilie has blue eyes instead of green eyes and Gabriel has green eyes instead of blue eyes. Gabriel's hair color is also colored brown in the flashback, despite it being light blonde in season 1 and a family portrait.
    • It is not fully known if this is an animation error, but Thomas Astruc said that it didn't matter.
  • This marks the second time Shadow Moth finds out Adrien is Cat Noir in a timeline that doesn't exist anymore.
    • Shadow Moth's reaction to finding out Cat Noir's true identity differs from the episode "Cat Blanc", where he was more happy than shocked, because he knew how he could use this information to his advantage. Here, it resembles his reaction in "Gorizilla" when he suspected Adrien could be Cat Noir. This left him shocked and unhappy.
    • Shadow Moth's reaction to finding out Ladybug's true identity closely resembles his reaction to finding out who Cat Noir is in "Cat Blanc".
  • This marks the fourth time an episode first premiered in the U.S., following "Captain Hardrock", "Ikari Gozen", and "Miraculous New York".
  • This is the second appearance of the "Robo Tech Ultimate Destructor" as seen in "Christmaster".
  • In this episode, it's revealed that Luka can play the violin, which was originally teased by Wilfried Pain to a fan.[3]
  • The posters and brochures for the career expo are very similar to those of the real life Paris des métiers qui recrutent career expo held on May 16th, 2019.[4]


  • At the beginning of the episode, Ivan sits in front of Nathaniel in class, blocking the latter, but he isn't visible when Marinette talks to Chloé.
  • Ladybug still has her lucky charm object when she used Miraculous Ladybug, despite the fact that the man with the red beret still had it.
    • However, it's been shown that Ladybug can seemingly summon her lucky charm from anywhere, as seen in many previous episodes.
  • After Luka uses his Second Chance the first time, when Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm and changes to her upgrade form, her shadow remains the one of her normal form.
    • The same thing happens at the second time Luka uses Second Chance, but with her shadow being the one of her upgrade form while she is on her normal form.
  • Even though Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm first, Cat Noir's ring is the first to time out.


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