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Season 1

Ladybug & Cat Noir

Master, the Moth Miraculous! I felt it's aura! […] But Master, it's a negative aura. I fear it may have gotten into the hands of a dark power!
Please, Master, be reasonable.
Do you think they [Marinette and Adrien]'ll be up to it, Master?


Excellent choice, Master.

Season 2

The Collector

I'm Wayzz, Master Fu's kwami. It's a pleasure to meet you, Marinette.


Marinette? But you're not supposed to come to Master Fu's place!


Oh, Master, please!
Mmmm, there's a slight flavor to it. Yes, I remember it being a lot like this.
A little more salt, maybe?

Queen Wasp

How could Marinette have given the [Bee] Miraculous to that Chloé girl?!


Hello, my name is Wayzz. [...] I am a kwami. I can't grant wishes, but I can give you super powers. [...] Then all you have to say is: "Wayzz, shell on!"


If you manage to contact Nooroo, wish him a happy thirty-five hundred cycles for me.
I have to stand guard!
Hey, wait. The reason we can't speak to Nooroo is because he's powering Hawk Moth right now. Which means Hawk Moth's probably akumatized someone!
I'm sorry, Master. We should've warned you.
It's all my fault, Master.

Season 3

Miracle Queen

It's the rule of the Guardians. Their memory gets erased when they pass on the box, to protect the secret identities of the Miraculous holders.
Goodbye, Master.

Miraculous Adventures

Issue 2

Thanks to the magic jewels, we were finally able to communicate with the humans and help them. It felt so good to finally feel useful!
You should have given [Marinette] the kwami of lateness, Master!
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