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Recurring quote

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, pick an ally you can trust to fight alongside you on this mission. Choose wisely; such powers are meant to serve the greater good. Once the mission is over you will retrieve the Miraculous from them.

Season 1

Princess Fragrance

One who is burning with impatience can never eat hot porridge.
[It's an] ancient Chinese secret. Just like yours.

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

We must find Nooroo and his Miraculous. If it has gotten into the wrong hands, there's no telling what evil will come upon the world!
[I'm] still young; I'm only 186. But you're right, Wayzz. I can no longer do it alone. We'll need some help.
I only got [a choice] wrong once. It will never happen again; at least I hope not.

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

[Marinette and Adrien] are made for each other.


Hello, Ladybug.

Season 2

The Collector

Marinette, you're always ready to help others. I knew that day, that very moment, that you'd make a fantastic Ladybug!
We guardians are responsible for protecting and distributing the Miraculous, for the good of all humanity. We are chosen in childhood and trained for many years, especially for this mission. When we were much, much younger, we— I made a mistake. The guardians' temple was destroyed, all because of me! Two of the Miraculous were lost that day. The Butterfly and the Peacock. Also gone forever was the ancient Spellbook!
Back in the days, I was never given the opportunity to even have a look at [the Spellbook], but I've been taught enough to be able to partially decipher the code.
You know Marinette, if we want to be stronger than Hawk Moth, we have to trust each other.
There isn't a single problem that can't be solved, Marinette.


Then the bearer could use [the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses] conjointly. And with a special invocation, obtain the ultimate power. The one that shapes reality. [...] Well, basically, it can make any one wish come true.
[The] universe must always stay in balance. For every action, there is a reaction. For every wish, a price to pay in return. Had your robotic friend asked to become a real boy, someone would have lost his humanity in return. [...] That's why Ladybug and Cat Noir must never lose their magic jewels. The universe's balance is at stake.


Marinette, I taught you all about the Miraculous and their powers. You know that yours works in a very mysterious way. I think it's trying to tell us that you need help this time. I don't know if it's safe. I already took an enormous risk by putting two Miraculous into circulation.
Until we've unlocked all the secrets of the Spellbook, it's too dangerous to allow any more Miraculous to be out in the open for very long.
You made the right choice, Marinette. Thanks to you, Paris has been saved from evil yet again.


Kwamis must never know the recipe that can modify their powers. Ever! [...] Imagine what would happen if one of you were captured by a villain, just like Hawk Moth's kwami, Nooroo.
Tell me, Marinette; do you put the noodles in the water before the water boils? [...] Exactly. That's because there's a right time for everything.
When fed with a specific blend of ingredients, the kwamis can grant special power. Each power's specific mix is listed here, encoded in the Grimoire. I've deciphered most of the ingredients; for example, to trigger aquatic powers you need a branch from the dragon king's garden — that's seaweed; then secret kept in a shell — that's an oyster pearl. But the last one still puzzles me: a tear of joy. I can't figure it out, and it's required for almost every blend. Oh! Maybe it could be some dancing ant honeydew. [...] I think I may have finally got the right mix!
...unfortunately I haven't found the correct blend that could help you both out. I've failed you!
Each blend corresponds to a new power. [...] You should keep these vials with you at all times, just in case.
Only the ingredients matter. [The potions] could be contained in anything.
Hello, I'm Mr. Chan. Adrien's Chinese tutor could not come today. I'll be replacing him.
Hello, Adrien. I think you and I should have a little talk.

Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)

Don't worry. Cat Noir is fine. [...] He's just lost his Miraculous.
No! It's out of the question, Plagg. You are way too dangerous without an owner. [...] Does the disappearance of Atlantis ring a bell with you? [...] The Leaning Tower of Pisa? [...] Dinosaurs!

Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)

There is no way [Marinette] would have given [the Bee Miraculous] to [Chloé]. But I know whatever transpired, she will set things right.


What?! But… perhaps you shouldn't have left [Cat Noir] by himself. He's at Hawk Moth's mercy!
Are you sure you want to give [the Bee Miraculous] back to… [Chloé]?
You took a big risk entrusting this Miraculous to Chloé Bourgeois. Do you really think she's got what it takes to be a superhero?


It was not my fault! I did not do it on purpose!
This is disastrous, Marinette. There's no way of communicating with the kwamis when they are in their magic world.
Next time, come and talk to me.

Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)

I always knew that one day Hawk Moth would realize just how powerful he could be. That day has come, Marinette.

Season 3

Ikari Gozen

I had to find a cover now that Hawk Moth knows my identity. Besides, I love the movies.

Miraculous Adventures

Issue 2

You need to understand that every time something new appears in the universe, like love, beauty, and even mathematics, a kwami is formed. For instance, Tikki is the kwami of creation, which means that she appeared in the beginning.
No one is kind or nasty by nature.
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