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Voyage is the special superpower granted by the Horse Miraculous to its owner.


The Horse Miraculous owner opens a portal, through which, one can travel through and exit at any location the Miraculous owner desires.

It appears that the user must focus on the exact place where they wish to go. If they don't, then the user and those they teleport could end up in the wrong location.


Season 3

Episode Place Reason Image
"Startrain" Big Ben in London, England. Used to transport the train and its passengers from space and back to Earth. Pegasus accidentally teleported the train to the top of Big Ben in London, England. Startrain (496).png
"Party Crasher" Rolland Dupain's house Used to travel to Rolland Dupain's house to get his radio in order for Ladybug to use her casette tape. Party Crasher (551).png
"Miracle Queen" Space Used to send Snake Noir into space toward the sun, although he used Second Chance to escape. Miracle Queen 289.png




  • Similar to its user, due to worldwide broadcasting issues, the power debuted before his chronicle reveal.
  • Voyage is somewhat similar to Bunnyx's power Burrow, as they both allow the user to travel through portals.
    • But unlike Burrow, Voyage allows the holder to travel through space instead of through time.
  • The name of the power may be a reference to French author Jules Verne's Voyages extraordinaires (Extraordinary Voyages) series, including From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon.



Voyage (Brainwashed)

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