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Vivica has been akumatized.

Vivica is a professional guitarist that is introduced in the third season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[2]

In "Desperada", after being temporarily fired by Jagged Stone for eating his cereal and drinking Fang's milk, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Desperada, a skeleton/mariachi-themed supervillain.


Physical appearance

Vivica is a slender teenage girl of average height. She has light red lipstick, dark brown eyes, thick dark brown eyebrows, and very deep reddish-brown hair with bangs that covers a bit of her right eye and face, which is also tied in a low ponytail. She has a mole on her right cheek below her eye and also wears braces.

Civilian attire

In her civilian attire, she wears a reddish brownish black t-shirt with red letters underneath a grayish malachite green jacket hoodie. She also sports blue jeans and knee-length black and white platform soled boots.

As Desperada

As Desperada, she looks like a skeleton from a Día de los Muertos festival with light gray skin, violetish black hair that half covers right eye and face which is also tied into low ponytail, black eyeshadow, deep blue-violet lipstick, and two black musical notes shaped eyebrows and two more musical notes that are on both sides of her cheeks and hands. Her nose is painted with very dark cornflower blue skin paint, and her eyes have dark purple sclerae, moderate amber irises and small, round black pupils. She wears a black Traje/Mariachi jacket with pointed shoulders and gold bones details on the chuffs, underneath a yellow t-shirt with swan-necked collar and a logo (white circle with black outline and a musical note on the top, and 3 black bones on the right, left and bottom), on her chest and neck. she also wears black pants with gold long bone designs on side of the legs, and gold high heel shoes that are connected to them. She also has black star-shaped guitar case on her back.


As Desperada, she is easily distracted by anyone who plays a stringed instrument near her, such as Viperion when strumming his lyre, and is very clever.


As a civilian

Vivica is a skilled guitarist, even skilled enough to be recognized by the rockstar, Jagged Stone.

Vivica is generally observant and good at hiding, a skill which she could use to make sneak attacks while she was Akumatized.

As Desperada

Desperada can summon a variety of music-based weapons from her guitar case. Anyone or objects who is hit by these is transformed into a sticker on said case. Her known weapons include:

  • A trumpet that fires blasts of yellow energy that transform anyone she hits into yellow dust. She also can use the smoke to distract her enemies.
  • A medieval axe shaped-guitar.
  • A pair of bicycle horns that also fire out yellow energy.
  • A trombone that resembles a sniper rifle.


Anarka Couffaine

Vivica and Anarka can be seen playing the guitar together at the end of the episode after they made up.





  • Vivica is the first character in the show to have braces.
  • As Desperada, she looks like Fiesta from Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • Originally, Desperada's character looked like Deathstroke from DC Comics with a musical twist.[3]
  • One of the weapons she wields as Desperada, an axe/guitar hybrid, is very reminiscent of the Axe Bass used by Marceline Abadeer in Adventure Time. Coincidentally, both characters have some relation to rock music.
  • Vivica is based on a real person of the same name. As the winner of a contest at the Miraculous Ladybug panel at Los Angeles Comic Con 2016, Vivica got to help create a future Akumatized character during a visit at Zag Studios in Los Angeles.[4]
    • The real Vivica said she wanted to be a vet when she grew up, which is what inspired the character Vivica's job and Akumatized form in early development, though it has since changed.
    • According to the whiteboard seen behind Jeremy Zag during the meeting for creating Vivica, Vivica was originally going to be a fan of Cat Noir and felt like he doesn't get enough attention.[5]
      • Based on the whiteboard, either Hawk Moth, who "knows Cat very well", might have gotten jealous of Vivica or something else, or Vivica might have become jealous and it led to her Akumatization.
    • As of May 17, 2017, Vivica's episode had not been written, and the French crew didn't know about Vivica even being a character. As Season 3 was written completely then, it's possible that that Vivica isn't the same Vivica as the one seen in the show, and that she might appear in the future.[6]
      • A year later, on June 3, 2018, Thomas Astruc noted that Vivica will still appear, but ideas from her development early on have changed.[7] It's currently unknown whether the real Vivica was involved with the changes, or they were done by the Writers Team.
    • It's possible, however, that only her akumatized form was changed, and all other parts of her character remained the same, as the Vivica seen in the show shares a lot of her physical features with the real Vivica (similar skin tone, similar hair, similar eye color, and both have braces).


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