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You just need to take the sting out.

Ladybug to Queen Bee, "Malediktator"

Venom is the special superpower granted by the Bee Miraculous to its owner.


This superpower allows the user to paralyze their opponent.

Miraculous owner

The Bee Miraculous owner spins the Spinning Top and catches it mid-air. The Miraculous owner's hand is then surrounded by energy that takes the form of a pulsating bee stinger. It allows the Bee Miraculous owner to immobilize their opponent by stinging them.

It is unclear exactly how long the paralysis lasts; when Queen Bee used Venom on a human, the effect wore off while she still had a couple of minutes before detransforming, where as when Vesperia used it on a Sentimonster it remained immobile, even when she detransformed, retransformed, and activated the power again.


The effects of Pollen's Venom is unknown, but it would most certainly be unconstrained and results in some kind of catastrophe.


Season Episode Summoner Reason Image
Season 2 "Queen Wasp" Queen Bee Used to immobilize the subway driver so the train would speed out of control so that Queen Bee could stop it and look like a hero. Queen Wasp (198).png
Queen Wasp Used to immobilize anyone that tried to stop an akumatized Queen Bee, and tried to use it on Ladybug and Cat Noir to get their Miraculous to prove that she's a hero. Queen Wasp (371).png
"Malediktator" Queen Bee Used to immobilize Malediktator so Ladybug could take and destroy the sash containing his akuma. Malediktator (495).png
"Mayura" Summoned to immobilize Hawk Moth so Ladybug could take his Miraculous (attempted to use, but didn't get the chance before the Butterfly Sentimonster was manifested). Mayura (481).png
Season 3 "Miracle Queen" Miracle Queen Used to make anyone that gets stung by her bees her servant and get revenge on Ladybug for not choosing her to help so many times. Miracle Queen 006.png

Episode Summoner Reason Image
"Queen Banana" Vesperia Used to immobilize the out-of-control Banana Boom-Boom. Queen Banana (376).png
To immobilize Queen Banana, but didn't have a chance to use it due to being zapped by Queen Banana. Queen Banana (401).png
"Mega Leech" Used to immobilize Mega Leech so it can't create more Malediktator clones. Mega Leech 393.png
"Optigami" Lady Bee To immobilize Style Queen and destroy her rose. Optigami (459).png
"Ephemeral" Vesperia To immoblize Moolak's safe. Ephemeral (70).png
"Kuro Neko" Used to immobilize Gigantitan. Kuro Neko (15).png
"Penalteam" To immobilize one of the Penalteam clones. Penalteam 479.png
"Strikeback" Used to try to immobilize Strikeback, but failed due to Strikeback being immune and having the ability to copy Venom. Strikeback 123.png
Strikeback Used by 1 Strike Back clone to wreak havoc on Paris. Strikeback 139.png

Episode Summoner Reason Image
"Evolution" Monarch To paralyze future Bunnyx so he could steal her Miraculous and, in that way, prevent Ladybug and Cat Noir from following him through time (but failed). Evolution - Venom.png





  • When Queen Bee got akumatized by Hawk Moth into Queen Wasp, she used swarms of wasps to immobilize people with Venom.
  • In the Korean dub, the superpower's name is "Sting".
  • Queen Bee's one-time use of her Venom power also reflects the number of times a bee can sting a person before they die.
    • This only applies to ordinary (worker) bees, however, as real queen bees do not have barbed stingers and can actually sting as many times as they like or deem necessary.
      • Which is referring to when an adult Bee Miraculous holder has multiple uses of their powers.
    • This also applies to only honey bees in particular, as other bee species such as bumblebees can sting more than once.
  • Venom can immobilize objects, as seen in "Ephemeral" when Vesperia immobilized Moolak's flying safe.
    • However, it is possible that the safe was actually part of the villain's body.
  • So far it's the only known superpower used for attacking by the holder along with Cataclysm.
    • Unlike Cataclysm, Venom is non-lethal when used on a human.
    • And unlike Cataclysm, Venom, when hitting a sentimonster, doesn't make them go berserk but instead immobilizes them as the power usually does.
  • Interestingly enough, the power of Venom and its ability to immobilize is similar to the immobilization abilities of a Speed Stinger from the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise.
    • The venom of both can paralyze their targets from just one touch.
    • However, both are temporary, but the Venom power only lasts for a few minutes whereas the Venom of the dragon can last for hours or days.
      • It's unknown when a Bee Miraculous holder gets older if they'll be able to immobilize their targets for longer periods of time.


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