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You just need to take the sting out.

Ladybug to Queen Bee, "Malediktator"

Venom is the special superpower granted by the Bee Miraculous to its owner.


The Bee Miraculous owner spins the top and catches it midair. The Miraculous owners hand is surrounded by energy that takes the form of a bee stinger. It allows the Bee Miraculous owner to immobilize their opponent by stinging them.

As long as the superpower is not used, the Miraculous owner can sustain the transformation indefinitely. However, once it is used, they only have about five minutes before they transform back.


Season 2

Episode Summoner Reason Image
Queen Wasp Queen Bee Used to immobilize the subway driver so the train would speed out of control so that Queen Bee could stop it and look like a hero. No Screenshot
Malediktator Used to immobilize Malediktator so Ladybug could take and destroy the sash containing his Akuma. No Screenshot
Mayura Summoned to immobilize Hawk Moth so Ladybug could take his Miraculous (attempted to use, but didn't get the chance before the Butterfly Sentimonster was manifested). MA (506)





  • When Queen Bee got akumatized by Hawk Moth, she used swarms of wasps to immobilize people with Venom.
  • Queen Bee's one time use of her Venom power also reflects the amount of times a bee can sting a person before they die.


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