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Hello everyone. For this blog post, I'm going to explain how the episode galleries work when it comes to submitting episode screenshots. Galleries are a big deal for this wiki and we currently have a total of eleven users who help adding screenshots for one or more episode galleries so far: me, Syrénix Sérénité (who's currently inactive), Robyn Grayson (who's currently inactive), Linariel (who's currently inactive), NintendoSoul (who's currently inactive), Grsaar11, Kitsunes97, Riverheart248, BelieveInMagic814, LimonPoilis, Chans60 (who's currently inactive), HypedHypnos (who's currently inactive), Bunnybug (who's currently inactive), SugarCheese133, Kathylozano, SimplyNette, River That Crashes Onshore, Dearplikki, MiraculousFan25, WayzzMaster09 and Miraculous Adrien Fan. If you're interested in helping out with the galleries, please read this carefully to avoid breaking any of the Wiki regulations/rules.


  • It obviously must be HQ (The file you have must contain a quality of 1080p and the size must be above around 600MB).
  • File type: PNG (absolutely no JPGs/JPEGs)
  • To keep the size of all episode screenshots consistent, the pixel size must have:
    • Length: Exactly 1920 pixels
    • Width: Exactly 1080 pixels
  • Between 80% to 90% of the total images you screenshot must be above 900KB.
  • No edits from the screenshots you take.
  • And most importantly, by "high quality", I mean the episodes that are screenshot must not be pixelated, no logo/watermark visible anywhere, and no video slider bar. Check to make sure the screenshot you took isn't too blurry and the resolution isn't low. If you're using Netflix and/or Disney+, that could sometimes happen if the video have poor quality and/or look distorted because of the capabilities of your system.

HQ episodes source

If you live in any of these countries, these sites/DVDs are recommended to use for the screenshots legally. The list isn't completed, but these are the best that I could find:

  • US: Netflix (if you also have Netflix and iTunes in your country, you can use them as well), iTunes (Season 1 only)
  • Canada: Family Channel (you must download the video file in 1080p)
  • UK & IRE: Disney+ (if you also have Disney+ in your country, you can use it as well)

Taking screenshots

We all have different ways to screenshot the episodes, here're two methods that are the most familiar to me:

When taking screenshots on Netflix and Disney+, I recommended that you use either a desktop computer or a laptop. Simply follow the directions on how you take a screenshot by using your keyboard which is depend on what type of computer you use. But first, the most important thing to do is to change your computer resolution. Try to change your computer's screen resolution to 1920x1080 and you're good to go because if the screen resolution is 1920x1080, then the screenshot you took will have the 1920x1080 pixel frame. If your maximum screen resolution is only 1280x720 and you want to resize the images to fit the 1920x1080 requirement, unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to the image losing its resolution quality as a result. However, this is depend on what software you're using to resize the image, so check to make sure the image doesn't become too blurry when you're resizing it or else it's technically considered low-quality. If you're using Netflix, choose either a standard or a premium subscription plan since those two have HD videos available (though, premium also have ultra HD available).

If you have video files of the episodes (let's say from iTunes), I highly recommend you to use either one of these programs to take screenshots:

  • MPC-HC-x64
  • VLC player

Taking screenshots on a tablet and/or a phone is not a good idea due to each devices having different screen resolution. And to be honest, I actually don't blame NintendoSoul for taking LQ screenshots for the first twelve episode galleries though, since Miraculous hasn't released in Netflix yet and he took them back when it was on Nickelodeon on his iPad.

File names

There're two ways you can name the files you took: either by the episode abbreviation or the full name of the episodes.

For the episode abbreviations, each of the picture names must contain a code made of two letters. Please check the appearance templates for the abbreviations.

For example:

If the episode you screenshot has the same abbreviation, then either just type down the full episode name or a different abbreviation for it.

(For example: "DB" can refer to either "Darkblade" or "Despair Bear". Since "DB" is already taken for "Darkblade", you have to choose either to use "Despair Bear" or "DSB")

Lastly, the screenshots you have taken must be in order. We have a numerical system that each screenshot file must have a number after the code/episode name.

Uploading screenshots

This is an easy step. When you're done screenshot the episodes, go to the editor source and click on the "mass upload" option (which has a picture of a tray with an arrow pointing up) at the top. If you don't want to upload one individual image at a time, simply select all the images you have on your file and drop them all there. The good news with the new UCP update is that it's much faster to upload multiple images than going to the old Special:MultipleUpload page where you can only upload either 10 images (if you're a regular user) or 20 images (if you're part of the wiki staff) at a time.

And one more thing: Please make sure you use the "fair use" template to identify that, although the images you are uploading are copyrighted, they still follow the criteria that are applicable under "fair use". Unfortunately, unlike the old Special:MultipleUpload page, it seems that you can't add an upload summary with each of the individual images when you uses the "mass upload" option.


And after you upload a screenshot, make sure you categorize it. The first category is always "Gallery files", follow by the episode images category (such as "Simon Says Images" or "Volpina Images"). Once every single galleries are complete and the wiki users start applying the images to the character galleries, a bot or a member of staff will look through the episode galleries and categorize the images.


Don't get yourself stressed out. Taking episode screenshots for the galleries takes time. They're usually between around 500 to 800 images in the episode galleries and I think around 1400 for the Miraculous World TV special galleries for this wiki. Just take the time you need to finish it and it'll be all set (and unless it's a TV movie/special, be careful not to have way more than 1500 screenshots for just one regular episode because it would lead the gallery to get overcrowded).

In-completed episode galleries (so far)

Season 1

Season 3

Season 4


If you have any questions about this blog post, please ask me on my message wall and I'll try my best to explain it to you.