TW: this chapter displays a toxic relationship. It is important, but you will get the gist of it later on.

Félix grinned as he pressed the red button and put his phone inside his front, shirt pocket with the camera facing the outside world. He turned around and saw Marinette in front of him, panting, her body bent down with her hands resting on her knees.

"Marinette!" Félix said, taken aback, "where'd you come from?"

Marinette's face was pink as she looked up at him, "like I told you, I went to the restroom, but on the way, I got hit by one of Reflekdoll's beams."

Félix pulled a face, "Reflekdoll attacked fifteen miles from here, how did its beam hit you?"

Marinette froze for a second then proceeded to shrug, "I have no idea."

Félix sighed, "Marinette we can't keep doing this."

"Doing what?"

"Us. Every single date we've been on, you disappear leaving me with two plates of food and the bill."

"B-but, I just have a small bladder!"

Félix sighed, pinching the bride of his nose, "you once went to the amusement park restroom and didn't return. I was waiting for you for five hours."

Marinette's eyes glossed over, "I was lost. Please, Adrien, don't break up with me, I won't run off again."

Félix raised his eyebrows, "so you weren't in the restroom? How can we have a relationship if you're not even honest with me, Marinette?"

"That's not what I meant!"

"It's over Marinette. I hope you the best in the future."

Félix inhaled and started walking away, brushing past Marinette. He heard a sob escape her mouth. Félix smiled. Lila would love this. He took out his phone and clicked the red button again. After the past few times, Félix had gotten tired of dealing with Marinette. They had planned for Lila to be there for the break up, but she had been working with Gabriel a lot, leaving Félix with an angsty Adrien. Félix had also been avoiding his mother, who had immediately asked him if he had gotten the other ring. After responding with a hesitant reply, Félix had proceeded to use homework as an excuse to not talk to his mother.

Félix looked at the recording on his phone. He debated on sending it to Lila right away. As his thumb was about to hit send, he realized he wouldn't be able to see Lila's live reaction this way. He quickly deleted the message and called Lila instead. The call went straight to voicemail. Félix groaned before calling her once more. This had become a daily routine for Lila. Either she would decline his call on purpose or simply not bother to answer it. Félix started typing a text until his face met the hardness of someone's back.

"Watch it," he growled.

The young woman turned around, a phone held to her ear. Her green eyes, very familiar green eyes, narrowed onto Félix, "excuse me, but I believe you bumped into me."


"Oh my piranhas, you're Félix!"

"How do you know my name?"

The woman grinned, "Lila's told me all about you!"

"And who are you?"

The woman raised an eyebrow, "so I'm not important enough for her to tell you about me? Typical." She stuck out a hand. "I'm Lydia Rossi. Lila's sister."

Félix took her hand, gave it a firm shake then immediately shoved his hand in his pocket, his hand grasping his hand sanitizer. He quickly opened the small container, squirted a bit into his hand, placed it back into his pocket, and rubbed his hands together. Félix glanced at the phone in Lydia's other hand, which seemed to be conveying a message. He sighed. "You're trying to call her too, aren't you?"

"She's been ghosting me for days. I yelled at her the last time we met and she hasn't visited me since."

"She was yelling at me the last time we interacted," Félix grumbled.

Lydia laughed, "that sounds like Lila. Anyways, I hope I'll see you around Félix Graham de Vanily. I hope you have better luck reaching Lila than I've had."

Félix rolled his eyes then walked off. He couldn't believe Lila would have such a good person for her sister. It didn't make sense to him. Félix pulled out his phone again. This time, he called his bodyguard instead of Lila. A few minutes later, the silver car stopped in front of him. He got in and told the bodyguard to take him to the Agreste mansion.

The front gates swung open as they arrived at the mansion, Félix walked up the steps and pushed open the doors.

"How was your date, my little magician?" His mom stood in front of him, her arms wide open as she reached for a hug.

Félix groaned inwardly, but smiled at his mother, "I broke up with her, mom."

Amelie immediately dropped her arms back to her side. "Oh?" she said, "does this mean you'll date Lila now?"

Félix rolled his eyes, "she's just a close friend, mom," then, under his breath so that only he could hear, he muttered, "now, it seems like we're enemies."

"What was that sweetie?"

Félix shook his head, "nothing, mom. Speaking of Lila, I should go talk to her about my homework. I'll see you later tonight, mom."

Amelie wrapped her arms around Félix, "I know you're avoiding me Félix," she whispered in his ear, "you better meet me tonight." She squeezed him tighter before letting go.

Félix's face showed no emotion as he headed over to Gabriel's office. There were muffled voices on the other side. He softly knocked on the door. The voices immediately silenced. Félix heard a sharp clacking sound. One he was familiar with. The door opened roughly, revealing Lila Rossi in all of her glory.

"What do you want?" Lila hissed, her face turning red at the sight of Félix.

Félix rolled his eyes, "no need to get mad. I just want to talk to you. Your sister did as well."

"You met my sister?" Lila's eyes were now wide, as if she was afraid.

"Why are you scared? She didn't reveal some deep, dark secret or something."

"Just shut up, will you? Why are you here?"

"I broke up with her."

This sentence itself seemed to make Lila freeze completely. "What?" She asked as she closed the door behind her. Lila was biting her lip furiously, looking down as if she couldn't process what he had just said.

Félix shrugged, "I broke up with her. She was so boring and it did the same amount of damage. I even got it on video."

"Can I see it?" Lila's eyes now met his, very eagerly. As he handed her his phone, Félix looked at her green eyes, so similar to her sister's. He wondered if her mother had the same shade of bright olive green. Or maybe it was her father's trait. No matter whose trait it was, Félix had to admit, they were gorgeous when they were bright instead of deathly tired.

Lila's lips turned into a smile as she zoned in on the break on Marinette's face. As soon as she had finished, she wrapped her arms around Félix's neck and kissed his cheek, causing a soft blush to go up his face.

"Thank you, Félix," she said, her head resting on his shoulder.

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