I'm planning to make a fanfiction with some people. It's going to be forgotten Love.

Basic story:

One night Ladybug and Cat noir are patrolling. Ladybug comes late and she's really sad. Cat noir asks what happened. Ladybug cries and tells him how she has to much to do and stuff. Then a bird flies and hits her head. Ladybug gets knocked out. Cat noir immediately takes her to the hospital. Luckily she was all fine and the doctors said he didn't have to pay for Ladybug. Ladybug realizes how much Cat noir really loves her. When Cat noir comes into the room Ladybug grabs his face and kisses Cat noir on the lips. Then they fall in love so badly. They keep it a secret from everyone. Only the doctors saw but they said they would keep it a secret. Ladybug and Cat Noir were in love for a few months because one day Ladybug walks into a wall really hard. She forgets all about their love. Cat noir tries to remind her but she can't remember. She says he's crazy. One day Marinette wanted to go plant plants but Adrien wasn't there so she was very sad. That day Cat noir met on her balcony. He told her about him loving Ladybug and then Marinette slowly starts to remember. Then the next day Ladybug tells Cat noir she's starting to remember and then slowly they start to fall in love again and Ladybug remembers it again!

Wanna work with me?

So if you'd like to work with me just make a comment here. I don't know if others can edit my post. Anyway just comment if you wanna work with me.

Once we are finished I'll make a post on the Miraculous wiki and make a page about it on this wiki.


"Hey Cat, sorry I'm late."

"It's fine Bugaboo."


"What's wrong?"

"Eh it's nothing..."

Cat noir lifts an eyebrow making a gesture.

"Well actually Cat noir, I’m really sad..."

“Oh? What troubles M’lady today?”

"We'll see...I..uh...actually..."

Ladybug starts to tear up.

"It's just that there's so much to do, being the guardian and also having a normal life. I don't know how I can do so many things at once, Cat noir."

"Oh, it's okay M'lady. I'm here for you."

Cat noir get's closer to Ladybug and gives a little hug. Ladybug starts to cry.

"You're always there for me, Cat noir. I don't know what I would do without you. I-"

As Ladybug was about to speak a bird came flying and hit her head.


Cat noir shakes Ladybug.

"Oh no, she must've been knocked out!"

Cat noir carries his lady and rushes to the hospital.


After minutes of waiting a doctor comes out.

"Everything's fine Cat noir. She's just been knocked out."

"Really? Oh wait...I don't have any money."

"It's fine. You saved Paris so many times."

"Thank you!"

"You can take Ladybug now."

Cat noir walks in the room. He sees Ladybug sitting on a chair. When Ladybug sees Cat noir she rushes to him and gives a big smooch right on his face.

"You saved my life! Thank you Kitty! I love you so much!"

Cat noir blushes and makes a sheepishly smile.

It had been a few months and Ladybug and Cat noir were as happy as ever.

One day Ladybug and Cat noir were walking around the city. Ladybug bumps into a wall.

"You okay Bugaboo?"

"Stop calling me Bugaboo!"

"What? You love that! I call you Bugaboo all the time!"

"What do you mean, Cat? I don't love you. I love someone else."

"Wait what? Oh no! Ladybug you lost your memory!"

"Don't be crazy!"

Every single day after that Cat noir worked so hard to make Ladybug remember.

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