It had been a few months since Ladynoir was canon. Ladybug and Cat noir were deeply in love. Everything was going well. "The power of love always so strong." All of sudden Ladybug disappears. Cat noir tries calling her and doing whatever he can.

Cat noir decides to search for Ladybug even more. He goes day and night asking everyone. He doesn't take rest at all. Cat noir searches non-stop due a few days. He's extremely tired. Cat noir sits by a tree just to take a quick rest when all of a sudden he is hit. When he opens his eyes he's "lost in the woods."

Cat noir uses his stick to see Ladybug's location. He finds out that she's only a few miles away. Cat noir is so excited! He uses his stick and goes. When Cat noir reaches the spot he sees a very huge and tall tower. So much for "love is an open door" because there was no door.

Cat uses his stick and goes up. He sees a small window. He jumps through. It's dark and quiet. He hears something. A tall man comes out of nowhere.

"I'm Pan Man," he says.

Cat noir lifts his eyebrow. What a name.

"Where's Ladybug!"

"She's hidden in the closet, but to get to her you must give me your Miraculous!"

Cat noir decides to distract Pan Man and take Ladybug. Cat noir leaves through the window and clucks. He comes back inside and speaks to Pan Man.

"Oh look there are chickens out to get you!"

Pan man jumps out the window looking for the chickens. Cat noir goes to the closet and takes Ladybug out. She had duct tape on her mouth and was tied up with rope. Cat noir took off the tape and freed her. Ladybug hugged Cat Noir. They both left tower and found Pan Man (who was still looking for chickens. Ladybug and Cat noir defeat Pan Man and they all live happily ever after. THE END!

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