The heights of the two famous superheroes have long been discussed by the fandom. Many people have tried calculating their height using many methods. One notable example is Mlscience who tried comparing their unknown stature to nearby objects such as the painting of Mona Lisa and the fencing blades. However, all those calculations proved to be not completely accurate as the lengths of real life objects in the show varies a lot from their real life counterparts.

Recently, Jeremy Zag, CEO of The ZAG Company, posted an image on his Instagram of a height measuring chart which shows that Ladybug's height is exactly 1.5 m or around 4'11" if you're American. This is very useful information for us and here's why:


Ladybug's height

With this, we do not only know Ladybug's height, but we also can calculate the height of other Miraculous characters using what is called The Rule of Three . With the pixel measurements of both superheroes, we can finally make use of said rule. 

Pixel Measurements of Ladybug and Cat Noir(by Mlscience)

Cat Noir's height:

= Pixel height CN(px) / Pixel height LB(px) * Offical height of Ladybug(m)

= 381 px / 350 px * 1.5 m

= 1.0885714285714285714285714285714 px * 1.5 m

= 1.6328571428571428571428571428571 m 

≈ 1.63 m

Voilà! Now we know that Cat Noir's height is approximately 1.63 mor around 5'4". Whether it's considered tall or not for a 14 year old depends on where you're from. In the US, this is a tinsy winsy bit below the average height for a 14 year old which is 1.64 m or around 5'4½".

Now that you know how tall the cat superhero is, have fun comparing your height to his. Do take note that his height may have increased over the series' progress so he may be a bit taller now. Otherwise, he is just our same old 1.63 m tall Cat Noir.  

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