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I'm the TheClydesdalePegasus149, but you can refer to me as just Clydesdale. Since I'm one of the admins for this wiki, I'll try my best to be active here everyday as possible and occasionally I'll applying HQ screenshots for the episode galleries. I would like to help edit this wiki as much as I can just for you guys, so if you have any questions about anything feel free to message me.

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Aside from liking Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, Tikki, and Plagg, here're a few characters that're my favorites in the series.

  • Alya Césaire: I enjoy watching her getting along with Marinette throughout the series. It always hilarious that Alya never found out Ladybug's identity, who's right there in front of her all along!
  • Nino Lahiffe: Nino is also my favorite. He's also funny, which is why I like the "Animan" episode. And I KNEW that he and Alya would get together from the beginning! :D
  • Nathaniel Kurtzberg: He's so sweet and kind, and is so adorkable.
  • Juleka Couffaine: Again, sweet and kind, and so adorkable.
  • Lila Rossi: Despite the fact that everyone hate her for interfering Adrien and Marinette's relationship, she's an interesting character to me. Because sure she won't forgive Ladybug and want to be her friend, but she wasn't seen onscreen with Marinette and/or Chloe yet. And I have a feeling that Lila and Chloe would have a feud at some point, because of their crush on Adrien. And since Hawkdaddy mentioned that Season 2 would have a story arc, maybe she would be important during that season and we should learn more about her life and why she lied to her classmates when she first arrived to Paris. That's character development.

Potential couples

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Feel free to use these ship names that I come up with.

  • LadyNoir/Adriette/MariChat/Ladrien is my OTP! (Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat Noir) This is why we came to watch this show in the first place! Doesn't matter which form they are in, Adrien DO love Marinette when he's Cat Noir! :D But I actually ship MariChat more than the other ships.
  • DJ Wifi (Alya and Nino): I've ship them ever since I first watch the show!
  • Heartrate (Alix and Kim): I really don't like seeing that Kim has a crush on Chloé in "Dark Cupid". Kim deserves a tomboy frenemy after watching the event of "Timebreaker". I have a feeling that deep inside Kim's muscular body, he have feelings for Alix for being so athletic. Sorry, I don't support Kim with Ondine, because I find her to be a flat character who serves as a satellite love interest to him in "Syren".
  • Rainbow Tomato (Nathaniel and Marc): Yep. Thanks to "Reverser", I officially now support gay/lesbian pairings in Miraculous. And besides, Marc and Nathaniel are perfect for each other.
  • Rocky Horror (Mylene and Ivan): I got nothing else to say, besides "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" and "Horrificator".
  • Angel Goth (Rose and Juleka): Opposite attract.
  • Maxbrina (Max and Sabrina): Pair the spares. I need to come up with a better ship name.
  • Rolling Stones (Jagged and Penny): Honestly at first, I didn't think much about the ship whenever I see them interact with each other. But after watching "Troublemaker", I now supports them.

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