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ML Agreste Titanic

Here have a meme!

Hello, I am Quiet-Frost, previously known as LadyLeafeon.

My Favorite ..... in Miraculous Ladybug

  • My Favorite Female Character: There's too many
  • My Favorite Male Character: There's too many
  • My Favorite Female Superhero: Rena Rouge
  • My Favorite Male Superhero: King Monkey
  • My Favorite Kwami: Trixx
  • My Favorite Miraculous Superpower: Voyage (especially the music in "Startrain")
  • My Favorite Supervillan: I always tend to favor the villains that either show they really don't care about Hawkmoth or that they undermine him (Evillustrator, Anansi, Befana, Robostus, Startrain). However their are some exceptions (Pixelator and Chameleon for example).
  • My Favorite Episode of Season 1:
  • My Favorite Episode of Season 2:
  • My Favorite Episode of Season 3:
  • Adrienette or Lukanette? Lukanette for now

How I Got Introduced to Miraculous Ladybug / My First Impression of the Show

So, found out about the show in between the 1st and 2nd season hiatus when Nickelodeon was airing a re-run of "Mr.Pigeon" by chance. Upon seeing Chloé Bourgeois I immediately thought it was some Barbie show, an extremely well made one at that. However, as I continued watching I gradually figured out it wasn't just that. Rather it was something way better. After that, I quickly watched the other 25 episodes in season 1. Since then, I have been closely following the international releases of the episodes here on the wiki.

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