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  • I live in A government document repository research library. And the English department.
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is Full-time college SENIOR, student librarian, writer, fangirl.
  • I am still overwhelmed by senior research, but it will be complete soon. Excited for Japan though.

For future reference, "potassium" equals "k" equals "okay." If I say this, I am not referring to bananas. If I am tired, I might say "potato" or "poyo" instead to indicate the same thing.

NOTICE: I am currently in my final semester of university. For questions on whether something is canon or not, I am not the person you should ask; as the site staff. I am catching up with Season 3. For other questions though, feel free to ask me. Come February, I will go back to editing less.

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