I love to do any type of art form. I make tiny miniatures, draw, make crafts, and paint. I also write and am currently writing a book. I sometimes write fan-fiction. I'm Indian so I do a traditional type of dance called bharatanatyam.

I enjoy debating and just creating things. I also enjoy making people happy so if you need help or just need someone to talk to, always feel free to hit me up on my message wall. I'll always answer. I have a Wattpad, Youtube, and Instagram that show off the works I have made. The best way to get to me is through my Discord. If you message me through my Wattpad or Instagram and ask, I will provide you with cute panda photos. They can cheer anyone up. My main fanfiction is also on fanfiction.net.

Before you read ahead, I would just like to say that each and every one of these characters represents what I felt during the time I liked them. Most people like a character because they're funny or have a good personality. I'm not exactly like that. You'll see why.

Current Favorite Character

This spot is for my current favorite character in Miraculous. For right now, it is Jessica Keynes, better known as Jess.

The reason I love Jess so much is because I relate to her in a way that was almost unexplainable before. Jess's character helped me find a way to explain what I went through to get here. Her journey fascinates me and reminds me of myself. In my perspective, Jess was made to represent people that went through the same thing she and I did. Jess created a false image of herself. For everyone else, but most importantly, to herself as well. That is represented as Sparrow. Then, through gaining confidence and inspiration to stand up, to be better, she was able to become a fierce Eagle. How does this reflect to me? Well, to new users, you probably think I arrived around 2020. Actually, I used to be here from January of 2019. Sadly, I left in June. Why? I was upset. Upset that people teased me. Upset that I felt unaccepted. I looked at my Miraculous merch in disgust. I talked about it with my voice full of spite.

Many people claim 2020 was a dark period in their life where they got worse. In a way, I did lose a lot during this time. At the same time, I found the confidence and inspiration I needed to become, using the Jess reference, Eagle. Now, I have no actual friends. Unlike before, I don't care. They used to make me feel bad about myself. Not anymore.


Before Jess, my favorite character was Lila. She was one of the reasons I became confident. Lila knows how to dominate any situation. I wanted to be like her. She was an inspiration.

Before Lila, my favorite character was Cat Noir. Not Adrien, Cat Noir. I related to his feeling of loneliness. I just didn't know it at that time.

These songs always manage to soothe me or help me get my emotions out.

— Paris in the Rain by Lauv

— Roadtrip by Dream

— Your New Boyfriend by Wilbur Soot

— dreamy night by LilyPichu

— Blue Hour by TXT

— Dynamite by BTS

— Boy With Luv by BTS (feat. Halsley)

— DNA by BTS

— Singularity by V

— Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS

— MIC Drop by BTS

— Make It Right by BTS (feat. Lauv)


— Life Goes On by BTS

— Film out by BTS

— ON by BTS

— Anpanman by BTS

You should definitely check these shows/books out if you haven't seen them already.


— The Dragon Prince

— Death Note (14+)

— Avatar: The Last Airbender

— Legends of Korra (follow up to Avatar: The Last Airbender)

— Stranger Things (13+)

— Criminal Minds (14+)

— Dream Team/Dream SMP/ MCYT (Youtubers/Streamers)

— Rick Riordan's Mythology Multiverse (books)

— Big Hero 6/Big Hero 6 The Series

— She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

— Carmen Sandiego

— The Owl House

Sometimes your heart tells you one thing, but a good superhero always listens to her head.


It's not important to have lots of friends. What matters is that the ones you have are true friends.

—Marinette Dupain-Cheng

During my time on Fandom, I have had many people that have become my great friends. They are the Jesses to my Aeon. These amazing people are:























And many more.

Less talking, more doing.


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