welcome to my profile!

( inspired by BubblyLove )

About Mwah! ✨

Hello! Call me Clumsyy. Thanks for coming! This tab is all about me. If you didn't read the title XD. I love to read PJO and

literally any fantasy books. I love editing and sometimes I write in my free time. I don't often join contests because I'm often pretty busy. The only reason why I'm so active on the wiki is because of online school. But ever since I joined the fandom I've been obsessed. Which is probably a bad thing o-O. But I just love being on here because I've finally found a place where I can talk about my favorite shows like Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir! None of my real life friends watch anime or cartoons so I don't have anyone I can talk to about tv shows and stuff. Their just busy talking about Riverdale or whatever that's called. So it's nice to finally find a place like this! Did I already say that? Whoops I probably did. Anyway, some of my close friends on here are Sunchu, Nora, Buggie, Nix, LOV3, and 4Ever. Who are like the best miraculers ever! I have no pets sadly :( and I have 2 siblings! I'm a teen. Not saying my age because that's private information xd. I like macarons! Super delicious. And my favorite fast food is Chick Fil A because like, have you ate their nuggets? I forgot to say I love chicken nuggets. I have them like everyday djkdsggsjkdldgsj- Okay I'm done with this ramble.

Favorite color: Periwinkle, Pastel Yellow, and Angel Blue

Favorite ships: Plikki, Adrienette, & DJWIFI

Favorite animal: Cats and elephants ( and yes, I'm a cat person )

Favorite avenger: Spiderman because YES!

Favorite book: PJO!

Birthday: February 1st O.o

Favorite musical: HAMILTON! I wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens, the room where it happens-

Personality ✨

I am super nice! I'm helpful, and I'm also a really generous person. I'm a jokester (sometimes) but I can also be very serious. Like really serious. I'm also very dramatic xD. If I put a period after a sentence then that means I'm probably serious around that time. Like right now. You see? AnYwaY, some of my bad traits is that I can be very offensive at times and I have MAJOR mood swings. But I guess that's all. Oh wait! I'm clumsy. Like very clumsy. Hence my username? Yeah. I trip over everything. One time I forgot how to ride a bike and fell of my bike and I scraped my knee and my elbow. And then I had to walk all the way home :'(. But that's just one of my clumsy stories! One time when I was like 6 or 5, I stepped on a needle and it poked all the way into my foot- OUCH! Not the best memory ahahhahaha. But I'll stop there.

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