HEYA MIRACULERS!! I'm LADYNOIR aka Khushi, a teenage girl who is a great fan of Miraculous Ladybug (precisely CATNOIR) I am even in love wid BARBIE... In my blogs and posts ill give you possibilities of events going to happen in the miraculous ladybug series!! Here's what i love.. Fav Characters: CAT NOIR , BARBIE ; Fav COLOUR : BLACK, PINK; Fav season : season 2 My details, BIRTHDATE : 04 May Nickname : Barbie What else should i tell?? Ok so... I have my class 10th boards this year and i should be studying instead of doing all this stuff... but I cant stop Thinking about what will happen in miraculous!! Actually, I'm quite grown up to watch animation series... and my friends are also not much into miraculous so i came here to share my CRAZINESS about miraculous ladybug and to make friends!! HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY READING MY BLOGS.. Visit my message wall... ill reply within 2 - 3 hours!.

if you are a fan of barbie and miraculous both you are a #BARBIECULER I made this hashtag furr ppl like me who are actually crazy bout #BARBIECULOUS which means Barbie dreamhouse adventures and Miraculous ladybug!! Starlight and I are making a barbieculous fanbase....if you are interested leave a message in my message wall!!

We will be making barbieculous pfpcs soon.... contact @Starlight62 furr more info.

Join the group if you are a Barbieculer

furr this you need to do the following

1) Switch your pfpc to barbie and miraculous

2) use the hashtag #Barbieculer

3) come to my message wall to chat with other BARBICULERS

Some Barbieculers are


@Little purr-incess



@HalfSweetHalfSpicy ...

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