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I am from American, English is my nation language. I also enjoy watch anime, cartoons, movies & read manga. I am loyal to this wiki and respect, follow rules of this wiki and friendly and nice person. It inspires me to join to help/support this wiki. I watch this show from Netflix. I am a huge fan of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir and I am here to help. I specialize in Episode/Gallery and Character/Gallery or add HD Image (same size of Tikki and Plagg's image) for Character's Infobox. I'm one of the Content Moderator Image Controller on this wiki since 2019.

  • Adrien/Cat Noir: I find him as funny, charm and I love when he flirting with Ladybug and call her many nicknames.
  • Marinette/Ladybug: She's friendly, funny, honest and always love Adrien.
  • Plagg: He's cool and may be lazy but he really cares about Adrien and other Kwamis. Best thing about him is he can use Cataclysm which is make him awesome!
  • Tikki: She's very honest and love cookie like me.
  • Longg: Coming soon!
  • Wang Fu: Coming soon!
  • Alya/Rena Rouge: She is great, very supporter for her friends and faithful friend.
  • Alix Kubdel/Bunnyx: She is supporter for her friends and helper.
  • Trixx: Coming soon!
  • Roaar: Coming soon!


  • LadyNoir/Adriette/MariCat/Ladrien/(Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat Noir): I find Cat Noir and Ladybug perfect couples I ever seen. They are made for each other like Wang Fu say.


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