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about me

Hey y'all, I'm Arty.

I've been editing on the Miraculous Ladybug wiki for about 5 years now. I was one of the first people to start contributing, before the show even first aired in September 2015 in South Korea. I haven't been super active on the editing scene in recent years, but a lot of people have stepped up and made this wiki what it is today. I'm dedicated to helping the community and making sure things are going smoothly.

If you have an questions or complaints, feel free to hit me up on my message wall or mention (@) me through the ZAG discord (I don't accept friend requests unless I'm notified beforehand).

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Fun Facts
• I drink black tea almost daily
• I like learning different languages. English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.
• I'm CPR certified
• I like drawing and painting
• I'm one of few people to unironically enjoy Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda