Uproar is the Monkey Miraculous holder.

Uproar is the special superpower granted by the Monkey Miraculous to its owner.


The Monkey Miraculous owner twirls and tosses the Ruyi Jingu Bang into the air, summoning a toy-like object.

The toy is then thrown at or otherwise touched to the target, and, upon contact with anyone other than the Monkey Miraculous owner, will cause the victims abilities to malfunction.


Season 3

Episode Object Reason Image
"Party Crasher" Squeaky Banana Used to disrupt Party Crasher's powers and release everyone he had captured, including Ladybug, Cat Noir, Carapace, Pegasus, and Viperion. This causes the helicopter containing the captured victims to turn into a piñata and Party Crasher's future vision to become ridden with hallucinations. Squeaky Banana.png
"Miracle Queen" Frog Plushy Used to transform Dragon Bug's yo-yo into a pencil case, causing her water barrier to fall and her to be controlled by Miracle Queen. However, when Snake Noir uses Second Chance, he takes the plushy away from King Monkey and uses it on Miracle Queen, causing her spinning top to turn into a disco ball and her wasps to become confetti. Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 3.58.28 PM.png


  • In the French dub, this superpower is called "Pagaille" which literally means "Mess".
  • This power is similar to Lucky Charm, as it creates an item for the Monkey Miraculous wielder to use. However, the item messes up an Akuma's or Miraculous Wielder's powers and cannot be used for a Miraculous Ladybug (superpower)
  • Uproar is the second Miraculous superpower that doesn't affect the user following Akumatization. 





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