The unknown repository is a repository located somewhere beneath the Agreste mansion.



Emilie Agreste in the cryogenic pod.

It is a large room with an arched ceiling, barely lit by lights along the side walls and what appears to be a beam of sunlight from a skylight. A catwalk extends the length of the room down the middle. The far end of the room appears to have a tree growing from the floor below, and the main wall at that end features a design identical to the "butterfly window" in Hawk Moth's lair.

Like that window, it, too, can be uncovered to let in light.

At the end of the catwalk is a circular platform covered in greenery; grass covers the floor, bushes and flora decorate the platform, and what appear to be trees snake across as well as underneath the platform. A green glow emanates from underneath the platform where Emilie Agreste is held in a glass-covered cryogenic pod, which requires an "insane power supply". As seen in "Party Crasher", white butterflies are bred from the tree growing around Emilie's pod.

As revealed in "Queen Wasp", Gabriel accesses this room via the same secret passage from his atelier that he uses to get to Hawk Moth's lair.




  • On August 26, 2018, Feri González teased that this location would make another appearance "very soon", with the possibility of it appearing before Season 3.[1] This turned out to occur in "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp".


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