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The United Heroez is a team of superheroes based in New York City, who protect people from evil.


The earliest known hero pair is Knightowl and Sparrow, with the original pair dating back to the 1880's. They made a valiant effort in protecting those who lived in the United States and had done so for the next 134 years, with each Sparrow becoming the next Knightowl and choosing a Sparrow of their own. When it came to the fourth generation of Knightowl and Sparrow, a young woman named Barbara Keynes became the next Sparrow with an unknown man becoming the Knightowl. After several years, she took the mantle of the Knightowl herself, and overtime other heroes, including Majestia, came to North America, but just as the heroes came, so did the villains. 

Understanding that they couldn't defeat so many villains on their own, the heroes decided to team up and protect New York together. To further protect the people, one of the heroes, known as Victory, became the President of the United States and had stashes of military weapons hidden all over New York City. Then, at a some point, Knightowl and Majestia took it upon themselves to train the newest additions of the team, their own daughters Jessica Keynes as the fifth Sparrow and Aeon as Uncanny Valley.

When supervillain Mike Rochip, aka Techno Pirate, attacked a plane traveling to New York from Paris, Majestia, Sparrow, Knightowl, and Uncanny Valley arrived and stopped him while saving the plane.

The next day, the French and American students visit a museum, covertly observed by Uncanny and Sparrow in their civilian identities of Aeon and Jess. Meanwhile, French supervillain Hawk Moth akumatizes Techno Pirate as he is being taken to prison, and sends the newly-dubbed Techlonizer to steal the Marquis de Lafayette's sword.

Uncanny, Sparrow, Ladybug, and Cat Noir attempt to subdue Techlonizer. Sparrow tries to call for backup, but Techlonizer damages her communicator. Sparrow doesn’t care for long, though, seeing this as a chance for her and Uncanny to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth's true plan has been a success: While the heroes were busy fighting Techlonizer, he was able to walk in and steal the Eagle Miraculous unopposed.

The heroes manage to get the upper hand, but Cat Noir accidentally destroys Uncanny with an errant Cataclysm. Ladybug uses her magic Ladybugs to revive her, but an angered Knightowl suspends Sparrow for disobeying protocol and demands the French heroes surrender their Miraculouses, causing the two to flee into the sewers.

Later, Techno Pirate, now re-akumatized, and with the Eagle Miraculous as well, is cornered by the United Heroez, but uses the Eagle's power of Liberation to free them from their ethical constraints, causing them to go berserk.

Uncanny, able to see through other people's identities, goes to recruit Ladybug and Cat Noir while Sparrow tries to contain the crisis. Uncanny finds and recruits Marinette, then goes to return the Cat Miraculous to Adrien. At first, Adrien is hesitant, but Uncanny plays back a recording of Marinette saying that she can't be Ladybug without him. Adrien becomes Cat Noir again and flies back to New York with Uncanny but notes that he had to get back before the plane lands.

Once Cat Noir and Uncanny rendezvous with Ladybug and Sparrow, they come up with a plan to manipulate Doorman into helping them infiltrate the Statue of Liberty, where Miraclonizer is waiting to launch a missile on Hawk Moth's order if Ladybug and Cat Noir don’t surrender.

They manage to get the Eagle Miraculous, and Sparrow, now Eagle, uses the power of the Eagle Miraculous to dispel the effects of Miraclonizer's use of Liberation. The villain manages to fire the missile, but it is stopped and destroyed by Majestia.

The four young heroes defeat and deakumatize Techno Pirate and restore everything to normal. Ladybug tells Eagle to keep the Eagle Miraculous, knowing that it's in good hands. Majestia and Knightowl congratulate their protégés and admit that they should give them more freedom to grow.


Name Powers Image
Majestia Majestia has super strength, super speed, super breath, invulnerability, she can fly, and she can survive the vacuum of space. Majestia Square.png


Name Powers Image
Uncanny Valley Uncanny is an android with built in propulsion jets that allow her to fly. She can also shoot lasers from her third eye. Uncanny Valley Square.png
Knightowl Knightowl has no powers, but she is a highly skilled combatant with an arsenal of special weapons.

Knightowl Square.png

Sparrow/Eagle Sparrow is physically fit, having enough stamina and skill to keep up with Ladybug and Cat Noir while they're running and to jump from edge to edge down a huge crack in the ground.

The Eagle Miraculous gives Eagle enhanced physical abilities, an omni-purpose tool, and the special superpower Liberation, which allows her to free people of any emotions or personality traits that limit their full potential.

Victory Victory carries a shield in battle and has access to a countless number of military weapons hidden throughout New York City. Victory Square.png
Doorman Doorman can turn any doorway into a portal. Doorman – Superhero Square.png
Snowflake Snowflake can generate ice. Snowflake Square.png
Hurricane Hurricane can control the weather to a limited degree. Hurricane Square.png
Mercury Mercury has electric based super speed. Mercury Square.png
Sting Sting can fly and possesses stingers which are assumed to be their main weapons. Sting Square.png
Thorn Thorn has the power to grow large plants and manipulate them. Thorn Square.png
Agent Red Agent Red's abilities are unknown. Agent Red Square.png
Agent Blue Agent Blue's abilities are unknown. Agent Blue Square.png
Agent Yellow Agent Yellow's abilities are unknown. Agent Yellow Square.png


  • The United Heroez bear a strong resemblance to the Justice League from the DC franchise and the Avengers from the Marvel franchise.
    • Many of the Heroes bear strong similarities to characters from the aforementioned franchises.
      • Majestia is similar to Superman and Wonder Woman from DC.
      • Knightowl is similar to Batman from DC.
        • Knightowl is also similar to Nite Owl from Watchmen.
      • Eagle, back when she served as Knightowl’s sidekick, Sparrow, is similar to Batman’s sidekick, Robin.
      • Uncanny Valley is similar to Cyborg from DC.
      • Victory is similar to Captain America from Marvel.
      • Snowflake is similar to both Killer Frost and Ice from DC.
      • Hurricane is similar to Storm from Marvel.
      • Mercury is similar to Flash from DC and Quicksilver from Marvel.
      • Thorn is similar to Poison Ivy from DC.
      • Sting is similar to Bumblebee from DC and Wasp from Marvel.
    • However, Red, Blue and Yellow Agents differ from them, mainly because they were inspired by Totally Spies.