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And now, a Quarter-Super-Plus Heavy Kick, and Flying Hyper Storm! Triple head combo, Marinette style!

Marinette, "Gamer"

Ultimate Mecha Strike III is a fighting video game.


First, each player selects a mecha to act as their game avatar.

Each mecha starts at level 1 and gains energy to upgrade as the game goes on by defeating opponents. The highest level for a mecha to achieve is level 4.

There is a glitch in the program that allows a player to save their last level and revive if they lose.


  • IRON ‒ looks like a black version of the Iron Giant from the movie of the same name.
  • R2D3 ‒ looks like a black and pink version of R2D2 from Star Wars.
  • NAD03 ‒ looks like a black cat with green eyes.
    • Reference to Dan (the third supervisor).[1]
  • 2TO ‒ is white, red, and pink.
    • Reference to Thomas Astruc.[2]
      • Could also be a possible reference to C-3PO from Star Wars
  • WI2NY ‒ looks like a black version of Bender from Futuruama with red accents.
  • UFO.GR ‒ looks like a black and green version of Goldorak (Fr.) from UFO Robot Grendizer.
  • MX-01 ‒ looks like a black triangle with green accents.
  • MX-02 - appears identical to MX-01.
  • LB-03 ‒ looks like a ladybug.





  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is very skilled at this game because she plays it with her father.
  • Tom Dupain uses 2TO and R2D3.
  • Marinette uses LB-03.
  • Adrien Agreste uses NAD03.
    • The characters used by Marinette and Adrien seem to be modeled after their superhero forms, Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively, with LB-03 looking like a ladybug and NAD03 looking like a green-eyed black cat.
  • Max Kanté uses MX-01.
    • When Max gets Akumatized into the titular supervillain of the episode "Gamer" after losing to Marinette at Ultimate Mecha Strike III in the annual Collège Françoise Dupont video game tournament, he gains the ability to pilot the MX-01 in real life. When he gets re-Akumatized into Gamer in "Gamer 2.0", the real-life video game tournament he hosts takes place inside the MX-01.
  • In the French version of the episode "Gamer", the voice of the start menu is Thomas Astruc. This is his only cameo in Season 1.[4]
  • The Ultimate Mecha Strike Arcade Edition exists on the Game Console 7.
  • The original Ultimate Mecha Strike can be played on the Game Station 4.
  • Adrien owns Ultimate Mecha Strike II.




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