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Season 4, episode 01 (Production order); Episode 79 (Overall)

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"Whatever it is, I just want it to be the honest truth."
"The truth, Luka… is the only thing I can't tell you."

Luka Couffaine and Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Truth"

"Truth" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Truth" is the 1st written and produced episode of Season 4, thus making it the season's premiere. It is also the 79th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Disney Channel

A friend of Marinette's gets akumatized into Truth; using his power to force people to tell the truth, he wants to know Marinette's secret.[5]


Gabriel repairing the Peacock Miraculous.

The episode starts with Nathalie's voice being heard in the background, describing the process required to fix the Peacock Miraculous, and Gabriel Agreste in his lair following the instructions as they are heard. He pours dust of meteorites into molten gold, then adds a Peacock Feather, and later injects it into the Peacock Miraculous and commands, "Miraculous, Repair Yourself". After the Miraculous is fixed, a joyful Duusu comes out of it to see Nooroo, questioning where Nathalie was. Nooroo explains what’s going on and Gabriel fuses the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous and transforms into a more powerful version of Hawk Moth - Shadow Moth.

Meanwhile, Marinette asks Tikki if every kwami is inside the Miracle Box. Tikki explains to Marinette that all the Kwamis are in the Box except Duusu and Nooroo. Marinette then presses a button on top of the box and all of the Kwamis break out of the Miracle Box and messes around with all her stuff. When Marinette asks Tikki why they're out of the box, Tikki says that now that she's the Guardian, the Miracle Box is in her likeness. The Kwamis continue to cause mischief; Mullo takes away Tikki's hat that Marinette made for her, Trixx reads Marinette's diary which Marinette snatches quickly, while Daizzi is jumping on her lamp's button to see the lamp turn from "day" to "night". Ziggy listens to the sounds coming from Marinette's phone, and Kaalki breaks out of the room looking at the cars questioning why there aren’t any horses pulling carriages, causing a little boy and his mother to see her, while Marinette grabs her and tells to them she's a prototype of a talking plushie.

Both Stompp and Xuppu jump on Marinette’s keyboard causing it to go to the news where Nadja Chamack is talking about Prince Ali. Marinette then receives a video call from Alya, Mylène, Juleka, and Rose while Marinette is still trying to catch the Kwamis. After accidentally accepting the call, she asks for their opinion on her new "plushie" but since Kwamis can't be seen through technology, they can't see them. Rose asks Marinette to show the new plushies. Marinette (while still trying to catch the Kwamis) says that she has no idea about the "plushies". Alya tells Marinette that she is acting stranger than usual, and Marinette replies saying she's doing a new type of excerise. Alya thinks Adrien is at her house, but before answering her question, Ziggy (who has Marinette's phone) gets a call from Luka and drops Marinette's phone onto her keyboard, which hangs up the video call.

Marinette and Luka in the theater.

Marinette and Luka go on a date to see Jagged Stone's movie, after she missed the one they had planned yesterday. However, when they are about to kiss, it is interrupted by Mr. Pigeon being akumatized with his birds representing an airplane dropping bombs on random locations. Marinette lies to Luka that a train is up there and says she'll get more snacks, just to go to the bathroom to transform into Ladybug.

As Ladybug, she receives a voicemail from Cat Noir, who sneaks up behind Ladybug, causing her to accidentally throw him off the roof just in time to catch him. Ladybug tells Cat Noir to stop with the pranks before apologizing for missing their planned duty from earlier. After de-akumatizing Mr. Pigeon again, Marinette rushes back to the theater with Luka, only to discover that the movie has already finished.

Luka tries to resist Shadow Moth.

Next, they head to André's ice cream stand, but Marinette sees Lollipop Boy and has to leave him so she can transform. The next day, after school, Marinette and Luka go on a bike ride until Marinette sees an akuma, causing her to postpone her bike trip back home. At the Couffaine boat, Luka plays a song for Marinette alongside the rest of Kitty Section, but Marinette is not there on time. Despite Marinette arriving just as the performance begins, Luka has run out of patience. After the performance, Luka tells Marinette that he never knew his father ever since he was born, and he wants to know where Marinette runs off to. When Marinette tells him that she can't tell the truth to him, Luka is heartbroken, causing him to be akumatizing into the villain Truth by Shadow Moth with the help of his Sentimonster, Light Eye, after the akuma and amok possess his Guitar pick necklace.

While Marinette transforms into Ladybug, Truth asks Alya what Marinette’s biggest secret is, which she believes to be her crush on Adrien. Truth, believing that that is not a secret since everyone knows that, attacks and asks others on the Liberty, who all say the same thing. Ladybug arrives just in time to stop him, and tells Cat Noir that Hawk Moth had fused the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous through voicemail. Unfortunately, Truth blasts Ladybug into telling her who she really is, but Cat Noir also arrives just in time to prevent Truth from revealing Ladybug’s secret. After saving Ladybug, Cat Noir lends his belt to her to use as a gag to wrap over her mouth to prevent her revealing anything about herself.

Truth learns who his father is.

After seeing Anarka approaching with a tray of sandwiches, Truth blasts her with his truth ray, demanding who his real father is - Anarka reveals that it is Jagged Stone. Truth is left stunned and goes to confronts Jagged to know the real reason why he left his mother, him and Juleka. Truth, Ladybug, and Cat Noir head to Le Grand Paris, with Truth asking Jagged Stone if he is his real father, and after confirming that he indeed is, a flabbergasted Truth demands why he abandoned him. Jagged explains that he thought he wouldn't be a good father, so he left to pursue his music career. Upset by this, Truth throws Jagged off the roof, with Ladybug and Cat Noir rescuing him, telling him to stay low until Truth is defeated.

Truth breaks into Marinette’s bedroom to continue the search for her secret. The Kwamis hide inside the Miracle Box, terrified by what could potentially happen. When Truth almost discovers the Miracle Box, Ladybug and Cat Noir arrive again just in time to stop him, Ladybug muffles to Cat Noir pointing towards Truth’s akumatized object as another fight ensues, with Truth trying to get Ladybug to reveal her true identity after the belt is removed from her mouth, but Cat Noir keeps interrupting his questions by asking different ones. He gets Ladybug to summon up her Lucky Charm, which appears as a roll of aluminium foil this time. She uses it to wrap the parasol, then, she throws a folding screen at Light Eye, causing him to be unable to use its power. Cat Noir then uses Cataclysm on Light Eye, but it doesn’t disintegrate - its body cracks and goes beserk instead. Ladybug jumps on Light Eye, shining its light to immobilise Truth. Ladybug breaks his necklace, releasing the akuma and amok. She captures and purifies them, and summons the Miraculous Ladybug, sending everyone's lips back to there regular forms.

After the fight, Ladybug and Cat Noir jump on a rooftop and decide to talk. Cat Noir says that he had a lot of fun, in which Ladybug wonders what his other days are like. Ladybug tells Cat Noir that Shadow Moth will never win, and to not overdue his jokes. After a long evening of fighting crime, they depart.

Marinette breaks up with Luka.

After she detransforms, Marinette meets up with Luka and says that she doesn’t want to lie to him and breaks up with him, due to being busy with her Ladybug duties and is not able to date someone unless Shadowmoth got defeated. Luka forgives her and he hugs her,and says that he'll always be there for her when she's ready to be with him again. As Luka walks home to the Liberty, Jagged Stone is there waiting for him, which surprises Luka. Jagged hugs him, saying that he's sorry for walking out on him, is more than willing to be with Luka now. When Marinette gets home, she lays on her bed and cries about the fact that Hawk Moth is more powerful than ever, and that she can’t have a boyfriend. The Kwamis hug Marinette, comforting her, ending the episode.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Switzerland on RTS Un.
  • The title of the episode was revealed by Thomas Astruc on July 5, 2018 on his Twitter.[6]
  • The episode's beginning coexist with the end of the previous episode "Miracle Queen", as at the end of that episode Gabriel holds the fixed Peacock Miraculous, while the beginning of this episode shows him fixing it.
  • This is the second time Luka has been akumatized, following "Silencer".
    • However, unlike his previous akumatization, Luka doesn't get akumatized into Silencer, but instead into a new villain, Truth.
  • This is the second occasion where Luka's akumatization has put Ladybug into a situation where she is unable to speak. On this occasion she was gagged with Cat Noir’s belt to prevent revealing her identity, this also makes her the first character to be gagged in the show’s history. She previously had her voice stolen in “Silencer”.
  • Events from this episode also take place in the episode following, "Lies":
    • Each episode focuses on the relationship the focus character has with another character, though in a different light, sharing the following with each other:
      • In this episode, Marinette's relationship with Luka becomes strained and broken when she is unable to open up to him about the truth for his own safety leading him to become a supervillian that forces people to open up about their truth.
        • In "Lies", Adrien's relationship with Kagami becomes strained and broken because of the latter's discovery and assumption that the former has been lying for not spending time with her which leads her to become a supervillian that paralyzes and silences anyone who has lied, forever.
        • The way each relationship is broken off is handled differently as well:
          • When Marinette suggests that it's best if she and Luka break up, the latter is completely understanding and willing to wait until she is ready to open up to him.
          • Whereas Kagami is still hurt from Adrien's lying that she decides she can't even be friends with him at the present time but she will let him know if she ever wants to see him again.
      • Both episodes contain scenes that are present in the other, such as Mr Pigeon's re-akumatization, Ladybug nearly revealing her identity and her and Cat Noir's conversation after Truth has been defeated.
        • Two of said scenes are introduced from different perspectives. Marinette's in this episode and Adrien's in the following one.
          • Which is piggybacked on the fact that Adrien has little to no focus in this episode.
      • According to Feri González, "Truth" and "Lies" don't necessarily happen on the same day, although they are parallels and focus on the same conflict, from both Marinette's and Adrien's side.[7]
        • However, judging by the fact that "Lies" contains reused and different angle shots of events in "Truth", it is more likely that both episodes depict the events of the same day.
          • In fact, by the time this episode & "Lies" aired on Disney Channel in Asia, it's been labelled as a Disney Channel movie, & by the time this episode's over, it went to Lies afterwards.
  • This episode shows the most kwamis (19 out of the named 20), and all of the Chinese Miracle Box kwamis, with Plagg being the only kwami from the box to not to physically appear.
    • Plagg only appeared in the end card.
    • The end card of this episode is the first time all 19 kwamis of the Chinese Miracle Box are together in a single image.
  • This episode foreshadows Pigella, as Daizzi comment about his wishes to have a wielder after seeing Marinette's friends.
    • Since Trixx, Roaar, and Mullo are also present, this could also foreshadow Purple Tigress, Polymouse, and the return of Rena Rouge.
    • Daizzi originally considers Alya as her holder, before Trixx tells her she's taken. Interestingly, before this episode aired, YouTuber "GinjaNinjaOwO" uploaded a video where she drew heroes with different kwamis, one of them being Alya with Daizzi, which is on the video's thumbnail.[8] It's unknown if the resemblance was intentional or simply a coincidence.
  • This episode reveals that even when no akumatized villains are around, Ladybug and Cat Noir go on patrols across the city, interacting with the residents and helping them with minor situations.
    • Prior to the episode's release, this was partially hinted at in "Desperada", which lead some fans to theorize that Jagged is Luka and Juleka's father.
  • It is revealed that the door in Alya's room looks exactly like the front doors of the "TARDIS" from "Doctor Who", with it even having white telephone box container with the "Pull to Open" instructions written on it.
  • This episode confirms that Marinette and Luka are dating.
    • Marinette and Luka also break up this episode, as the former feels she cannot have a boyfriend while having to keep her big secret as it would put her boyfriend in harm's way.
  • It's implied that Mr. Ramier has been akumatized into Mr. Pigeon again, with that being the 52nd time (as far as it is known), including his appearance in the New York special.
  • Mr. Pigeon's akumatization are not shown, making this the eighth time this happens, after Magician of Misfortune in "Princess Fragrance", Vanisher in "Antibug", the Unnamed boy in "Sandboy", Alya and Nino's akumatization in "Oblivio", Vivica in "Desperada", the current Chris in "Christmaster" and the adult Chris in "Timetagger".
  • Lollipop Boy makes its second appearance, with its last appearance being in "Miraculer".
    • It's possible that its recipient must be August again, just like the first time.
  • Jagged Stone is revealed to be Luka and Juleka's father, however it is still not confirmed if Jagged and Anarka were ever married.
    • Before the episode aired, fans have already theorized that Jagged would be Luka and Juleka's father.
  • Similar to Cat Noir in "Miracle Queen", Hawk Moth transformed and/or fused with two Miraculouses in a different way, suggesting there is more than one way to do the Unification.
  • According to Tikki, there's a whole parallel universe inside each Miracle Box and when passed from one guardian to another the box's appearance reflects or represents the person who owns it.
  • In the episode, it's revealed that it was Prince Ali’s birthday.
  • Marinette is sad during her transformation, similarly to "The Bubbler", "Santa Claws", "Zombizou", "Style Queen", "Anansi", and "Félix".
  • In the French version, when Ladybug is pulling Cat Noir back onto the roof of the building she threw him off of, although Cat Noir doesn't say it quite right, he makes a reference to a famous quote: "With great powers comes great responsibility".
  • Luka is the second person to get akumatized and amokized, with the first being his sister Juleka Couffaine in "Reflekdoll".
    • Coincidentally, both of their sentimonsters were cataclysmed.
    • He is the first member of the French Miraculous superhero team to get akumatized and amokized.
  • It's confirmed when a Miraculous is damaged, it can cause damage to the connected kwami, as Duusu was more sporadic than usual; he said that "everything was so chaotic in [his] head, like a nightmare". But it's unknown if the damage is the same for all kwamis and their jewels.
  • Kaalki was amazed by all the cars that were outside replying that there wasn't even one horse pulled carriage implying the last time she had an owner they used said carriages to get around.
    • This may imply that Kaalki, before Max, didn't have an owner ever since, at least, until the late 17th century to end of the early 20th century.
    • Since Tikki had an activate wielder in said time frame, it's possible that their wielders knew each other implying that past Ladybugs were paired up with several Miraculous holders.
  • Daizzi was amazed by Marinette's lamp implying that he was last active by an owner who didn't use lamps or electricity.
    • This may imply that Daizzi, before Rose, didn't have an owner ever since, at least, until before the 19th century.
  • Roaar and the others were amazed by Marinette's computer, implying they were all last active before computers were invented.
    • This further corroborates the fact there hasn't been a Miraculous superhero ever since the fall of the Order of the Miraculous until Hawk Moth's appearance and Master Fu hadn't let any other Miraculous besides his own (the Turtle Miraculous) become active.
  • This is one of the few times both heroes are affected by an akumatized villain following "Pixelator", "Frightningale", "Reverser", "Reflekdoll", "Oblivio" and "Silencer".
  • This episode is similar to "Lady Wifi", as both akumatized villains wanted to know the secrets those around them were hiding, but they used intimidation and dirty tactics and by giving into said ways neither cared about the consequences of their actions.
  • Gabriel found out that Marinette has a crush on his son Adrien but was unaware that Marinette stopped her romantic pursuit of him by dating Luka.
    • Subsequently, it is revealed that while she may not be fully over her feelings for him, Marinette no longer considers Adrien her love interest.
  • It's revealed that Marinette's corkboard with pictures now includes pictures of her friends from her, Adrien's, and Alya's Instagram accounts.
  • It seems that the Kwamis don't know what tears are, as they questioned about them at the end when Marinette is crying meaning that they have limited interactions with humans.
  • It's revealed that Ladybug actually likes it when Cat Noir jokes around, but not when he overdoes it.
  • From this episode on, Nooroo and Wayzz now have eyelashes.
  • The cardboard cutouts of Ladybug and Cat Noir, that Light Eye froze are the designs of heroes from the Ladybug PV version in "Animaestro".
  • Similar to “Dark Cupid” when struck by the villain their lips magically change to black, in this episode the lips turn white.
  • In the English dub, Shadow Moth says "It's time to expose the truth" after Light Eye appears. But in the French version, the equivalent line was said by Truth himself.
    • The only other dubs to have the line said by Truth are the Catalan and European Portuguese, as they're the only dubs based on the French dub.


  • Luka is unusually pale throughout the episode.
  • When Gabriel put the Peacock Miraculous on under the Butterfly Miraculous, he wasn't wearing his tie. However in his next shot, he is wearing it again, and takes it off again to transform into Shadow Moth.
    • When he says the Kwamis' names, their Miraculouses activate in the opposite order.
      • This error persists in "Queen Banana", the only other episode featuring Shadow Moth's transformation sequence.
    • Additionally, according to Thomas Astruc, if someone unifies two miraculouses from the beginning, while being in their civilian form, the correct invocation phrase would be "Dual Metamorphosis", while if they have one miraculous activated, and then want to activate another, "Unify" is used.[9] This would make Gabriel's transformation, as well as the one in "Queen Banana" incorrect.
  • When Marinette frees the Kwamis, the dragon symbol on the Miracle Box is backwards.
  • When Marinette catches Kaalki outside her window, the white part of Kaalki's left ear is missing.
  • When Ladybug swings to the Montparnasse Tower, she is foreshortened incorrectly, as she appears to be as big a chimney she swings past.
  • In the English dub, when Trixx said, "[Alya]'s taken", to Daizzi, he speaks in a feminine voice. But at the end of the episode when he said, "It's tears. That's so sad!", he has a more masculine voice.
  • Whoever is hit by Truth's beam will not be able to speak fully unless they are asked a question, however in one scene Ladybug was able to talk willingly even though she was hit by the beam & also Jagged rambled about being glad to being saved by Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • However, it's possible that the power only forces the hit person to speak truly when asked, but still be able to say what they want when they're not asked.
  • When Cat Noir pushed Ladybug from Light Eye's light beam, he should have also been immobilized.
  • At the end when all Kwamis hug Marinette, Wayzz's eyes are black.
  • Even though Marinette sees Luka getting akumatized, Ladybug is shocked when she sees his necklace.
  • In some scenes, part of Cat Noir's mask was not covering his face and it was colored black.
  • In the Disney Channel release, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug to fight Truth, there are multiple errors.
    • She is already wearing her mask when she waves her hands over her face.
    • A Friendship Day Badge from "Ikari Gozen" is shown.

      The bottom right spot on her left earring is smaller than it is supposed to be.
    • After she puts on the mask, she has the Friendship Day badge from "Ikari Gozen".
      • This means the transformation sequence was recycled from "Miraculous Shanghai", where all these errors are present.
        • However, on the Disney+ release in the US, and other live showings on Disney Channel, this mistake was fixed.
  • When Tom jumps in front of Luka to keep him from going to Marinette's bedroom, Tom's lips are no longer white, yet the are in the previous scene and the scene after.
  • When Ladybug ties up Light Eye with her Yo-yo, after it had gone berserk, the cracks on its body are gone.


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