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Season 2, episode 05 (Production order); Episode 31 (Overall)

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"Phew! Well, that was a close call. Looks like you won't find out my true identity today!"

"I already know who you are... You're the girl of my dreams."
"(laughs) Silly kitty!"
"Pound it!"

Ladybug and Cat Noir, "Troublemaker"

"Troublemaker" is a Season 2 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[6] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Troublemaker" is the 5th written and produced episode of Season 2. It is also the 31st written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]



A rock star is scheduled to visit the bakery owned by Marinette's parents, but his overwhelmed personal assistant is akumatized by Hawk Moth.[7]

Disney Channel

Jagged Stone's assistant Penny gets akumatized into Troublemaker.[8]


Penny multitasks.

At the Le Grand Paris Hotel, Penny is checking off things off her list she has already done. When she opens the door, she starts talking to the Butler Jean, who came to agree with some of Penny's questions about Jagged. But their conversation is interrupted by Penny's phone after a while, Bob Roth enters the room, who says he has found a great way to promote Jagged's new album because he'll become a reality-show star. Penny continues on the phone, this time coming back inside the room. In the background, Fang runs out of the door with the ball, remaining unnoticed. Penny stops talking on the phone and approaches to Jagged, who asks her if she remembers to order macarons for Fang.

Jagged rejects Bob’s reality TV show idea.

After a while, there is a knock at the door, which causes Penny to leave Jagged Stone and Bob, who are starting to talk about the performance on the TV. André Bourgeois stood at the door one hand holding Fang’s leash, saying that Fang can't run freely around the hotel, then hands back the crocodile. The phone rings again and Penny answers it, she was telling someone about an airplane trip for Jagged. At the same time, she apologizes to the mayor and goes to Jagged, who throws the ball at Bob, because he didn't like the idea of performing in the "Rocko Wants a Wife" program. Again there is a knock on the door and the telephone rings. Jean is standing in the doorway again, asking Penny, who answers him at the same time holding the phone to her ear. She closes the door and goes to Jagged and Bob again, who are arguing with each other. Penny decides to tell Jagged about her idea to resolve the conflict. Jagged consents to its implementation. He thanks Penny and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Jagged and Tom on “Fill My Shoes”

Outside the bakery Tom and Sabine gathered a crowd of Jagged's fans. Inside, the recording of the "Fill My Shoes" live program with Jagged and Tom begins. Sabine, after giving Bob a croissant, starts talking to Marinette to make sure that the organization of a television program in a bakery is a good idea. Marinette responds that it is good for the bakery, and her dad will become a celebrity. Sabine states that Tom looks quite nervous. In the same time, Tikki is watching the show in Marinette's room. After a while, Tom instructs Jagged how to roll the dough. Penny is very nervous about the whole situation, and Marinette points out on it. The girl asks if everything is all right, and Penny replies that the idea of the show was hers, and Jagged trusted her and she just hoped that everything would be fine. At the time, Alec asks Jagged what it's like to be in the baker's shoes today.

Jagged gets covered in flour.

Jagged says enthusiastically that he's great and begins to pretend to play the guitar made of various pastries. After a moment, Sabine asks Penny how it is to work with a star like Jagged. Penny is very flattering talking about Jagged, but right after that, it improves, speaking that more neutrally. The whole show is watched by Adrien in his room together with Plagg. He asks what is interesting in watching that, and Adrien says the program takes place at Marinette's. In the bakery, Jagged and Tom are singing together, where Jagged also proposes Marinette to join. When Adrien notices her on TV, begins to very smile. Jagged starts telling the audience how talented Marinette is, mentioning the cover she made for his album, being just a student at school making Alec impressed by the girl's skills. After a moment, he asks Tom what he'll be preparing today. Tom says he'll make chocolate croissants. He also asks Marinette to hand him a sack of flour. Marinette, wanting to take a sack, accidentally makes the flour spill on Jagged's head. This makes him start laughing and pretending to be a ghost.

Alec announces a break and Marinette seizes the opportunity to apologize to Jagged, but he tells her that nothing is wrong. Penny asks Marinette, where is the bathroom and after hearing "upstairs", she goes there with Jagged. In the meantime, Tom and Marinette decide to clean up the flour.

Jagged and Penny wind up in Marinette’s room.

While looking for the bathroom, Jagged and Penny wind up in Marinette's room. Curious, Jagged begins looking around while Penny attempts to clean the flour off him. Meanwhile back in the bakery, Bob comments on how well the ratings of the show are when the camera crew informs them that they'll be back on the air soon. Alec wonders where Jagged is, to which Marinette tells him the bathroom upstairs. Alec, Bob, and the camera crew head up there.

Adrien is surprised to learn that Marinette has so many photos of him.

Jagged continues to look around Marinette's room while Penny tries to clean the flour off him. The camera crew suddenly arrives and the show continues just as Jagged is admiring Marinette's multiple photos of Adrien. He comments on them and says that Marinette clearly has a crush on Adrien. Adrien is surprised while Plagg refers to Marinette as another secret admirer. Marinette also sees this and, horrified, runs upstairs to her room. On the way, Tikki tells her to calm down as it is not a big deal, but Marinette says that it is because she told the whole school, including Adrien, to watch the show and if Adrien sees all those photos, he'll figure out that she has a crush on him. Tikki asks Marinette if that's what she wants, to which Marinette says no, at least not that way.

Penny snaps at everyone.

Marinette bursts into her room and demands to know why everyone is in there, to which Penny frantically apologizes, saying that she couldn't find the bathroom. Jagged offers to sign Marinette's poster of him, but Marinette says that she just wants everyone to leave and tells Penny to do something. Penny begins to shove Bob out but accidentally steps on the cable, cutting everyone off the air. Penny prepares to replug the cable, but Marinette tells her to get everyone out first. However, Alec tells her to give him the cable as they are live. Jagged also begins sneezing and asks Penny if the flour on him is organic as he is allergic to non-organic flour. Alec once again tells Penny to give him the cable while Bob yells at her that they don't have a picture. Everyone shouting at her at once causes Penny to become so stressed that she eventually yells at everyone and shoves them all out. Bob asks what they're going to do now, to which Penny angrily says that she'll meet them downstairs in five minutes before slamming the door.

Penny akumatized.

Hawk Moth senses Penny's stress and sends an akuma after her, which infects her pen. Hawk Moth tells her that from now on, instead of solving people's problems, she'll create them. Penny agrees and is transformed into Troublemaker. Meanwhile back in Marinette's room, Marinette repeatedly comments on the whole situation being a disaster. Tikki tries to assure Marinette that it'll be okay but points out that the show is live, which only makes Marinette freak out more.

Troublemaker creates chaos at the bakery.

Alec begins the countdown to restart the show; however, Tom and Sabine say that they'd rather not continue. Bob is baffled at to why, to which Sabine explains that they aren't comfortable with the cameras going everywhere and invading their privacy, pointing out how Marinette is upset now because of their show. Bob refuses to allow this, commenting on how the show's ratings are sky high. Suddenly, Troublemaker sneaks behind Sabine and tickles her back with her fingers. Sabine doesn't see her and quickly assumes that it was Bob who did it, demanding that he apologize. Troublemaker then hits Bob's bottom with a guitar and throws it into Tom's hands before she can see seen, causing Bob to think Tom hit him. Marinette sees all the commotion through her computer screen and is perplexed. Troublemaker also puts a bag of flour over Jagged's head and pushes Alec towards him. She then turns on the bakery's self-defense system, causing Bob question if the bakery is haunted. Troublemaker then shows up and, putting her arm around Jagged, says hello to him. Jagged fearfully backs away from her and calls out for Penny, but Troublemaker says that Penny is no longer around to solve problems and from now on, she'll be creating them. The fans of Jagged Stone who are outside the bakery run away in fear while Tikki comments on how Penny's efforts to please everyone caused her to become akumatized. Marinette agrees that filming the show in the bakery was a bad idea and transforms into Ladybug. Adrien also sees Troublemaker on his TV and tells Plagg that he's got to transform. Plagg asks him to bring him some baked goods while he's at the bakery. Adrien jokingly calls Plagg a floating stomach before transforming into Cat Noir.

Troublemaker continues to cause trouble at the bakery while Nadja Chamack reports on a new supervillain in Dupain-Cheng bakery. Cat Noir then shows up and promises to take care of everything before attempting to break in. Troublemaker hears this and goes outside. Cat Noir prepares to use Cataclysm on the bakery door but is stopped by Troublemaker, who says that no one will be rescued today before throwing him against a news van. Ladybug grabs Cat Noir's leg with her yo-yo and pulls him on top of Marinette's balcony.

Ladybug and Cat Noir fight Troublemaker.

As Troublemaker begins to make a mess of Marinette's room, Ladybug and Cat Noir sneak behind her, though Cat Noir gets momentarily distracted by the photos of Adrien on the walls until Ladybug tells him that they can take a tour later. Troublemaker spots them and throws several sewing needles at them, but Cat Noit blocks this attack with Marinette's mattress. Seeing more photos of Adrien underneath, Ladybug pushes the mattress back down before Cat Noir spots them, causing him to fall forwards. As they battle Troublemaker, they discover that whenever she clicks her pen, she can make her entire body intangible. Troublemaker uses this ability to sneak behind Ladybug and almost manages to grab her earrings, but Cat Noir uses his staff to prevent that from happening. Troublemaker drops her pen, which Ladybug realizes is where the akuma is. She and Cat Noir attempt to grab it, but Troublemaker reaches it first and uses it to slip away. Cat Noir wonders how they are going to defeat a villain they cannot touch. Ladybug points out that Troublemaker's strength is also her weakness, as she must become touchable in order to steal their Miraculouses.

Troublemaker manages to take one of Ladybug’s earrings.

The heroes go downstairs. Ladybug warns Cat Noir to be careful as Troublemaker is probably hiding nearby and also reminds him that she must become touchable if she wants to take their Miraculouses. Troublemaker suddenly arrives and attacks the duo. She nearly grabs Cat Noir's Miraculous but is stopped by Ladybug, who she then attacks instead. She manages to pin her down and take an earring, proclaiming that she's already lost half the battle. Ladybug slowly begins to detransform as Hawk Moth praises Troublemaker. Seeing this, Cat Noir calls on his Cataclysm and then charges towards Troublemaker, who makes herself untouchable. However, she winds up dropping Ladybug's Miraculous as a result. Ladybug grabs the earring and puts it back on before she can fully detransform. Cat Noir comments on the close call, stating that's not how he dreamed that they'd share their secret identities. Ladybug says that'll have to wait until Troublemaker and Hawk Moth are both defeated. She then calls on her Lucky Charm and receives a broken plate. However, she doesn't see what to do with it. Cat Noir believes that losing an earring weakened Ladybug's power, but Ladybug refuses to believe this and looks around for clues. She spots a tube of super glue and quickly forms a plan.

Troublemaker is defeated.

The duo head back to Marinette's room. Ladybug pretends to be scared and tells Cat Noir that Troublemaker can come from anywhere to grab her Miraculous. However, the duo don't see her, so Cat Noir decides to check the roof even though Ladybug begs him not to, stating that she only has a plate to defend herself with. Troublemaker then shows up and attacks Ladybug, who throws the plate against the wall before Troublemaker pins her down. She prepares to grab her Miraculous but soon finds that they are super-glued to her ears and that she's now stuck. Cat Noir then comes back and grabs Troublemaker's pen with his Cataclysm, destroying it and freeing the akuma, turning Troublemaker back into Penny. Ladybug captures the akuma and uses Miraculous Ladybug to fix the damage. Penny is confused as to what just happened and asks where Jagged is. However, Ladybug tells her that she's always worrying about others and should worry about herself for once, asking how she's feeling. Penny tells Ladybug that she's fine. Seeing that her transformation is almost up, Ladybug heads up to the balcony and Cat Noir follows behind her. Before taking off, Ladybug jokingly tells Cat Noir that he won't be finding out her secret identity today. Cat Noir says that he already knows who she is, which worries her for a moment before he calls her the girl of his dreams. Ladybug laughs at his silliness and fist-bumps with him. The duo then take off, though Ladybug comes back a second later and detransforms.

Marinette heads back to the bakery and hugs her parents, who are relieved to see her safe. Marinette assures them that she'd just locked herself in the bathroom. Penny then arrives and awkwardly greets everyone, who are all happy to see her. Jagged even hugs Penny out of relief that she's back.

Adrien invites Marinette to his next photoshoot.

The next day, as Marinette heads to school, she tells Tikki that she'll never let her parents shoot a TV show at her house again and decides to lay on the low for a while until everyone forgets about it. She avoids all of her classmates and sneaks into the locker room, where she then puts her backpack inside her locker and sighs with relief that no one saw her. However, the moment she slams her locker shut, she spots Adrien waiting for her from behind, much to her horror. Panicked, she tries to explain that the reason she has so many photos of him is because she is a mere fan. Though Adrien doesn't exactly buy it, he goes along with the explanation and even invites Marinette to his next photoshoot. He also tells her that he's glad to have her as one of his fans before leaving. Marinette expresses her joy over getting an invite to Adrien's photoshoot, to which Tikki also jokingly adds that Marinette managed to let out some normal sentences. Marinette insists that's not funny. Tikki agrees and the two laugh before the end card appears.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Spain on Disney Channel.
    • This episode was originally supposed to air on May 27th, 2018 in Portugal after "Reverser", but didn't due to a sudden change of schedule.
  • In the French version, the episode is called "L'Insaisissable".
  • In the Spanish version, the episode is called "Problemática".
  • Some of the English cast read through a part of this episode at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.[9]
    • The script for this episode was later changed when the episode officially premiered in Spain.
  • In the episode, Jagged Stone and Marinette are baking together.[9]
  • The album cover Marinette designs for Jagged Stone in "Guitar Villain" is referenced.
    • In the SDCC cast read-through, the shades that Marinette makes for Jagged in "Pixelator" were also referenced.
  • Adrien discovers by watching Fill My Shoes that Marinette has many pictures of him in her room.[9] The previous time Adrien had seen Marinette's room in "Gamer", Marinette had hidden them beforehand.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Penny has a crush on Jagged Stone.
  • This is the second time one of Ladybug's earrings is taken by force, following "The Dark Owl".
  • Some of the pictures of Adrien on Marinette's wall have been previously seen in the episodes "Santa Claws", "Mr. Pigeon", "Gamer", "Gorizilla", "Pixelator", "Copycat", "Stormy Weather" and "The Bubbler". Her wall also has the class pictures from "Reflekta".
  • This episode also reveals that Tom and Sabine's bakery has a high-security defense system.
  • This episode also reveals that Jagged Stone is allergic to non-organic flour, which causes him to sneeze.
  • This is the second episode where Alya doesn't have a speaking role. She is present but isn't heard speaking. The first episode she appeared in without a speaking role is "The Collector".
  • This is the fourth time Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to destroy an akumatized object.
  • This is the second time since "Evillustrator", that Adrien went to check on Marinette after she was attacked by an akumatized villain.
  • This is the first time Ladybug's Lucky Charm object is a broken object.
    • Upon seeing it, Cat Noir suggested that when Ladybug lost an earring it weakened her powers but it's unknown if that is completely true.
  • Rocker Wants a Wife is a parody of a reality TV show Farmer Wants a Wife.
  • As Adrien offered Marinette to go to one of his photoshoots, it may be implied that this episode is before "Style Queen". However, since the fashion show in "Style Queen" may be the same one as the one mentioned in the design contest "Mr. Pigeon" where Adrien would model the winning design, Adrien is probably thinking of a different photoshoot.
  • This is the fourth time, Cat Noir attempted to use his powers on someone else but unlike "Dark Cupid", "Princess Fragrance", and "Despair Bear" it was of his own will for the first time. Seeing Ladybug in her current situation and aware of rules of secret identities he used it to protect her identity from being seen by Troublemaker and by extension Hawk Moth.
    • Meaning that the heroes are likely aware that Hawk Moth can see through the eyes of his minions.
    • If Cat Noir's Cataclysm had connected, similar to the protective abilities of a Miraculous transformation, Troublemaker would've been severely injured but still alive.
    • If the direction of where Cat Noir aimed his Cataclysm is observed closer if Troublemaker hadn't gone intangible most likely his power would've hit the side of her head similar to what most happened to Ladybug in "Despair Bear".
  • This is third time where an akumatized object resembles Ladybug's Lucky Charm object the pen in Pixelator", "Reflekta" and "The Dark Owl".


  • Butler Jean's hair is miscolored gray.
  • When Fang leaves the room, the door can be seen opened, but after Penny saw Jagged and Bob arguing, the door seems to be closed.
  • When Penny sees Bob and Jagged are arguing, she seems to be holding Fang's leash, but in the next shot, the leash is gone.
  • Penny is seen holding Fang on a leash at the bakery up to the point where Marinette joins Jagged on-camera; after that, Fang disappears for the rest of the episode.
  • In some shots, Sabine's hair is miscolored black.
  • One shot in Marinette's room had her chart of Adrien's schedule closed but in the next shot of her room, the schedule was open.
  • When Jagged Stone goes to Marinette's mirror, he doesn't have a reflection in it.
  • Tikki was shown alone in Marinette's room, last seen hiding behind the computer screen, but is later shown to be with Marinette as she rushes up the stairs from the bakery.
  • When Marinette wants everyone to leave her room, her reflection can't be seen in the mirror.
  • When Marinette is watching the footage of her father and Bob arguing, the strap of her purse is seen, but in the scene before she transforms, the strap of her purse is missing.
  • When Troublemaker throws the umbrella at Ladybug and Cat Noir, the umbrella disappears in the next shot.
  • After Cat Noir said that he is the only one to stick to his lady, his Miraculous is silver beneath his Cataclysm.
  • When Cat Noir was taking Troublemaker's pen, Cat Noir's Cataclysm was seen to be on his left hand instead of his right.
  • The Lucky Charm broken plate, which Ladybug had glued together, broke again when Ladybug threw it against the wall when she was attacking Troublemaker; yet in the end, when she throws it in the air when she uses her Miraculous Ladybug, the plate is seen as whole once more.
  • Nino's and Alya's bags are miscolored pink and green.
  • Sabrina's front bang is miscolored green.
  • When Marinette and Adrien meet at school at the end of the episode, Marinette claims the show happened "last night", although it clearly took place in the daytime.
  • After Adrien asked Marinette if she was lying, Marinette's eyes are colored gray. Adrien's eyes are colored brown for a few scenes.
  • When Adrien said it will be fun if Marinette comes to his next photoshoot, when he put his hand on her shoulder, his ring is black instead of silver.
    • In the same scene, Marinette's eyes deviate in some shots when she's looking at Adrien.


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