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Tom Dupain has been akumatized.

I'd come and save you. Super Baker to the rescue!

—Tom, "Stoneheart"

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Tom Dupain is the husband of Sabine Cheng and the father of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He and his wife are the owner of the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.

In "Weredad", when Cat Noir confesses that he's not in love with Marinette, Tom is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Weredad, a monstrous guard dog-man/werewolf-themed supervillain with chlorokinesis.

In "Dearest Family", when Tom, Sabine, Rolland and Gina start arguing about what each one think it's best for Marinette, they are re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Weredad, Qilin, Bakerix, and Befana respectively and form the villainous group Dearest Family, who compete with each other to prove that they know what is best for Marinette. He also receives a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevents him from being akumatized again.


Physical appearance

Tom is a tall man with a large build. He has short brown hair, green eyes, sideburns and a mustache.

Civilian attire

Tom wears a light blue shirt with two buttons at the front of the neckline, light brown pants, and dark brown dress shoes. He wears a silver band on his ring finger.

As Weredad

Weredad is entirely brown with a bronze fur mane on his back. There is a dark brown and black mustache-shaped area on his chest. His eyes have light yellow sclerae and black pupils. He also has vines wrapped around his wrists, waist and ankles. His mustache is larger, and he only wears light green shorts. He has powerful muscles, paws instead of feet, and a short tail.

For more of Tom’s outfits and designs, see Tom Dupain/Designs.


Tom and Sabine watching Marinette leave for school.

Tom is passionate about his job and loves to share with his daughter.[5] He also likes to play video games with Marinette and seems to be quite confident in his abilities as a gamer, saying his daughter learned from the best. He is protective of his loved ones, even courageously going against the mayor's authority when Chloé Bourgeois tries to convince Roger Raincomprix arrest Marinette in "Rogercop". In this same episode, he tells Marinette that passing the blame onto others is wrong, showing that he does not approve of selfish behavior. As a well-meaning parent, Tom will discipline his daughter or call her out on disobedient and troubled behavior. He also gets exasperated, frustrated, and disappointed in some cases, but he usually means well and doesn't hold a grudge afterward. While he can be intrusive sometimes, usually related to Marinette's crushes, he knows his boundaries. Caring about the well-being of others, Tom assists and comforts anyone, whether he is familiar with them or not, and he is very friendly and optimistic. In "Family", Marinette describes him as a true romantic and can get carried away at times.

In "Troublemaker", he is somewhat nervous in front of the camera, very protective when his family's privacy gets invaded. Tom has proven himself to be very brave on occasion seen in "Mayura", when he took part in the Paris Rebellion.

When he was willing to defend the bakery and their home from Gigantitan. But according to Sabine, Tom has a habit of jumping to conclusions or making a big deal out of everything when he quickly assumed that Marinette was in love with Cat Noir or when things don't go well. According to Sabine in "Bakerix", Tom doesn't talk openly about his feelings meaning he can be shy or hesitant about them.

As Weredad, he is overprotective and becomes antagonistic when he assumes that someone is going to harm or threaten his daughter. He seems to having a hatred towards Cat Noir for breaking Marinette's heart and finds him unworthy of his daughter's love. Without a second thought, Weredad is stubborn, even never listening to Cat Noir and tells him that one day, a prince worthy of her will climb up the vine, confront him, and pluck the magic rose to free Marinette. Additionally, he started to act like Gabriel Agreste in regards to his son, as Weredad thought his daughter would be safe from harm without considering the possibility about how miserable and hurt she would feel.

During his second akumatization as Weredad, he remains overprotective with Marinette, wanting to protect his daughter from anything that can harm her, even his wife and parents whose opinions of how to raise Marinette come in conflict with his own. Because of this, Weredad gets very competitive with the rest of his akumatized family, fighting with them to prevent them from imposing their way of raising Marinette or trying to beat them into getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.


As a civilian

A baker, Tom can make multiple delicious foods like pastries and candies. He also knows how to play video games, which is a hobby he enjoys outside of work.

He is really strong as he is able to pick up a three layer cake seen in "Befana" or his wife and Marinette with ease.

As Weredad

His strength increases and can attack with thorny vines that comes from his hand while the main one was used as a trap to prevent anyone from reaching the akumatized object and its prisoner.


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  • In China, wives do not usually take on their husband's surname, keeping their own. Children usually take the father's surname.
  • In "Miraculous Shanghai", it's mentioned that Wang raised Sabine. However, the reason for this is unknown.


Sabine Cheng

Tom being embraced by Sabine.

Sabine and Tom have been married for twenty years. A loving couple, they often show each other affection and support. They make a strong, successful team together running their bakery business, and they give each other consolation when they're dealing with or witnessing problematic situations. When they are getting ready for their anniversary in "Timebreaker", he stresses about how he looks, and the couple hugs each other after the Bubbler's defeat in the episode of the same name.

Tom gets really excited about Marinette "loving" Cat Noir he doesn't listen to Sabine when she wasn't completely sure about Cat Noir's feelings. Tom is comforted by her when the breakfast date doesn't end well and after he is deakumatized the two embrace each other.

During their akumatization in "Dearest Family", together with Rolland and Gina, Tom, as Weredad, gets antagonic with his wife, having conflicting opinions of how to raise Marinette.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Tom going to school with Marinette for Career Day.

Tom loves his daughter and supports her, desiring the best for her in all aspects of life. They enjoy playing video games together, and he often praises her skills, very proud of her for getting to design Jagged Stone's next album cover in "Guitar Villain". Also, Tom promises to protect her when she is distressed, even standing up for her against the mayor of Paris when he impulsively accuses her of theft. However, Tom will be stern and straightforward with her when she is acting poorly or disobedient, punishing her at the most. He points out to Marinette that she is guilty of making the situation with Chloé Bourgeois's bracelet worse by accusing others and not letting the adults figure it out in "Rogercop". In "Simon Says", Tom and Sabine put Marinette under curfew because she is often absent from school. After her attendance improves, they lift the curfew, though when she mysteriously leaves them for something, he admits he doesn't understand her sometimes. Having a great father-daughter relationship with her, Tom enjoys teasing and goofing off for Marinette, and he is happy to have her as his daughter.

He is extremely proud of Marinette in "Queen Wasp", when she gets the opportunity to go to New York supporting whether or not if she accepts the offer, opening to the idea of opening their bakery in America.

In "Weredad", he shows great concern for Marinette when Ladybug's Lucky Charm ends up crashing into her room and yet was worried when she couldn't be found. Upon finding her he was ecstatic when Marinette was in love with Cat Noir and does everything to make the date go well. However, during the date when the hero mentions being in love with Ladybug he becomes heartbroken seeing his daughter devastated. After his deakumatization and Marinette accepting the hero's love of Ladybug he was happy that the two were alright being friends.

In "Ladybug", he and Sabine became saddened that Marinette was expelled from school because of Lila's deception, so much so that he becomes almost akumatized by Scarlet Hawk. He decided that Marinette would work at the bakery while he looked for a new school with Sabine. After Lila's fake story proved his daughter's innocence, he said he knew his daughter was innocent all along. To celebrate that Marinette was allowed to go back to school the next day, he makes Marinette's favorite cake. In the alternate future of "Cat Blanc", he is supportive towards her daughter about being a couple with Adrien but felt great sadness for both of them when Gabriel forced Marinette and his son to break up.

As Weredad, Tom uses his powers to protect to Marinette from a world of heartbreak, even if that means putting her in a prison of thorned vines.

Later on, during his second akumatization, his overprotective nature drives him to compete with the rest of his akumatized family, whose ideas of how to raise Marinette came in conflict with his own.

Tom and Sabine watching Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Kim.

Tom, being a major fan and supporter of Ladybug, is grateful for her, believing that she and Cat Noir will keep Paris protected. Tom is unaware of Marinette's double life as Ladybug, as he meets the heroine in "Animan" without recognizing her as his daughter. Still enthusiastic about and supportive to the superhero, Tom openly helps her in any way he can, allowing them to hide in the bakery as they wait for Animan to find them. Tom pumps his fist in excitement when Ladybug destroys Hawk Moth's akuma-made projection in "Stoneheart", and in "Lady Wifi", Tom and Sabine watch worriedly when Lady Wifi threatens to expose Ladybug's real identity. When Marinette is doubtful of Ladybug in "Stoneheart", Tom reassures her to trust that Ladybug and Cat Noir are going to protect them, helping them by not being afraid. As well as and in "Mayura". when he took part in the Paris Rebellion.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Tom talking to Adrien and doing his signature video game pose.

Tom is well aware of Marinette's feelings for him, constantly watching them in Marinette's room while they're practicing for the Ultimate Mecha Strike III tournament with the excuse of bringing up pastries. He tries to impress Adrien by saying how Marinette learned video games from the best, referring to himself. Once Tom and Sabine learn that Adrien has gone missing in "Santa Claws", they go out and help search for him. They also go to check on him at the Agreste mansion after they find out that he isn't missing anymore. In "Befana", Tom along with his wife and mother admire the moment Adrien and Marinette as he gives her his gift.

In the alternate future of "Cat Blanc", he is supportive towards Adrien being in love with his daughter but felt great sadness for both of them when Gabriel forced Marinette and his son to break up.

Like with Ladybug, Tom appreciates Cat Noir's heroism, happy to have him around to save Paris from villains. He meets Cat Noir in "Animan", unaware that he is Adrien but willing to help him anyway he can by hiding Kim, and in "Mayura" when he took part in the Paris Rebellion.

In "Weredad", upon finding his daughter with Cat Noir, he was ecstatic when Marinette was in "love" with him and invites the hero to a breakfast date. However, during the date when the hero mentions being in love with Ladybug, he becomes heartbroken seeing his daughter devastated which leads to his akumatization. But when Tom is deakumatized and the misunderstanding is cleared up leading to Marinette and Cat Noir being friends afterwards he forgives the hero. Tom offers him the chance to work at their bakery to help him win Ladybug's love and knows that he is as brave and courageous as the best bakers.

As Weredad, Tom becomes very angry at Cat Noir for breaking Marinette's heart and finds him unworthy of his daughter's love.

André Bourgeois

Tom usually respects André and other officials, but he gets angry at André when he jumps to conclusions about Marinette stealing his daughter's bracelet or when he wants to take down the trees at Place des Vosges despite Marinette and her friends are protesting against it. However, in "Santa Claws", he treats the mayor kindly as André drops by to get pastries.


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Comics and books



  • Tom is named after creator Thomas Astruc.[6]
  • His last name, Dupain, comes from the French words "du pain" that mean "of the bread" or "some bread."
  • While it's unknown if Tom Dupain was Marinette's father's name at the beginning, Marinette calls out to him, saying "father" in Chinese (父), on the second fake cover of The Mini Menace Ladybug.
    • He is also most likely the person lying on the floor and holding the ladybug-themed necklace.
  • In "Rogercop", he states that he wakes up at 4 A.M. every morning because of his work.
  • As displayed by Marinette's phone in "Timebreaker", Tom's number is +33602423.
  • Marinette reveals that Tom likes giving Marinette's class baking lessons, like in "Despair Bear".
  • As revealed in "Glaciator", he proposed to Sabine at André's by hiding the ring in ice cream.
  • While baking, he wears a white shirt instead of his regular blue one.
  • In "Sandboy", Tom's greatest fear is dough coming to life to eat him.

Tom's magical charm.

  • In "Weredad", Tom is the the fourth akumatized character to be related to Marinette after Gina Dupain in "Befana" Rolland Dupain in "Bakerix" and Wang Cheng in "Kung Food".
    • When akumatized he resembles the Beast due to the fact that his akumatized object is a rose and his Akumatized Form perfectly matches Beast’s anger, despair, and cruel manners.
  • According to Marinette's instagram page, Tom used to have two left feet and Marinette calls him and Sabine a "one true pair".
  • He and Sabine got married when he was 19 years old.


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