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Yes, I remember. They make the best bread in the whole of Paris.

Alim Kubdel, "Timebreaker"

The Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie[1] is a bakery owned by Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng and their home with their daughter Marinette, located on 12 Rue Gotlib[2][3] in the 21st arrondissement of Paris, France.[4]



The entrance to the bakery features white walls, with white rectangles slightly outset from the walls, outlined in gold. The windows are tinted dark black with capital letters in gold. Six of the windows (appearing in pairs) have a golden design, each depicting a peel, grains of wheat, and a croissant as the logo. In the center of two of these pairs is an arch window, outlined in white. Above each arch is a small rectangular clear window. The door is styled similarly to the outside walls, with the same black window, gold lettering, and white outline. Above the windows and door is a white overlap with ridges, gold lettering, and a black background.


Upon entering the bakery, to the left is a collection of glass display cabinets, showcasing many of Tom Dupain's treats. On top of the cabinets are small displays of baked bread, ready to sell. The floors are ornately styled, with repeating designs of lilies and fleur-de-lis. The walls are wood near the entrance and brick farther back. To the right are more displays, and further along is the register, with peels hanging from the ceiling above, and a cast-iron oven in the background. Also in the back are various sacks of flour, and a door leading to a rear exit (the residential street entrance) and upstairs to the Dupain-Cheng home.

In "Troublemaker" it is shown that the bakery has a security system which activates metal covers that close downward to seal all the bakery windows and its main entrance.

Living room

Upstairs is the living room, with dark oak overlapping rectangles for the flooring, and white walls, being nondescript except for the slightly outset rectangles, with very light brown centers. In the center of the living room is a pale pink corner couch, with a small white table in front of it. Just behind the couch is a dark brown reading lamp. The couch is facing a black flat screen TV on top of a dark purple cabinet stand. To the left of the TV is a brown bookshelf, and a large window with white drapes. Behind and to the right of the TV are more windows, styled similarly to the first. On the floor next to the TV stand is a white vase.


The kitchen has large, oak-trimmed windows with white polka dots on pink background shades. Below the windows in the kitchen there are two sets of dark oak cupboards, a white dishwasher, a stainless steel sink, an oven, and a blue refrigerator which is tucked under a set of stairs to Marinette's room. On the counter next to the sink are various spices and dressings, a microwave, tin utensil holders, and two pink cupboards. The floor has a rug with a repeating pattern of circular pink flowers inside gray square outlines with a white background.

The dining table is dark oak, with three dark oak white-topped stools surrounding it. Hanging from above the table are two rectangular prism lights, with a cubical cream and pink surrounding. Next to the dining table is an Asian-influenced tapestry, depicting goldfish and leaves of water lilies. A second copy of the tapestry hangs on the wall to the left of the apartment's main entrance.

List of pastries and candies

  • Bonbons
  • Cakes
    • Birthday cakes
    • Wedding cakes
    • Cakes by Demand




Comics and books



  • The bakery is based on a real bakery called the Boulangerie du Moulin de la Galette.[5]
  • The words "boulangerie patisserie" are translated into English as "bakery confectionery." In France, a boulangerie is a shop that specializes in selling bread, while a patisserie is a shop that specializes in selling pastries. Therefore, this bakery sells both bread and pastries. It sells cakes as well.
  • In "Rogercop", Tom states that the bakery opens every day at seven o'clock in the morning.
  • The street address for the bakery is a reference to French comic writer and artist Marcel Gotlib.[6]
  • The bakery is said to be located in the 21st arrondissement of Paris. However, Paris has only 20 arrondissements; the 21st is fictitious.

Marinette’s sketch of the bakery logo.

  • The bakery is across the street from Marinette's school, Collège Françoise Dupont. Across the street on the opposite side is the Place des Vosges park.
  • Marinette designed the bakery's logo.
  • There is also a framed copy of the goldfish tapestry hanging in Master Fu's Massage Shop.
  • According to Marinette, she helps her father with taste testing his new recipes [7] and loves asking her friends to help.[8]


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