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Season 1, episode 16 (Production order); Episode 16 (Overall)

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I'm gonna go back in time and save my watch, using all you punks to do it!

Timebreaker, "Timebreaker"

"Timebreaker" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[5] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Timebreaker" is the 16th written and produced episode of Season 1. It is also the 16th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]



When anger over a broken watch turns Alix into a time-traveling villain, it's up to Ladybug to return to the past and thwart her plans.[6]


Sabine prepares for the dinner.

Marinette runs down her house's stairs to her mother, Sabine. Sabine adjusts a flower in her hair, preparing for her 20th wedding anniversary dinner later that evening. Tom calls Marinette downstairs into the bakery, where Marinette reminds her father to take off his apron before he leaves. Marinette is left in charge of the bakery for the night. Her only expectation is to give an Eiffel Tower cake to Nadja Chamack when she arrives in 30 minutes.

Alix receives her watch.

At the restaurant, Tom spots one of Marinette's classmates, Alix Kubdel, with her father, Mr. Alim Kubdel. The Kubdels are celebrating Alix's 15th birthday. As a gift, Mr. Kubdel gives Alix a watch which has been passed down in their family for generations. It looks like a normal pocket watch, but in reality, it is a holographic watch, the only one of its kind. When Alix insists that she wants the watch over a new pair of skates, her father complies and gives her the watch. Alix's phone rings; it's her friends. She promised she'd meet up with them, but only after she had lunch with her father. Mr. Kubdel lets Alix leave the restaurant early.

Marinette gets the banner she made for the race.

Meanwhile, Marinette is in her room, working on homework, while Tikki floats above her, giving encouragement. Marinette reveals that Tikki is actually making Marinette lose focus when her phone rings. It's Alya, reminding Marinette about Alix's and Lê Chiến Kim's race. Marinette needs to be there, especially since she made a banner for the race. Tikki reminds Marinette about Nadja, which makes Marinette scream. With only five minutes to get to the Trocadéro, Marinette sets a timer for when Nadja will arrive and transforms into Ladybug and swings her way to the starting line.

Marinette detransforms, running with the banner to her friends. Opening it, she receives compliments from everyone on how well it is made. Kim points out that they made the wrong choice to cheer for Alix since she's not even there yet. Alix rolls up on a pair of in-line skates, smirking. Max Kanté separates the two apart, explaining the rules. Both of them, Alix on skates, Kim on foot, will go 500 feet around the Trocadéro square twice. The first one back to the starting line is the winner. If Kim wins, then he gets Alix's skates. If Alix wins, then Kim isn't allowed to make any more dares for the rest of the school year.

Alix wins the race.

The two get ready, standing at the start line. Just as Max is about to yell, "Start," Alix makes him stop, causing Kim to fall forward on his face. Alix hands her watch to Alya, who is filming the event. Before the race begins, Alya hands it to Marinette so that she can hold her phone with both hands. Marinette, who is holding the banner with one hand, tries to give it back to Alya. However, because Nino is holding the other side of the banner and is cheering very roughly, Marinette loses hold of the watch. Adrien catches it before it falls to the ground. Chloé then takes the watch out of Adrien's hand. Adrien tries to get it back, claiming it belongs to Alix, but Chloé doesn't care. Marinette tries to make Chloé give it back. Instead, Chloé opens the watch, dropping it in surprise when it lights up. The watch rolls on the track and is destroyed underneath Alix's rollerblades as Alix finishes in first place.

Alix cheers for only a moment before she notices her watch, turning her anger onto Alya. Alya tries to explain how the watch changed hands, but Alix doesn't want to listen. Alya, Marinette, and Adrien try to apologize (Chloé blames everyone else), but Alix says they're all the same. She skates off, crying. Marinette chases after her, trying to fix things.

Alix gets akumatized into Timebreaker.

Hawk Moth, in his lair, senses Alix's anger and sends an akuma to her.

Meanwhile, Nadja is at the bakery, impatiently waiting outside. Finding no one there, Nadja calls Tom, who is about to eat. He tells her Marinette is supposed to be home and he hangs up, calling Marinette. Marinette, meanwhile, is trying to talk to Alix, who is still very upset. She skates away angrily as Marinette receives a call from her dad. While she's distracted, an akuma flies to Alix's skates, possessing her and turning her into the skating, time-traveling supervillain, Timebreaker.

Tom tells Marinette that Nadja is in front of the bakery, waiting for her order. Marinette hangs up, on her way to retrieve the order until she spots Timebreaker skating past her.

Timebreaker races back toward the students, who scatter on Adrien's command. She tags Kim, making him freeze mid-run before he fades away. The bar on her right rollerblade fills up by two. Marinette confronts Timebreaker, confused about how she managed to make Kim fade, trying to convince her to stop. Timebreaker explains that she stole Kim's existence and she tries to steal Marinette's, skating towards her, arm outstretched.

Kim's energy is stolen.

Marinette dives out of the way, throwing the banner in Timebreaker's face when Timebreaker comes after her again. Timebreaker trips up the stairs, losing sight of Marinette. Marinette, hidden behind the wall of the stairs, transforms into the superhero Ladybug. Throwing her yo-yo, Ladybug knocks Timebreaker off her feet. Timebreaker spots Rose Lavillant and reaches out her hand, feigning injury. Rose, being the sweet girl she is, takes Timebreaker's hand, freezing in place and giving Timebreaker an extra minute.

Seeing Ladybug struggle, Adrien, hidden behind a tree, transforms into Cat Noir.

Mylène Haprèle is running away from Timebreaker, but she slips and falls, allowing Timebreaker to steal her energy, making her total time 1 minute and 30 seconds. Ladybug and Cat Noir appear to stop her. She skates towards Cat Noir, but he jumps over her. Skidding to a stop, Timebreaker sees Alya, recording for the Ladyblog on her cellphone, and skates towards her. Alya runs but is caught. Chloé and Sabrina were already caught.

Ladybug explains Timebreaker's power as Timebreaker finds Ivan, who tries to hide behind a tree. Ladybug and Cat Noir need to catch the akuma before everyone disappears. Throwing her yo-yo, Ladybug catches Timebreaker's arm, saving Ivan. Timebreaker laughs, pulling the arm with the yo-yo and successfully dragging Ladybug forward. Hawk Moth tells Timebreaker that it's time to get Ladybug's Miraculous.

Cat Noir's energy is stolen.

Reaching out her arm, Timebreaker moves to take the Miraculous, but Cat Noir takes the touch on himself, protecting her. Now with his energy, Timebreaker gains 6 minutes to go into the past. Hawk Moth tells her to steal Cat Noir's Miraculous before he disappears. Ladybug tells her to see if she can try; she is extremely angry. Ladybug and Timebreaker fight, Ladybug knocking Timebreaker to the floor. Hawk Moth is angered, but Timebreaker has a solution: she skates away. Ladybug throws her yo-yo to stop her, but she finds herself being dragged by Timebreaker.

Ladybug and Timebreaker arrive at the past.

Ladybug and Timebreaker travel to the past, to the moment where Alix and Kim finished their first lap. Timebreaker spots the watch in Chloé's hands and jumps down to the students. Ladybug tells Chloé to drop the watch, but this causes it to break again (this time by falling and not being run over). Enter Hawk Moth, amused over the fact that there are two akumas out. Blaming Ladybug, Alix is akumatized once more, resulting in two Timebreakers.

Marinette sees Ladybug from a moment later, surprised. While Ladybug from the future and Tikki try to explain what happened, the two Timebreakers meet and Cat Noir appears. Marinette runs off to the bakery to give Nadja her cake. Ladybug tells Cat Noir that she will explain everything later. The two heroes approach the two Timebreakers. Hawk Moth orders them to get the Miraculouses. Ladybug and Cat Noir fight the two Timebreakers. The Timebreakers need more speed to go back farther in time and they start stealing energy from people.

Ladybug meets her past self.

Meanwhile, Nadja, in front of the bakery, sees Marinette, who gives Nadja her cake. When the bakery is empty, Marinette transforms into Ladybug and runs back to the future Ladybug. Meanwhile, future Ladybug and Cat Noir chase the two Timebreakers. The Timebreakers turn to go after them, but present Ladybug stops them. Cat Noir clasps his hands and grins, amazed to see two Ladybugs. Finding themselves outnumbered, the Timebreakers decide to go back to the time when the heroes weren't around. The two Ladybugs use Lucky Charm, a traffic cone and a bicycle lock appearing.

Cat Noir buys them some time by using his Cataclysm to break a low-relief. The two Timebreakers can't get past it, so they turn around and see one Ladybug. As they are about to steal her energy, Ladybug ties their skates with the bicycle lock. The other Ladybug uses the traffic cone and a sign to make a ramp. The two Timebreakers go up the ramp, tossing them into the air. The Ladybugs catch them with their yo-yos by the ankles, and the Timebreakers fall to the ground, their akumatized skated removed.

Ladybug gives Alix her watch back.

The Ladybugs break their skates, releasing the akumas and purifying them. Both use Miraculous Ladybug and return the world and the timeline to normal. The people return, the watch is fixed, the two Ladybugs merge, and the Timebreakers turn back into a single Alix. Ladybug hands the watch back to her, Alix saying she should have been more responsible with it, taking Ladybug's words of responsibility to heart.

Cat Noir approaches Ladybug, but she swings away. Cat Noir holds out hope that Ladybug will fall for him. Hawk Moth swears the heroes will eventually lose to him and he will become invincible.

Marinette hugs her parents.

Back at the bakery, Marinette's parents return from their dinner. She asks them how their wedding anniversary went. Her dad says it was great, but they almost had to leave early. Marinette apologizes for making Nadja wait. Her mom tells her, "to watch the shop properly, instead of listening to music in her room next time". Marinette and her parents share a big hug, ending the episode.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • The name "Timebreaker" may be a pun on "tie breaker".
  • This episode's world premiere was in Korea.
    • It was the fifth episode to air in France and the fourth episode to air in Korea.
  • This is the first time an akumatized villain transformed before verbally accepting Hawk Moth's deal.
  • The Korean title of this episode is "Back to the Ladybug", seemingly as a play on Back to the Future.
  • In the French, Italian and European Portuguese versions, the episode and title villain are called "Chronogirl".
  • In the Korean version of this episode, if Alix wins the race, Kim has to be her servant until they graduate from Collège Françoise Dupont.
  • It is unknown if Alix won the race or not since it's unknown which history was kept when the two realities merged. In the second reality, Alix never crossed the finish line and Kim wasn't anywhere to be seen.
    • So it's most likely that a new history was made when the two realities merged. In the first one due to Kim calling for a rematch it's likely Alix won the first race but when her future self went back in time she didn't tell her past self much of anything unlike Ladybug did with hers.
    • In the second reality, Alix never crossed the finish line and since Kim wasn't anywhere to be seen due to Future Ladybug telling them run the race was called off meaning no one won.
  • This is the first time Ladybug uses Lucky Charm twice.
    • But unlike the other following times this first time where two Lucky Charms were summoned at the same time with there being two Ladybugs.
  • This is the first episode where a character dies, though it is later reversed.
    • Timebreaker is the first akumatized villain to cause the temporary death of more than one character, the second is YanLuoShi and the third is Cat Blanc in an erased timeline.
    • Timebreaker caused the temporary demise of Chloé, Sabrina, Alya, Mylena, Cat Noir, Kim, Rose, and 4 other people.
    • Since Plagg was transformed into Cat Noir this converts the first time a kwami reverts back to its spirit form following Pollen in "Queen Wasp".
  • This is the first time Plagg doesn't have a speaking role.
  • This is the first time we see Ladybug, Marinette as well as two Ladybugs at the same time.
  • With Alix's watch being (unknown at the time) the camouflaged version of the Rabbit Miraculous and Cat Noir's ring disappearing after being touch by Timebreaker this is the first and second time a Miraculous jewel is destroyed and repaired followed by the Bee Miraculous in "Queen Wasp", the Butterfly Miraculous in "Miraculous Shanghai" and the Turtle Miraculous in "Optigami".
    • As well as the first Miraculous of the Chinese Zodiac section of the Miracle Box to be seen.
    • Even though the Rabbit Miraculous was activated, Fluff herself didn't come out which is understandable because her character wasn't created yet. And yet, for the in universe reason itself is unknown. However, it could be that due to the Rabbit Miraculous' nature or to Fluff already being merged with Bunnyx and sealed in stone slumber is why she didn't come out despite her owner having her jewel.
  • Ladybug saying, "Where on earth is that cat?" is a reference to the television show "Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?"
  • As her akumatized alter-ego, Alix could use a variation of Burrow foreshadowing her future self using the Rabbit Miraculous as the holder Bunnyx.
  • As Cat Noir was disappearing, Hawk Moth instructed Timebreaker to take his ring before he was gone, but unknown to him the villainess also took Plagg's energy too. If she had gotten the ring then it wouldn't have done no good anyway:
    • Since she took the life energy of a kwami without them to power the Miraculouses they become no more than ordinary jewels.
    • There was no guarantee, if Timebreaker was capable of giving the energy she stole from her victims back.
    • Hawk Moth didn't realize if the Miraculous are destroyed by any means the kwamis revert back to their spirit forms until the jewel is fixed as a result of Ladybug's powers, what leads to the jewel's destruction is averted or when another can be made.
      • However, the knowledge of how the jewels were made wasn't revealed or proven to be in the Miraculous spellbook yet.
    • On top of that since Gabriel knew using a damaged jewel was a bad idea he should've exercised caution to Timebreaker when he told her to get them.
  • Timebreaker's ability to take energy from others is similar to Rogue of the X-Men.
  • This is the first time a Miraculous breaks by other means.


  • Unlike in other episodes, the window that is always backward and able to be read from inside the bakery is also backward and unable to be read from the outside.
  • While Max is explaining the rules to the race, Marinette and Nino appear to be holding the banner, but it is not actually there.
  • Before Max starts the race, Marinette's right pigtail disappears.
  • When Marinette tells Alya she can't hold the watch, a white outline of an oval is visible behind her neck.
  • Adrien grabs the watch when Marinette drops it, but when Alix passes them, he is not holding it.
  • When Hawk Moth sends away the first akuma, the light mask is visible on his face.
  • Ivan tries to hide from Timebreaker behind a small tree, but in the next shot, the tree is gone.
  • After Tom explains to Sabine that Marinette "is listening to music", the flower in her hair is on her left side whereas it's supposed to be on her right.
  • The first time the race is finished, Max is on the right side of the road. But when Timebreaker and Ladybug travel back in time, he is on the left side with the others.
    • The dialogue between Marinette, Chloé and Adrien is also rearranged when Timebreaker and Ladybug travel back in time.
  • Cat Noir's position and facial expression change twice after he is frozen in time.
  • When Marinette from the past asks Ladybug who she is, her teeth are positioned incorrectly.
  • When Cat Noir fights Timebreaker and she makes a backflip on the ground, her rollerblades has a wheel missing.
  • In Hawk Moth's lair at the end of the episode, Hawk Moth's position changes between shots.
  • When Marinette is running behind Kim towards Timebreaker, she is improperly layered over him.
  • When Adrien turns into Cat Noir, the clip of him running his hands through his hair to get his cat ears is missing. From the mask clip, it goes straight into his main costume transformation.


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