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Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Dear diary, I got a major scare today.

Scene from "Pixelator".

Marinette: I was strolling near the Eiffel Tower when passers caught me chatting with Tikki. (A woman and her daughter spot Tikki.) Luckily she had the great idea of pretending to be...
Tikki: Meow.
Marinette: ...a cat.

Scene from "Timebreaker".

Marinette: If someone ever saw my kwami how would I explain to them that she can talk,...
Tikki: Time flies when you're having fun.

Scene from "Volpina".

Marinette: ...and fly...

Scene from "Copycat".

Marinette: (Tikki phases through the locker door and opens it.) ...and even pass through objects.
Tikki: Ta-dah!

Marinette: Tikki is magical, literally and that's why she must remain a secret.

Scene from "Copycat".

Because I couldn't be Ladybug without her.

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Thanks to the Miraculous I'm always wearing she can transfer her incredible abilities to me. Tikki is the kwami of Creation.

Scene from "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)".

Ladybug: Lucky Charm!
Marinette: She was born a very long time ago.

Scene from "The Pharaoh".

You don't look 5000 years old.
Tikki: (giggles) Well I'm not, I'm older than that. I'm the kwami who's watched over every single Ladybug since the very beginning.

Scene from "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)".

Marinette: Do you realize? She was born at the same time as the universe. She's rubbed shoulders with dinosaurs, cave men, the kings of France, it's just amazing. Yes, meeting a kwami for the first time came off as a bit of a shock...
Tikki: Everything's okay, don't be scared.
Marinette: Ahh, bug-mouse talks!

Scene from "Befana".

...even when you know them well truth is...
Tikki: Miraculous birthday Marinette!
Marinette: ...the habits of a kwami can be pretty strange.

Scene from "Princess Fragrance".

Anyway, Tikki quickly became my friend, she always looks on the bright side and restores my confidence when I feel like all is lost.

Scene from "The Pharaoh".

Tikki: Unpredictable and endearing and very talented you learn fast.

Scene from "Mr. Pigeon".

Marinette: She has an eye for detail that often inspires me...
Tikki: What a unique character he was like a human bird all he needed was a feather jacket to complete the look.
Marinette: A feather jacket hmmm, nice thinking Tikki.
...she even helps me when I'm designing something new.

Scene from "The Mime".

I wish I could introduce her to my parents,...

Scene from "The Mime".

...or to Alya.

Scene from "Dark Cupid".

I'm sure they'd love her, but I can't.

Being a superhero means having to keep secrets, even from your loved ones. Good thing I can tell you everything my dear diary. Goodbye for now.


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