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Marinette Dupain-Cheng

RC S01EP09 (323)

Tikki listening to Marinette as she thinks over her problem.

Tikki sees Marinette as a fantastic hero who has improved over time, a talented designer, and a sweet friend. The duo have a warm relationship, with her cheering up Marinette whenever she is upset or assisting her in anything, including her fashion work or plans to win Adrien's heart. However, she is not above teasing Marinette, such as in "Copycat", where she mocks her inability to speak to Adrien.

Tikki can be affectionate with Marinette at times sharing head nuzzles or hugs seen in "Ladybug and Cat Noir", where she congratulated Marinette's first successful mission. When she noticed Marinette stammering Tikki hugged her face over Marinette's crush on Adrien. In "Princess Fragrance", after she was healed, Tikki embraced Marinette after she said that Tikki was more than just her kwami.

In "Reflekdoll", Tikki and Marinette become separated again when the titular villain attacks disrupting the photoshoot. After, Reflekta's defeat she is happily reunited with Marinette.

DB S01EP12 (21)

Tikki expresses concern over Marinette writing about her Ladybug adventures in her diary.

Tikki has to warn her about things on occasion. When Marinette wastes her Lucky Charm on preventing Chloé from kissing Adrien in "The Bubbler", Tikki tells her that using her power out of jealousy is not a good reason for running out of energy as Ladybug. As seen in "Darkblade", Tikki worries a lot about Marinette having her alter ego revealed, expressing concern when she writes in her diary about her adventures as Ladybug. In "Prime Queen", showed concern when Marinette agreed to appear on Nadja's show. In "Frightningale", Tikki showed concern that Marinette was going to audition as Ladybug in Clara's video and becomes shocked when she does. And again in "Oni-Chan" when Marinette wanted transform in retaliation in Lila's attempt to embarrass her.

In "Ladybug", noticing that Marinette was nearly akumatized by Hawk Moth because of Lila's deception. She warned her wielder that she'd had to be more careful because if Marinette been akumatized it would've been over everyone.

She always tries to cheer Marinette up when she's down. When Tikki teased Marinette about her fencing and playfully competed in a pretend fencing match with her. As Tikki tried to do so in "Glaciator", when Marinette was feeling down about ruining the night for her friends and how rude she was being to André when she didn't feel like eating ice cream because Adrien wasn't there. Then she went to the balcony alone without her but Tikki flew up to the balcony to look at Marinette before she goes back inside understanding she wanted some alone time. In "Chameleon", when she heard what Lila was planning to do to Marinette if she doesn't follow her. Tikki encouraged Marinette to not let Lila to get to her disliking seeing her wielder so sad and warned her of an incoming akuma. Knowing it was drawn to Marinette's negative emotions Tikki told her to remain positive reminding her that she always finds a way to fix her problems and was very proud of Marinette for driving it off.

In "The Puppeteer 2", she tried to cheer Marinette up when she was down about Adrien seeing her as just a friend, Tikki encouraged her not to give up and believed that life has many surprises for her.

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Having been partners with multiple Ladybugs before, Tikki says that Marinette is the cutest, and she is proud of her for doing her best as the current Ladybug. In "Befana", like with all the Ladybug Miraculous holders before her, Tikki gives a kwagatama to Marinette as a sign of their friendship, which she cherishes.

File:SB (835).png

In "Sandboy", Tikki extremely values the trust Marinette has in her not wanting to disappoint her wielder when she goes out to contact Nooroo his birthday but when it leads to the rest of the kwamis to almost being discovered. She apologizes to Marinette for failing but was comforted by her saying that she will always have her trust. To Sass she calls Marinette the best Ladybug she has ever served. In "Queen Wasp", Tikki was worried that Marinette would leave to go New York as she couldn't be at her side for the villains in Paris and was happy when she decided to stay, but understood her dreams in a considerate way.

Despite the two losing their memory in "Oblivio", due to their bond Tikki stays close to Marinette understanding that she and Adrien needed help. When she sees how well the two avoid Oblivio she calls them an effective couple.

Due to their trusting bond Tikki doesn't like to keep secrets from Marinette in "Kwamibuster", becoming disappointed in not telling her sooner. When captured she trusted that Marinette would find a way to rescue her and was happy she came. After the titular villain's defeat, she apologized for all the trouble telling Marinette that she never forgive herself if her wielder had to give up being Ladybug because of her and yet was forgiven.

On occasion Tikki can become disappointed with Marinette when she isn't honest with others or exaggerates with stories seen in "Weredad" and "Christmaster". And yet, is happy when Marinette fixes her mistakes and sees how much she has grown and changed as Ladybug.


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Tikki and Plagg "know each other very well." In "The Dark Owl", she sees Plagg after Marinette and Adrien detransform, warning him to be quiet when he reacts in surprise to the situation. Generously, she shares a macaron with him.[1]

In "Sandboy", Tikki and Plagg work well at making plans along with Wayzz, Tikki is the only kwami inside the Miracle Box who recognized his lies. She gets annoyed when he calls her "Sugarcube" and calls him "Stinky Sock", yet they both share the same concern about being able to get in contact with Nooroo.

Despite not remembering their wielders or that they are kwamis, Tikki tries to convince Plagg to help them instead of leaving when Plagg refuses she calls him selfish and a total coward.

She spends some brief time with Plagg in "Reflekdoll", while guarding their jewels however when Reflekta and her sentimoster attacked. Tikki briefly panicked but was kept on task by Plagg, when she was still hesitant he assured her that everything would be fine. Just like Ladybug has to keep an eye on Cat Noir, Tikki does the same for Plagg at times done in "Kwamibuster", where she believed that they should tell their owners. However, when captured Tikki prevented Plagg from using his powers because he couldn't control it annoyed that his obsession got them in trouble.


TC (583)

Tikki watches as Wayzz plays on the phonograph.

Tikki and Wayzz are friends, having a good, fun-loving companionship, playing with each other around Wang Fu's room in "The Collector" and drinking tea together on top of the phonograph in "Robostus". They also share the same curiosity of modifying their powers during "Syren". In "Sandboy", the two planned how to contact with Nooroo along with Plagg, showing that they can work together.

Master Wang Fu

File:Princess Fragrance 853.png
Tikki knows Wang Fu, referring to him as the Great Guardian. Being very loyal to him, she trusts his choice for Marinette to be the new Ladybug, and she is familiar with his healing abilities and asks for Marinette to take her to him in "Princess Fragrance". When she recognizes the Miraculous spellbook in Adrien's possession in "Volpina", she obtains it, unbeknownst to Adrien, and goes with Marinette to give it back to Wang Fu at his shop, knowing he needs the book and believing it's time Marinette meets him officially.
TC (49)

Tikki tells Marinette about Master Fu.

In "Syren", she begged Master Wang to tell her the secrets of modifying her powers but was given a stern warning of what would have if she was captured with that knowledge, understanding she obeyed Master Wang's command not to follow them. Also in "Sandboy", she along with Wayzz and Marinette apologize to Master Fu for going behind his back but was quickly forgiven.

In "Backwarder", when she was aware that Master Fu has crush on someone like Marinette she finds it very sweet as well as surprising when he chooses Marinette to be the next guardian.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

CC (3)

Tikki listening to Marinette, who is looking at a photo of Adrien on her cellphone.

Tikki knows how much Adrien means to Marinette, and she often gives help or guidance to her for acting on her feelings towards him. She figures out that the letter in "Dark Cupid" is referring to Marinette — not knowing it's actually referring to Ladybug — and she realizes the danger in Adrien seeing all of the pictures Marinette has of him in her room in "Gamer". Tikki hopes that Adrien will come to love Marinette as Marinette loves him, but she views it as an issue at times that Marinette's judgment occasionally becomes clouded when he is around, especially when he is hanging out with rivals for his affection. She also feels bad that they had to steal the Miraculous Spellbook away from him in "Volpina", but the information it contains is too important to not give back to Wang Fu.

In "Oblivio", Tikki officially meets Adrien despite losing their memories the two got along well as well as finding out that Marinette and Adrien make a good couple when avoiding Oblivio. She is also trustful towards him in "Oni-Chan". It was in "The Puppeteer 2, when Marinette find out that Adrien had a crush on another girl, Tikki encouraged her not to give up on him yet, still aware of his identity.

Upon hearing Adrien looking for Plagg, Tikki was hesitant to reveal her presence to him but seeing the state of emergency she makes herself known to him easily figuring he's Cat Noir. She introduces herself explaining that there's been a mix up and helps transform him into Mister Bug. After Reflekta's defeat, she recharges and said goodbye to Adrien hoping to see him again. During "Felix", she halted Marinette from deleting a message for him believing it could change the outlook of his day.

Antibug (947)

Tikki is concerned for Cat Noir when Anitbug ties him up.

With Cat Noir, Tikki is less prone to irritation with him than Marinette, and she likes him. When he is in danger in "Antibug", she advises Marinette to save him, even though she isn't able to transform at the time, as she is worried about Cat Noir. In "The Dark Owl", Tikki discovers his secret identity when he and Marinette detransform, but doesn't react to it, concerned with Marinette's plan.[2] When Adrien finds that he still has his ring, she closes his mouth before he can say anything. During "Glaciator", after Cat Noir unveils his surprise to Marinette for Ladybug she is amazed by his sensitive and thoughtful side.

In "Weredad", she expresses disappointment when Marinette lied about her feelings towards Cat Noir. Ever since she found out his identity Tikki was aware that he was in love with Marinette however she expressed the possibility of him really being in love with her because she rejected him as Ladybug several times. At the same time she also expresses doubt that Cat Noir is in love with anyone else knowing that Marinette is Ladybug.

When their memories were restored, and Marinette was freaking out about kissing Cat Noir asking how that happened. Tikki answers who knows commenting that Marinette still has things about him.

Alya Césaire

Tikki has never met Alya, but she is aware that she is Marinette's best friend and knows how important she is to Marinette, commenting that both are lucky to have each other. However, she sometimes worries that Alya will find out that Marinette is Ladybug and expose her secret identity to everyone, but so far, she and Marinette have been able to figure out ways to prevent her discovering the truth. She also is willing to reveal interesting info to Alya, leading her and Marinette to a papyrus that reveals the existence of the Ancient Egyptian Ladybug and the many years Ladybug has been around in "The Pharaoh". Tikki does show some concern for Alya when she gets akumatizied in "Lady Wifi". She finds her dating advice helpful, and she expresses minor disappointment when Marinette doesn't listen to her in "Animan".

When the Scarlet akuma swarm invaded the school in "Ladybug", Tikki noticed that Alya resisted the akumas aware that she still believed in Marinette.

Chloé Bourgeois

Princess Fragrance 393

Tikki, sick and weak, stuck with Chloé and pretending to be a toy.

While having never interacted with Chloé, Tikki finds her just as irritating as Marinette does. In "Guitar Villain", Tikki describes Chloé referring to herself in the third person as annoying. In "Princess Fragrance", for a while, she is stuck pretending to be a toy because Chloé mistakes her as one, doesn't return her to Marinette, and presents her to Prince Ali as a gift. Like everyone, Tikki is aware that Chloé is responsible for most of the akumatized villains.

In "Malediktator", when she heard that Chloé was leaving for New York, like Marinette she took pleasure in it because fewer people would be akumatized.

In "Animaestro", Tikki also finds Chloé's ideas to be bad ones and doesn't waste her time in listening or taking part in them. Despite her irritation towards Chloé, Tikki does care about her to some degree as she believes that Marinette did the right thing by ending her adventures as Queen Bee to protect her.


File:SB (132).png
Tikki was aware that Nooroo's powers were being used for evil and promises to free him one day. In "Sandboy", Tikki shows great concern for him when he has to spend his birthday alone and misses him dearly.

Tom Dupain & Sabine Cheng

Despite not meeting them in person Tikki can tell that Marinette loves them dearly. During "Timebreaker", she was amazed that Tom and Sabine had been together for twenty years and showed great concern for them when they were struck in "Malediktator". She finds the sweater Marinette made for her father for his birthday in "Bakerix" great.


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