Season 1

The Bubbler

Yeah, if by emergency, you mean jealousy. You know what happens once you use your Lucky Charm. You only have minutes before [you change back].

Mr. Pigeon

Marinette, you save the world under pressure. I think designing a hat should be a piece of cake.
What a unique character! He was like a human bird. All he needed was a feather jacket to complete the look!

Stormy Weather

You know what? If you can handle Manon for a day, any villain here on out will be a piece of cake.


Come on Marinette! You can do it! Just remember the formula. Think, Marinette, think!


So... basically, the only way you could have a normal conversation with [Adrien] is if you're blindfolded.
There is a very simple solution, Marinette. It's called a cellphone. All you need is his number.
Oh, Marinette. You really need to get your priorities in order.

The Pharaoh

What's done is done. We can't change what happened. We can only move forward. Alya must not find out who you are. You know how persistent she can be with her blog totally dedicated to Ladybug.
You are the chosen one, Marinette. It will all work out, trust me. Everyone has a past they can learn from.
Kwamis like me and superheroes like you have always existed.
Well, I'm not [5,000 years old]! I'm older than that! I'm the kwami who's watched over every single Ladybug since the very beginning!
Marinette, you are different, but different as in surprising, unpredictable, and endearing, and very talented. You learn fast.

Lady Wifi

Whoever's behind all of this sure is keeping us on our toes!
You're going to have to fight your best friend!
That was too close for comfort.
Is that true? You're gonna tell [Cat Noir]? Is that what your heart's saying?

The Evillustrator

Well, simmer down! A hot head isn't going to get you anywhere.
How exactly is Ladybug going to crush this crush [The Evillustrator] when... you're going on a date with him as Marinette?
You do realize you just blabbered on to Adrien about how you think he's awesome, don't you?
Girl, you have got to get better control of your emotions.

Dark Cupid

Don't give [Chloé and Sabrina] the time of day. They don't deserve it.
This is poetry. [Adrien] means who you are deep down inside. He wants to get to know you, Marinette! He's talking about you!
Think of Adrien, and speak from the heart.


Well, for one, what if someone finds out you're Ladybug? And two, what if someone finds out you're Ladybug?!
Yes, but, if you truly believe in something, you have to try and make it work. It's better to fail trying than not having tried at all!
Don't underestimate yourself, Marinette!
Great job, Marinette. You proved that you can be Ladybug and a student leader at the same time.

The Mime

You stole Alya's phone?

Ladybug & Cat Noir

I am a kwami, and my name is Tikki. Now, just let me explain.
I'm your friend, Marinette! You must trust me. You're the only one who can stop Stoneheart!
Marinette, you are the chosen one!
An akuma can multiply. That's why it must be captured. If Ivan's emotions become negative again, then the akuma will turn him back into Stoneheart. He'll control the stone beings and bring them to life to serve as his army.
Keep calm. It was your first time. You're going to go back and capture Stoneheart's akuma, and do it successfully!


I knew you'd come around!
I might have an idea!


How's Adrien suppose to be the love of your life if you can't even talk to him?

Simon Says

Can you blame [your parents]? How are they supposed to know that you're missing class to save the world?


Just saying, it's better in the long run to do it right the first time.
Those sunglasses exist somewhere... Get creative!
Hard work always pays off.

Guitar Villain

Maybe you should follow your gut feeling. Do something that's really you!
Yeah, but, Jagged Stone wanted you because of your style.
Marinette, superhero of France, defender of the innocent, fighter of all the rights, can't deal with the pressure?
Chloé speaking in the third person? Totally annoying.


If ever there was a game to win, this is it! Let's go!


I refuse to be a part of this!

The Puppeteer

Wow! she [Manon] sure had you wrapped around her little finger.
Baby doll eyes? Just be glad none of Ladybug's baddies have them! You'd be rendered powerless!
I think our heroes are in need of a little TLC!


You don't have to do everything yourself. There's no harm in listening to others from time to time.
You are Ladybug, with or without the costume!
I'm giving you advice, now take it! Don't make the same mistake twice!


You can't say anything to Adrien yet. I need a chance to check out the book first. If it's the one I think it is, we have to get our hands on it!
[The book] contains all the secrets of the Miraculous powers. It's sacred and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. [Master Fu] needs it back.

Season 2

The Collector

I know you never wanted me to bring her here again, but you must see what she discovered.
Master Fu is the last known member of the Order of the Guardians!
Why did you lie to Master Fu?!
You realize, based on Master Fu's theory, Adrien's father could be Hawk Moth.
It was really brave what you just did for Adrien.

Prime Queen

Marinette. You're a superhero, not a star. You have to remain a mystery. To protect yourself from Hawk Moth and all his supervillains.
Just be careful tonight, okay?

Despair Bear

Mmm, can I get a taste?
Marinette! Focus!


You've been reviewing the fencing rules all weekend. It's going to be great!
At your service, Marinette!
In that case, you might have to work on your fencing!
At least you know how much Adrien values your friendship.


Marinette, this is quite a special day for you!
There's a ritual we kwamis perform on a day like this. [...] But I don't know if you humans would like it. I wonder if you guys even give each other presents on your birthday.
A kwagatama. A great symbol of friendship among us kwamis. We take a hair from our Miraculous holder and join it to the hairs of all the former Miraculous holders. And with them we grow a magic resin for a few months and...
Do you humans always celebrate your birthday by going to the dentist?
But how can it be a surprise if you know about it?
How come you don't tell your grandmother you don't like this candy?
Yeah, well, it's kind of a weird gift if you ask me.
So you really did like the gift then!


[Max's] best friend is in his schoolbag?
Now I see why Max was worried.


Looks like that romantic outing with Adrien is on hold.


[Adrien] might not be here, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a yummy ice-cream and a fun night with your friends. And you could give me a taste, too!
You're not lame. You just overreacted a little. Just let it go. Tomorrow will be a new day!
Wow, I've never seen the sensitive side of Cat Noir before.


Wow! [Clara Nightingale] is incredible!
You're not auditioning for the role of Ladybug, are you?
Good job, Marinette! You didn't give in to the temptation!
Ooh! Great choice of fabric! And these seams! Amazing craftsmanship! Almost like the real thing, don't you think?


Uh, if you want to get to that movie on time too, you better go the way Alya went.
Oh, Master. Please.
Mmm! Magical 'macaroons'! I love your idea, Marinette! [...] The blue one looks yummy.


Keep calm, Marinette. It's not a big deal.
Just breathe! Everything's gonna be okay! [...] Well, yeah! Besides, it's too late anyway. The show's live!
That poor Penny was trying so hard to help everyone that she became a perfect victim for Hawk Moth!
Yeah, that's awesome! And, you even managed to get some normal sentences out, too!


Don't worry. You'll get there one day, Marinette.

Style Queen

You're a great designer, Marinette. Besides, if your hat was so ugly, why did Gabriel Agreste hand-pick it for his fashion show?
You did the right thing replacing [the feather]! With that allergy of his, Adrien would be sneezing all the way down the catwalk!
I'm sure [Audrey] won't [hate your hat]! Come on, Marinette. Adrien is waiting for you.
Marinette, aren't you forgetting something? You have to bring the [Bee] Miraculous back to Master Fu!

Queen Wasp

Who will protect Paris from Hawk Moth if you leave?
Only Ladybug can capture akumas. I wouldn't be able to come to New York with you.


Do you realize, Marinette? Ladybug has become a source of inspiration! You're a lucky charm for artists everywhere.
This will be better than a fairy tale ending.


Looks like Chloé managed one last victim before she left Paris.
Follow your instincts, Marinette.
Your poor parents. We really have to stop Malediktator, Marinette.


[Nooroo]'s celebrating his thirty-five hundredth cycle today… all by himself.
Kwamis are able to communicate with their kind on their cycle, or birthday. But we won't get another opportunity for a long time. See? A kwami's cycle lasts several hundreds of human years.
Master Fu doesn't want us kwamis to leave our owner's sides. He says we have to be able to take action immediately if someone becomes akumatized.
Oh, thank you, Marinette! You don't have to worry, I won't let you down.
Ugh. I've already told not to call me [Sugarcube]. Do you ever hear me calling you "Stinky Sock"?
Actually, I just told [Marinette] the honest truth.
I hope we can get in contact with Nooroo.
My owner is the best Ladybug I've ever served.
You trusted me and I failed. I'm sorry I disappointed you.


And the fact that you were up all night saving Paris isn’t enough of a good deed?
Just tell your friends the truth, Marinette.
Today's Heroes Day, Marinette. Nothing can spoil the party.
Take [all the Miraculouses], Marinette! There need to be as many [superheroes] as possible.

Miraculous: Tales from Paris


You're so inventive and inspired, Marinette! You always see things through your artistic eyes.
Don't listen to her, Marinette. [Chloé]'s just being mean as usual.
Miraculous holders

Adrien Agreste/Cat NoirMarinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugWang Fu

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