• I don't know if anyone else did this already but

    The following is a list of details mentioned by Feri on her interview with the FanDom YouTube channel. The interview is in Spanish.

    • Kagami and Luka will appear in several episodes. (11:49)
    • Lila will in fact return in Season 2 and she will have a kind of important role. (12:01)
    • Thomas considers each season to have an overarching theme (11:45):
      • Season 1 is about meeting the characters and learning how the Miraculouses work. (13:01)
      • Season 2 is about learning who Hawk Moth is. His identity, how he acts, his limitations (13:09), to what extent he would go to obtain the Miraculouses, how he acts with the people around him. (14:09)
      • Season 3 is about why Hawk Moth wants the Miraculouses. (13:14)
      • Feri does not remember the themes for seasons 4-6. (12:52)
    • Season 2 has put Hawk Moth in situations that are new to him (13:30):
      • Can he control machines/objects? Yes, as long as they have feelings, that's why we have Robustus. (13:37)
      • Can he control babies? Yes, but it doesn't work because babies don't understand consequences. (13:37)
    • Another focus of Season 2 is introducing new characters like Gina, André and especially Kagami and Luka to add more depth to the love square. (14:33)
    • The studio in LA is in charge of conceptual designs, merchandising, marketing and visuals for the holidays. (14:57)
    • The studio in Paris is the heart of the show and is in charge of the script, the storyboard, the animatics, designing the assets. (15:24)
    • The reason why Adrien sees a pink background with bubbles (similar to when Theo sees Ladybug in "Copycat"), when he first sees Kagami is because that is the moment he realized she was a girl, given that in the English dub everyone mistakes her for a guy until that point, it is not a representation of him having feelings for her. (19:43, 20:47)
    • She alludes to the Christmas Special being aired in Latin America in 2017, although she does not outright confirm it. (22:20)
    • Discussing Lila and Kagami's relationship would be a spoiler. (23:01)
      • She just wanted to remind everyone of the way Lila treats everyone in "Volpina" and said that that doesn't change. (23:08)
    • She is not aware of what happened to the Tales of Paris webisodes, but she said that they have stopped their production to focus on the chibi episodes. (24:38)
    • She alluded to there being a kiss between the love square characters in Season 3. (26:15)
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    • Such a bummer that Tales of Paris have end with only five webisodes. :( I've been waiting for months to see if there's any more and now they stop doing it. Oh well, at least we have the chibi show that will also focus on the rest of the ZAG Heroez characters. I'm actually looking forward to see a chibi Zak Storm episode.

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    • Cool info to know, can't wait to meet Luka and see more of Kagami!!

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    • Thanks for posting this information! And I'm really grateful to Feri for providing this information.

      I'm kinda peeved at the explanation of "the moment he realized she was a girl", for a few reasons—first, that trope is way overused; second; you can't tell someone's gender by looking at them; third, whatever her gender is really shouldn't have any influence on the situation.

      I'm also disappointed that Lila apparently isn't really going to be getting more character development. She's got a lot of potential for a really interesting character arc in dealing with the consequences of her previous actions. I still have hope that she can have an interesting role, but the comment of "that doesn't change" is a bit worrying.

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    • Thank you, D SanCd. I saw the interview recently, and I appreciate your post with translations of important details.

      I'm not surprised with Lila; I wanted her to remain a jerk to some various extent, or at least it would seem strange for her lying to go away after one episode where she didn't appear to learn anything. If she is somewhat important, though, here's to hoping we get her fleshed out more, at least so if she remains morally questionable and a foil to Marinette, she doesn't feel one-dimensional. It's still odd that she hasn't been seen sooner, though. The downside of so many characters is that they don't always get time to be developed, an issue I'm already worrying about with the future three characters-turned-superheroes. I don't know where Lila, Kagami, or Luka lie on the scale of character focus and importance, but considering Lila's build-up in "Volpina" and the news/synopses for Season 2 highlighting Kagami and Luka, their placement ought to be somewhat notable. Also, if they'll all really supposed to be in Marinette's class, they need to be seen actually in those classes, as it could help cement their importance to the duo's regular life more.

      Thomas' layout of the first three seasons is interesting. If I'm getting it, basically Season 1 is the what, Season 2 is the who, where, when, and how, and Season 3 is the why. It's not what I would've expected, but it makes fair sense. Right now, we're getting to know Hawk Moth better, but his reasons are still a mystery to us. Considering his identity was revealed so early this season, however, I hope his reasons aren't completely held off until Season 3. If another major plot point doesn't happen with him personally, like someone figuring out his secret identity, it will make it a weird season where we're seeing him progress but not getting more depth or new internal conflict to it.

      As for the pink background with Kagami, story-wise, I'm left confused as to the point of it at all. Both the French and English version have never used a female voice actor for a teenage male character, and if the French translations were right, there was never an indication Adrien and Marinette didn't realize that Kagami was female. I don't think it affected the story if the gender was mysterious instead of obvious. It's a nitpick from me, though.

      I'm not surprised by the revelation on the Tales from Paris episodes, but at the same time, I'm not impressed either. I wish best for the chibi series, but ZAG needs to be careful in proving that they can stick to a project they promise. We got a lot of things promised for TFP, and unless they were actually meant for the chibi webisodes, it's a bit disappointing that those things weren't fulfilled.

      Finally, I like the list of Hawk Moth's education in good akumatization successes. If the rules of not akumatizing infants, akumatizing robots, or telling the victims what the Miraculous do when together have already been established, I can only wonder in amusement what other lessons, ridiculous or serious, are coming for Hawk Moth.

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    • If season 3 is about why hawk moth needs miraculous,then he would be defeated in either s4 or  s5.

      There is a possibility that he might be defeated in s3 as at japan expo , S3 ep 26 was described as this episode either hawk moth would be revealed to adrien and marinette,he will receive their miraculouses or it is gonna be a flashback episode

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