• I was rewatching Prime Queen with my family, when my sister noticed something.

    Remember the producer? The one warning Nadja that her show would be taken off Prime Time if it didn't get ratings?


    First of all, she has blonde-yellow hair, cut at the same length and in the same style as Audrey's. (Which you can see in Despair Bear.) Second, she seems to have an.. unemotional personality. Sounds like what we know of Audrey. And third.. Audrey is probably the director of "Solitude", the movie Emilie starred in. It doesn't seem that big of a leap from movie director to studio executive.

    What do you guys think? (No need to mark spoilers in this thread.)

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    • I think she may be Audrey's sister.

      When we discover her name, probably we will know more of her family

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    • Her name was Arlette I believe

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