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As long as you're many to watch the show, there'll be new seasons.

—Thomas on Twitter about the end of Miraculous

Thomas Astruc is the creator, a co-director, and a writer for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[3][4][5]


Thomas worked on Code Lyoko, W.I.T.C.H., and Season 2 of The Daltons as a storyboard artist, and on Totally Spies! as the storyboard supervisor. He is also known for his work as a storyboard artist on Wasabi (2001) and Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra (2002). At some point while Miraculous was being made, he was a guest artist for LoliRock on the episode "Batty", storyboarding the second half of the episode and revising the episode's script.[6]

Currently, aside from working on Miraculous, Thomas is working as a script doctor and co-author on Mélody Cisinski's upcoming animated movie, Revolution.[7]

At JapansTours37 in a conference with Thomas Astruc it was revealed that, at one point, Thomas wanted to do 'real' work and study to become an engineer or dentist rather than an animator and writer.[8]


Hi fellow miraculers! Welcome on my miraculous account! Feel free to ask anything. But remember, if your question can be answered by "no spoiler", then it's certainly the answer ^^

—Thomas on Twitter

From now on, ask your questions here, but shall they be answered, the answer will appear there:


Always check on @FaqMiraculous if the information you're looking for isn't already there.

As usual, no question involving potential spoiler will be answered. Thx

—Thomas on Twitter

Currently under spam attack from fans with hashtag #JusticeForChloeB , involving a lot of insults, while I'm working myself to death in order for the show not to suffer from quarantine. They don't even realize they're displaying the same toxic behavior as Chloé's. Oh, the irony.

—Thomas on Twitter about toxic fans

Fandom then: Luka who ? Don't touch my lovesquare ! 🤨

Fandom now: Luka, Marinette doesn't deserve you 💙

Fandom then: I hate this Kagami 😡

Fandom now: Kagami is a queen ! ♥ ️

Haterz: dEreez nO chAracTAh DevloPment !

—Thomas on Twitter about the fandom of Miraculous

Thank you all for your #4YearsOfMiraculous birthday wishes !

You're the best ! I wish you the happiest time watching the future mind-blowing episodes !

—Thomas on Twitter about the 4th Anniversary of Miraculous

A whole episode is being spoiled at SDCC.

If you're not there, do yourself a favor and don't ruin the experience by watching it on such poor quality on social networks. As for those who're doing lives of it, well, you know what I think of spoilers...

—Thomas on Twitter about the whole episode spoiled at SDCC 2019

For years now I lied carefully to preserve some key surprises.

All for nothing. Frankly, after 10 years of extreme hard work, hoping to show that we can do great stuff in 🇫🇷, popular yet clever, not necessarily kids-only oriented, I'm a bit discouraged.

—Thomas on Twitter about the RTS season 3 synopsis leak

You really, really should avoid the recent spoilers leak.
Spoilers set your mind on certain expectations. Then you will analyze the episodes through this mindset instead of enjoying it without preconceived ideas. Spoilers build hype, but damage the experience.

—Thomas on Twitter about recent TF1 press conference

My dear Miraculers... why are you so awesome?

—Thomas Astruc, Comic to fans

Dear Miraculers, if your question can be answered by "no spoiler", then it's certainly the answer ^^

—Thomas on Twitter

Miraculous is one of the cutest, purest and most positive shows ever made. And you are the nicest and most creative fan community ever!

—Thomas in a letter to fans

In MLB, villains have defined powers. So when heroes understand the rule, a weak point appears. Heroes always should outsmart the villains. If villain can be beaten by strength, it means hero is stronger. If hero is the strongest, it means villain wasn't a real threat.

—Thomas on Twitter about villains

It became one of the most successful animation show[s] worldwide.

—Thomas on Twitter when asked what happened with the Ladybug PV

Samg never ceases to amaze me. The level of quality they manage to reach within such a short time frame is jaw dropping. What I received today for the Shanghai TV movie is just... Wow!

Thank you so much, @samganimation ! Definitely one of the best studios in the world.

—Thomas on Twitter about the SAMG Animation studio and Miraculous Shanghai special

Really, the best lesson that the character of Chloé brings is this deleterious bias in humans that we find in many relationships...

You can behave like the worst garbage, all you need is a micro-good deed and all of a sudden, many will forgive everything. Let the oppressor give the oppressed a treat and we will praise their humanity...

On the other hand, you can be the best of people, and it will only take a tiny gap for the same people to nail you to the pillory. Like some do for Marinette. It's a phenomenon that we see everywhere. In politics, but even in abusive relationships...

Fascinating, really. I wonder how we can do to counteract to that.

And there is not so much in the character of Chloé that is interesting, but the reactions it provokes.

On the one hand, there are those who cling to these good deeds, which would be supposed to show that she is kind, deep down, without ever questioning what motivates these actions.

A bit like in abusive relationships, in which, when we are dealing with a monster, we often convince ourselves that they will change, not only because we are driven by the desire to help them, but also not not lose everything we have emotionally invested in the relationship.

But the important thing is not that the monster is capable of good deeds from time to time. That's why they do them: to be able to stay in control. They let go of the ballast to be able to better remake the evil behind. Carrot, stick, carrot, stick. A hellish spiral.

On the other have, we have convinced those who don't even see how problematic it is. Those who think that at least she has character, a personality. Not like that water bottle of Marinette. The one who deserves the title of heroine is Chloé!

Well, sometimes she abuses a little, but it's not that bad. A magnanimity towards a character, which they obviously don't grant to Marinette.

Hyper-classical process in politics.

If a homeless person steals a packet of dough, or a young suburban man rides a scooter without a helmet, we will accuse the judges of laxity if there is no firm prison.

On the other hand, if a politician gets stuck for having embezzled millions, then suddenly, the same people who accused the judges of laxity, will accuse them of being inquisitors.

And of course, these are the first ones to draw the worst of insults. All this to defend a cartoon character.

Or rather to defend themselves, actually.

All while claiming to be the protectors of children: Think about it! What a message to send to young people, that a person cannot change!

Except that this is to ignore the obvious: children do not identify with the bad guys. They appreciate them as characters. They can even understand them if some backstory is given. But that's all.

The best proof is that toys of villains sell very poorly.

In any case, for my part, what I love about this character, beyond the pleasure we have in playing her in the stories by her caricature side, is what it reveals of those who "stan" her, as they say now. Angelism for some, toxic inclinations for others.

Not sure that if, they learned a lot about themselves, but it taught me a lot.

Thomas' thread on Chloé, the people who support her, inequality, the double standard put on privileged people, bully victimization, and Marinette

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  • As of February 2020, Thomas has two Twitter accounts: one is related to Miraculous Ladybug and second is personal.
  • As of February 2021, Thomas wasn't involved in the production of Miraculous anymore.[9]
    • He stated that he's still director for show but with less involvement than on previous seasons.[10]
    • However, this is no longer the case, as in June 2022 Thomas announced that the gang was back and that his role had changed to an "Artistic Supervisor" since the sixth season. He's going to expand the Miracleverse: writing new seasons arcs, doing new concepts, new stories, directing new specials, etc.[11]
  • Thomas was named after the character Major Tom from the David Bowie song "Space Oddity."[12]
  • Thomas is known to be very jokey and tongue-in-cheek with fans on Twitter, something he attributes to "French sarcasm".
  • He likes croissants.[13]
  • He has a yellow, fluffy, long-haired cat named "Chachat" (pronounced "Sha-sha").[14][15]
  • Fans call him variations of Hawk Moth's name, such as "Papapillon", "Hawkfather", and "Hawkdaddy".[16]
    • In response, he named the fans of the television show "The Miraculers".
    • He has a huge collection of fanart.
  • His Twitter name used to be "NoSpoiler-Man". This was made in response to people constantly asking him about season 2 and his penchant to answer questions with "No spoiler" or a picture saying the same thing. It is now just "Thomas Astruc".
  • He makes a cameo in the French version of "Gamer" as the voice of the start menu of Ultimate Mecha Strike III. This is his only cameo in season 1.[17]
  • Thomas has stated that he loves all of the characters equally but has a preference for Jagged Stone and less of a preference for Chloé Bourgeois.
  • His favorite episodes to direct as of season 1 were "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" and "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)".
  • His favorite Studio Ghibli film is Omoide Poroporo.
  • His favorite DreamWorks film is How to Train Your Dragon.
  • His favorite Disney film is Tangled.
  • During the final game of the UEFA Euro 2016, Thomas promised to reveal a spoiler about the upcoming season should France beat Portugal.[18]
    • The #ColorsForSpoilers hashtag was used to promote the event, where fans would place fanart of the characters supporting the French soccer team. Some also changed their Twitter pictures as well.[19][20][21]
    • During the game, he tweeted that he would reveal one spoiler for each goal scored by France.[22]
    • Though France lost the game without scoring points, Thomas did choose to release a teaser for season 2 as a thank you for all the support given to the French soccer team.[23]
  • Just before San Diego Comic-Con International 2016, Jeremy Zag posted a video to Instagram of Thomas dressed as Marinette.
  • As a reference for a ballroom scene in "Despair Bear", Thomas has slow-danced with Wilfried Pain.[25]
  • As of January 2018, Thomas was expecting a baby.[26] Her birth and gender were announced on August 12, 2018.[27]
  • His favorite comic character is Superman.[28]
  • His least favorite character in the show is Lila Rossi.[29]
  • Thomas cameoed as a character who is akumatized in the season 3 episode "Animaestro".[30]
  • When asked about his favorite "ships", Thomas stated to enjoy all of them, but found the one between Nathaniel Kurtzberg and Marc Anciel to be the most interesting and the most complex to create.[31]

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