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Scene: Adrien's room. Adrien is playing his piano with Plagg when there's a knock at the door.

Plagg: Whoa! (hides in the piano)
Nathalie: (walks in) Ready to go, Adrien?
Adrien: (sighs) Nathalie, since this is gonna take a while, can I bring a friend?
Nathalie: (nods) Hmm.

Scene: The Césaire apartment. Alya and Nino are playing a dancing game when Adrien video calls Nino.

Nino: Whassup, bro?
Adrien: Nino, I've got to go back to the Grévin Wax Museum. Do you want to come with me this time?
Nino: Sure thing, dude. I'll be right there— (sees Alya glaring at him) Uh, eh, actually, Alya and I are hanging together today. (Alya points at herself, then at Adrien) Wait! Do you think Alya could come too?

Scene: Adrien's room.

Adrien: Can I bring two friends?
Nathalie: (nods) Hmm.

Scene: Césaire apartment.

Alya: Hey, wait! (pulls out phone)

Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette is sewing when she receives a video call from Alya.

Marinette: Hey, girl.
Alya: Marinette, you are coming with me and Nino to the Grévin Wax Museum. Adrien invited us!
Marinette: Ah! Wha! But! Nuh—!

Scene: Césaire apartment.

Alya: There's no saying no. We're coming to get you now. You don't have a choice, girl!
Nino: (to Adrien) Do you think Marinette could come too? That way you two guys could—
Alya: Shhh!
Nino: Uh, you could... stare at the statues together! Marinette loves the... she loves statues! Which is perfect since the wax museum is, uh, full of them! (chuckles nervously, Alya facepalms)

Scene: Adrien's room.

Adrien: Can we make that... three?
Nathalie: (rolls her eyes, but nods) Mhmm.

Scene: Marinette's room.

Manon: But Marinette! (holds up a drawing of herself) What about my superhero costume? (pouts) Hmph, everyone always forgets about me.
Marinette: Sorry, guys. I'm looking after Manon this afternoon. Go ahead without me.

Scene: Césaire apartment. Alya looks at Nino, and Nino looks at Adrien. The Scene switches to Adrien's room.

Adrien: Would four work? Actually, more like three and a half.
Nathalie: I'll see what I can do.

Scene: Agreste car. Adrien's bodyguard drives all five of them.

Alya: (whispering to Nino) You leave Adrien alone, and then, I'll leave Marinette alone...
Manon: Hey! Why are you leaving Marinette all alone? Don't you like her?
Marinette: Huh, what're you guys talking about?
Nino: Nothing! It's got nothing to do with us leaving you and Adrien alone... (Alya elbows him) Uh...! To... look at the statues as, uh, just friends, of course. (laughs nervously, Marinette gasps)
Adrien: Don't worry, Manon. It's just that Alya and Nino are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they probably wanna spend some time alone together. Without us. (Marinette sighs with relief.)
Manon: Really? But I thought you and Marinette were boyfriend and girlfriend. (Marinette squeaks) She has lots of photos of you all over her bedroom.
Adrien: (laughs) That's because she loves fashion and I'm a fashion model.
Manon: But then why are there so many hearts drawn on them?
Marinette: (laughs nervously) Those aren't heart! Those are, uh, upside-down spades! I was just coming up with some new, uh, patterns, for my fabric designs. (covers Manon's ears and leans towards Alya with clenched teeth) You told me you wouldn't tell Nino!
Alya: I haven't told him. Right, Nino? I didn't tell you anything. (elbows him)
Nino: She didn't tell me. And besides, I told her I won't tell.
Marinette: So you didn't tell anyone what Alya didn't tell you. Or did you?
Manon: What are you guys talking about?
Marinette, Nino, & Alya: Nothing.

Scene: The Grévin Wax Museum. Adrien steps out of the car, where a woman waits for him.

Adrien: Hi, Véronique.
Véronique: Thanks for coming on such short notice, Adrien. I'm sorry, but a piece of your statue went missing yet again! (takes Adrien and his friends inside the museum) Just goes to show how popular you are.
Manon: Look Marinette, we get to go in, even though it's closed! It's like we're princesses. (Marinette is staring at Adrien, not listening) Hey! Did you hear me?
Alya: (to Nino) Be careful this time, right? Marinette's the only one that's gotta spill the beans to Adrien— not us! So no matter what Adrien asks you, just deny. Okay? (Nino nods)
Manon: (runs ahead to the museum's lobby) Ahaha, wheee! (spots a statue of Jagged Stone standing on top of a statue of Fang, gasps) Mr. Jagged! Can you give me an 'autygraph,' please? (Jagged statue does nothing) Why isn't anyone paying attention to me today!?
Véronique: (laughs) That's because this isn't the real Jagged Stone. It's a wax statue of him. The Grévin Wax Museum is the kingdom of illusions!
Manon: Woah! But he looks for reals! (makes silly at faces the statue, then runs off again)
Véronique: (leads them further into the museum) The museum opened in 1882. We have about 200 wax statues on exhibition at any one time. We bring new celebrities in on a regular basis, the most recent one being Adrien!
Adrien: (to Nino) So if I've got this right, you and Alya wanna spend some alone time together, yeah?
Flashback Alya: So no matter what Adrien asks you, just deny.
Nino: Not at all! That's not why we came here at all.
Adrien: Oh! Well, then it's real nice of you guys to come here just to keep me company.
Nino: That's not why we came here at all, either!
Adrien: Really? So why did you want to come here then? Did it have something to do with Marinette?
Nino: Uh, no! You've got it all wrong, dude. (Alya gives him two thumbs up) Not with Marinette, or with you, and even less with you and Marinette alone by yourselves! (Alya signals for Nino to zip his lips)
Adrien: I'm confused. Marinette wants to be alone with me? (They enter a room full of statues of Parisian Celebrities, including: Sarah, Philippe, Clara Nightingale, Alec Cataldi, XY, Bob Roth, Jagged Stone, Aurore Beauréal, André Bourgeois, Audrey Bourgeois, Nadja Chamack, Mireille Caquet, and Prince Ali. In another section of the room are the statues of Adrien and Gabriel Agreste.)
Nino: (looks at Alya for help, and she gestures for him to keep going.) Marinette alone with you? Uh, no way, dude! You couldn't be further from the truth. It's the exact opposite, actually.
Adrien: Marinette doesn't want to be with me? (looks at Marinette sadly)
Marinette: Ah! Manon, come here! (runs off)
Adrien: Does she hate me?
Nino: No, no! Dude, she likes you a lot! I mean, no! I mean, yes? I mean... barely! She barely likes you a lot, so there you have it.
Adrien: You sure? I'd be really bummed if I knew Marinette didn't like me. (Nino sighs and the group enters the elevator. Alya glares at Nino, who smiles nervously.)

Scene: Rewinds to show what Marinette and Alya talked about while Nino talked with Adrien.

Véronique: The museum opened in 1882. We have about 200 wax statues...
Marinette: Why did you tell Nino everything? You promised you wouldn't.
Alya: I didn't, I swear! Besides, even if I had told him everything, he would still be clueless. Ugh! Who cares anyway? I've set everything up with Nino, who doesn't know a thing, so you can finally pour your heart out to Adrien, girl!
Marinette: Wait, what?
Alya: We'll take off, leaving you two solo. Then you can spill your beans.
Marinette: Ah! Ahh! (Alya gives Nino two thumbs up)
Nino: (from a distance to Adrien) Not with Marinette, or with you, and even less with you and Marinette alone by yourselves! (Alya facepalms and signals for Nino to zip it)
Marinette: No! Not like that! I'm so not ready. I'd have to practice first, and wash my hair, and I'm not even wearing my lucky socks. (They walk into the room full of Parisian Celebrities.)
Alya: It's up to you, girl. But I'm just telling you: today's the day.
Marinette: (notices Adrien looking at her and gasps) Manon, come here! (takes off)
Manon: (points at statue of Nadja Chamack) Look, Marinette! My mommy's a famous person too.
Marinette: Yeah. Yeah, right. Okay. (takes Manon back to the group and they go into the elevator. Both Marinette and Adrien look disheartened.)

Scene: The Workshop.

Véronique: Welcome to the workshop! This is where our sculptors create and repair all of our statues. (takes the group an adjacent room) And this is where we store our wax. It comes straight from our very own beehives up on the roof of the museum. (They go back to the main part of the workshop, where Théo is waiting.)
Théo: So I heard we have to do your hand again. Right, Véronique?
Veronique: (nods) Mmhmm.
Nino: (looking at a statue of Thomas Astruc's head) The beard's really well done.
Théo: It's genuine yak hair. (puts Adrien's arm inside a device and pours wax into it)
Véronique: (gets a phone alert) Okay, we have to leave you for a while, if you don't mind.
Théo: (places a timer next to Adrien) It'll ding when it's over. We'll be back as soon as possible.
Adrien: Take your time. (Véronique and Théo leave.)
Manon: (looks at a row of statues, that Nino poses next to) Oh! I didn't know Nino was a famous person, too!
Nino: Boo!
Manon: (screams, then laughs) My turn! My turn! I wanna play statues, too! Marinette! (grabs her hand) C'mon! Let's go and play hide and seek and statues in the museum!
Marinette: We can't, Manon. We came here to keep Adrien company. (Manon sighs. Alya winks at Nino, who nods.)
Alya: We'll play with you. Marinette, you take good care of Adrien. He must not get bored a single second!
Marinette: Uh, what? But I—! No! Don't leave me alone with him! (They shut the door before she can leave. Adrien looks down at the floor.) I mean— That's not what I meant to say... I just... I...
Adrien: Are you mad at me, Marinette?
Marinette: (knocks over a bucket of fake eye balls, picks them up) No! Of course not. Why would you say that?
Adrien: Because, Nino told me...
Marinette: I have no idea what Nino told you, but whatever he said, it's totally not true.
Adrien: Oh, so that means you like me, right? I was afraid you didn't like me.
Marinette: Of course I like you... Well, like, uh, like! But, not like that! (chuckles nervously) What I mean is, you're not exactly a 'good friend,' you know?
Adrien: (saddened) Uh, okay... (Marinette groans) But then, if I'm not a good friend, what am I to you?
Marinette: You're... (struggles to get the words out) Toilets! I— I really gotta go to the toilet now. Eee! (runs out)
Adrien: See you later.
Plagg: (In wax head, making it float, speaking in a ghost-like voice) Oooh, Aadrieeen! What is it with the girrrls?? At least you don't have these kinds of troubles with cheeeese!
Adrien: (smiling) Stop pranking, Plagg. Put that head back down before you cataclysm it. (Plagg does so, then floats back over to him, laughing mischievously)
Adrien: (chuckles, then frowns) I'm sure I did something to mess up our friendship by accident. I'm so clueless about these things!
Plagg: (hears the timer go off) Huh?
Adrien: (releases his hand, stands up) I gotta make it up to her. (heads out)

Scene: The Hero's Room. Manon runs in giggling. It has wax figures of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and most of the akumatized villians from Season 1. The statues in total include: a mummy from the Pharaoh, a knight from Darkblade, Darkblade himself, Rogercop, the Mime, Pixelator, the Bubbler, Lady WiFi, Antibug, the Puppeteer, Guitar Villain, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Evillustrator, Gamer, Dark Cupid, Kung Food, Volpina, Timebreaker, Simon Says, Mr. Pigeon, and Stormy Weather.

Alya: (in another room, playfully) Manon, where are you hiding!? (She and Nino walk in, and see the statues)
Nino: Wow! (Manon poses beside Ladybug and Cat Noir to hide. Alya gazes at a wax statue of Lady Wifi, standing next to a statue of The Bubbler.) Excuse me, lady, what exactly is your superpower, making me fall super in love?
Alya: I don't need a super power for that. (pensively) I know that we're not really ourselves when we're akumatized, but it's... weird to see ourselves like that, as supervillians.
Nino: It's because you don't look at them properly. These aren't supervillains, these are all the people Ladybug and Cat Noir have saved.
Alya: You're right. (hugs him, he tickles her) Hey! What're you doing?
Nino: Oooh! I've been akumatized, now I'm Tickle Man!
Alya: (laughs) No, not the tickles! (runs away) Help! Ladybug, Cat Noir! (They run out, laughing)
Nino: (as they leave) I'm gonna tickle!
Manon: Come on, what about me!? Why doesn't anyone wanna play with me? (steps off the podium, sees a statue of The Puppeteer. She gasps, then giggles and grabs the statue's wand.)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. A window opens, revealing Hawk Moth and his butterflies.

Hawk Moth: A little girl who feels all alone. Children cannot be disregarded. Well, she can count on me to give her my full attention. (A butterfly lands in his hand, he evillizes it) Fly away, my little akuma, and prey on her despair! (The akuma flies out).

Scene: The Hero's Room. The akuma is absorbed into Manon's wand.

Hawk Moth: (through his telepathic connection) Puppeteer, glad to see you again. So, no one wants to play with you, huh? I'm giving you the power to play with them!
Manon: (deviously) We'll have lots of fun! (She holds out her wand, and her body is engulfed in purple)

Scene: A Restroom. Marinette is talking to Tikki in one of the stalls.

Marinette: (yelling in frustration) Uhhh! I'm so tired of not being able to just tell him how I feel! But I'm so scared, Tikki, always so scared he'll reject me.
Tikki: You're overthinking it. You should try a game where you play a different character!
Marinette: Like... like role playing?
Tikki: Yes! And you're playing a super cool character who's not afraid of anything!
Marinette: Yeah! Role playing! (stands up) I can do that!

Scene: An Elevator.

Plagg: Seriously, who cares about friendship?
Adrien: Marinette's important to me, so I'll do whatever it takes to make her feel good when she's around. (The elevator dings, and the doors open)
Plagg: Like, giving her cheese? (They exit, and go into the statue room full of Parisian Celebrities.)
Adrien: Like, cheering her up! Making her laugh, doing pranks like you always do for me. (pets him) Hm?
Marinette: (enters the room, muttering to herself) I'm super cool... I'm super cool!
Adrien: (whispers) Watch this, Plagg. (winks, then poses)
Plagg: What exactly are you doing?
Adrien: (whispers) Shh, I can't let her think it's the real me! (holds his pose, while Plagg disappears)
Marinette: (talking to herself) I'm super cool. I'm super cool! I'm super cool... I'm super cool, I'm sup— (sees Adrien) AHH! Oh, it's only a statue. How come I didn't see it earlier? Wow... it looks so... real. (touches his face) The wax is nearly as hot as skin. (takes a big sniff of him) It even smells exactly like him...! (begins role playing) Oh, beautiful statue of Adrien, your wax is so soft! Your yak hair is silky. Your eyes are so green. (twirls) Oh, shall I be a statue, too! Everything would be so much easier. (embraces him) Why haven't we been molded together in the plaster of destiny? Marble to marble, wax lips against wax lips, entwined for eternity... Ah... (tries kissing him)
Adrien: (jumps out of her grasp) Whoa—! Eternity sounds like a long time...!
Marinette: Dahh!
Adrien: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, it was just a prank, that's all...
Marinette: (pounds his chest) Not funny, not funny at all! (runs off)
Adrien: (sits beside her) Forgive me... even after all these months with you guys I guess I'm still not used to being a good friend...

Scene: A Hallway. Alya is hiding.

Alya: (comes out of hiding, sighs) Nino! C'mon, I'm tired of hiding... where are you? (goes to the Hero's Room, sees Nino, and sneaks on him) Hah! (She tickles him, sees he's been paused, then sees the Lady WiFi statue across the room. She runs, but the Bubbler statue stops her. The Lady WiFi statue pauses her, and the Bubbler statue bubbles her.)
Puppeteer: (flies in, giggling) This is so much fun!
Hawk Moth: (through his telepathic link) Puppeteer, don't forget to bring me back my little toys, Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
Puppeteer: (flies over to the still statues) I'm gonna play with you, (taps Evillustrator with her wand) you... (taps Gamer) And you, (taps Cat Noir) and you! (taps Ladybug, who steps off the podium)

Scene: Statue Room with Parisian Celebrities.

Adrien: Were you serious when you were talking to the statue? I mean... me as a statue?
Marinette: Serious? Me? (fake laughs) You gotta be kidding! I'm the queen of pranks! (fake laughs) I knew you were playing a prank on me, so I just wanted to get you back! Gotcha! (laughs forcefully)
Adrien: (slowly) So you didn't really mean all the things you just said?
Marinette: Of course not, I was role playing! I was in love with a statue, not with you! (stands) If I'd feel anything for you, it wouldn't be like for that statue, rather like, for a... regular human being! (fake laughs)
Adrien: Okay... So, as I am a human being, you must still like me a bit then, right?
Marinette: (finger guns) That's right, I like you a little bit, just like a regular human being! (laughs forcefully, then turns her back to him) Can somebody throw me into a vat of wax right now, please? (They gasp, spotting a Hawk Moth statue across the room.)
Adrien and Marinette: Hawk Moth!? (The statue attacks, Adrien grabs an umbrella from a statue of Aurore to defend Marinette.)
Adrien: Marinette! Go get some help!
Puppeteer: (over the intercom) Oh, no! You're going to stay and play with me this time!
Marinette and Adrien: Manon!?
Puppeteer: (over the intercom) Nope! I am the Puppeteer, and I wanna play with you and my statues! (Adrien and the statue of Hawk Moth duel, Marinette runs off)
Marinette: Be careful!
Adrien: Don't worry about me!
Marinette: (runs into the elevator, the doors closing behind her) Tikki, spots on! (A glow emanates from the closed doors as she transforms. The Hawk Moth statue knocks Adrien down, and tries to stab Adrien, but Ladybug saves him.)
Ladybug: (sets him down) Go and find a safe place to hide, I'll handle this. (attacks the statue, Adrien runs off)
Adrien: (closes the elevator doors) Plagg, claws out! (Another glow emanates from the doors. Ladybug ties up the Hawk Moth with her yo-yo.)
Cat Noir: (jumping in) Whoa! You've captured Hawk Moth!
Ladybug: I wish! (pulls on her yo-yo, cutting the wax statue into pieces)
Cat Noir: Ohh, a wax statue.
Ladybug: The Puppeteer is back! She must be here somewhere!
Cat Noir: We gotta find and save her!
Ladybug: The Hero's Room! That's where she found Hawk Moth's statue!
Cat Noir: After you, m'lady. (They run down to the Hero's Room.)
Ladybug: Look out! (They jump through the entrance, dodging the attacks of the Lady WiFi and Bubbler statues, who hit and trap each other. Ladybug wraps up a Puppeteer statue with her yo-yo, then lets it go.) It's not her, it's a statue! Look, (points) the real Puppeteer had a wand, remember?
Cat Noir: Then this Puppeteer must've taken it. That's where the akuma must be! (The statues start moving, and surround them.) Okay, who wants to play red light, green light? ("Guitar Villain" and "Dark Cupid" attack Ladybug. Cat Noir fights a "mummy" from The Pharaoh.) Nobody's up for hopscotch, either?
Ladybug: Enough jokes, Kitty— There's a little girl at stake! (Cat Noir hits "Rogercop", Ladybug slices "Darkblade.")
Cat Noir: (decapitates "Timebreaker") You know, M'lady, the worse the situation, the more I realize how amazing you are.
Ladybug: How do you do that...? Ah! (dodges an attack from "Pixelator")
Cat Noir: (fending an attack from "Rogercop") Do what?
Ladybug: (fighting "Pixelator") I mean so much to you, how is it so easy for you to say these nice things to me, even in the worse situations? (slices the "mummy") The really important things are the hardest to say, aren't they?
Cat Noir: (breaks "Rogercop's" visor) It's precisely when something is important, that it's important to say it, no matter what.
Ladybug: (smiles, then sees "Thomas Astruc's" head, some eyeballs, and couple hands coming down the stairs) The workshop— She's gotta be there! (takes off)
Cat Noir: (kicks "The Mime") Got it! (Ladybug jumps over "Astruc's" head, and exits. "The Mime" lassos Cat Noir who trips and falls. He is pinned down by "Darkblade," "Reflekta," and "Evillustrator." "Astruc" sucks on his finger, trying to get Cat Noir's ring.) Ahh, that's so gross! Ah! ("Kung Food", "Princess Fragrence," and "Volpina" land on top of him.)

Scene: A stairwell. Ladybug and a statue of Cat Noir run in.

Ladybug: (breaks the door handle) That should hold them for a bit. (They run up to the door of the workshop) Wait up! We don't know what we're gonna find behind this door, let's stack the odds in our favor! Lucky Charm! (catches it) A cardboard tube? What am I gonna do with this? (looks around, to no avail) I'll figure it out. Let's go! (kicks open the door, rolls in)
Puppeteer: (floating alongside statues of Philippe, Audrey Bourgeois, Clara Nightingale, and Aurore Beauréal) Neener, neener, neeener! I've got tons of friends, but you? No one wants to play with you, Ladybug!
Ladybug: You forget I always have my partner with me— Cat Noir!
Puppeteer: Really? Cat Noir, capture Ladybug! ("Cat Noir" grabs and throws her to the ground.)
Ladybug: Ah! What's wrong with you!? (realizes) It's a statue!

Scene: The Hero's Room. Cat Noir defeats Kung Food, slicing him in half.

Cat Noir: (puts away his staff) Cleaning done! It deserves a little scratch under the chin before going up, right? (He offers his cheek to a statue of Ladybug. It grabs his hands, and leans in for a kiss, so he doesn't see that it's taking off his ring.) Is that a new perfume, m'lady? This one smells like... wax? Cataclysm! ("Ladybug" crumbles apart, Cat Noir runs out)

Scene: The Workshop. Ladybug fights the statue of Cat Noir.

Ladybug: (the other statues corner her) We're done playing games! (knocks Puppeteer's wand out of her hands) Gimme that! (jumps for it)
Puppeteer: Noo! (They all jump for it. A wax hand grabs it, Puppeteer grabs it.) You lose, Ladybug! (flies away) Now you won't be able to steal my wand again, meanie! (the statues surround her) Take her miraculous! (Shuts herself in the wax room. Ladybug gets pinned down by "Clara Nightingale" and "Cat Noir," a wax hand tries grabbing her earring.)
Cat Noir: (pins down the hand) Hands off, you pale imitation! Hah! (hits the statues against a wall, where they fall limp) Only one cat is allowed to have her hand.
Ladybug: (stands) Thanks, Kitty.
Cat Noir: (see her Lucky Charm) Have you found out what to do with your Lucky Charm? (fights "Audrey Bourgeois")
Ladybug: (spots a tub of glue, some paint brushes, paints, and cardboard stars) I do now!

Scene: The Wax Room. Cat Noir holds Ladybug's hands behind her back, leading her in.)

Ladybug: Let go, you fake! (pretends to struggle)
Puppeteer: (evil laugh) I've almost beat you, Ladybug! Cat Noir, give me her earrings! (Cat Noir reaches for the earrings, then freezes) Cat Noir, give me her earrings!
Hawk Moth: (through his telepathic connection) What's happening, Puppeteer?
Puppeteer: I don't know, my wand stopped working!
Ladybug: Surprise! (holds up a fake version of the wand) I swapped them earlier. You lose, Puppeteer!
Puppeteer: Heh! I don't care! If you break my wand, I'll just turn them into real wax statues! (reveals Véronique and Théo tied up above the molten wax)
Ladybug: No! Don't do that! Fine, I'll give you your wand back.
Puppeteer: (giggles, and grabs the fake wand. Hears Cat Noir's ring beeping) Huh? What is that? Hey! (gets the wands mixed up) If you're the real one, then that means that—! Ah! (Ladybug grabs the real wand from her.)
Ladybug: Too late! (breaks it)
Puppeteer: No!
Ladybug: (an akuma flies out of the wand) No more evil-doing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! (captures the akuma) Gotcha! (releases a white butterfly) Bye-bye, little butterfly! Miraculous Ladybug! (throws up the Lucky Charm, everything turns back to normal)
Ladybug & Cat Noir: (fist bump) Pound it!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Soon, I'm the one who'll pulling the strings, Ladybug, and that day will come sooner than you think! (the lair's window closes)

Scene: Room with Parisian Celebrities. The friends watch Théo and Véronique repair the Adrien statue. Manon is missing.

Véronique: There we are. All back together again. (chuckles)
Marinette: (playfully) Hey, wait, Manon has to see this! Oh, but where is she?
Alya: (playing along) Maybe she's behind that weird statue over there! (The friends walk over to Manon, who poses on a podium)
Manon: Boo! (They scream, Manon laughs.) Gotcha! (They all laugh.)

Scene: Streets of Paris. Adrien's bodyguard drops everybody off back home. Alya and Nino wave goodbye as the car departs.

Adrien: (to his bodyguard) To Manon's place, please! (Cut to Marinette hugging Manon goodbye. Manon hugs her mom and they wave goodbye as Adrien and Marinette get back in the car.) To Marinette's?
Adrien & Marinette: I'm sorr—!
Marinette: You go first.
Adrien: No, please, you.
Marinette: (rapidly) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kissed the statue, but I didn't know it was you, and if I had, it wouldn't have been a prank because I—
Adrien: No, no... It's my fault. When you left the workshop, I was so worried that you were mad at me...? It made me do the stupid prank, and...
Marinette: Of course I wasn't mad at you! I'm sorry that I made you believe that.
Adrien: Is that true? We're still friends, you and me?
Marinette: Of course! But, to be safe, maybe we should stop playing pranks on each other.
Adrien: (laughs) I know, I'm not good with jokes. The girl I'm in love with doesn't like them either.
Marinette: The girl that you—? You're... you're in love with...?
Adrien: Are you okay, Marinette?
Marinette: Yeah, yeah. I'm glad we're friends. (They arrive at her house, and she gets out of the car.)
Adrien: See you tomorrow at school?
Marinette: Yeah... (She loses the car door, and it leaves.)

Scene: Marinette's room. She stares at a poster board full of photos of Adrien.

Marinette: (reaching to take down a picture of Adrien) You heard him. Adrien's in love with another girl, and me? I'm just a friend.
Tikki: Oh, I'm sure life has many surprises in store for you, Marinette!
Marinette: (leaves the picture up, falls onto her bed) Yeah... (smiles) That would've been one very silly first kiss, anyways.
(The end card shows the Grévin Wax Museum in the background, with Marinette embracing Adrien, Manon and the Puppeteer above them, and Ladybug and Cat Noir at their sides.)


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