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The Pharaoh

Season 1, episode 15 (Production order); Episode 15 (Overall)

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We have to try out the spell! What if Tutankhamun had found out how to bring people back to life?

Jalil Kubdel, "The Pharaoh"

"The Pharaoh" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] As based on the series' production order specifically, "The Pharaoh" is the 15th written and produced episode of Season 1. It is also the 15th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]



When a young historian gets akumatized into the Pharaoh, he plans to bring an Ancient Egyptian princess back to life by sacrificing Alya; Ladybug and Cat Noir must face an army of mummies.[5]


When a villain with the power of the Egyptian gods wants to sacrifice Alya, Ladybug and Cat Noir must fight an army of mummies to rescue her.[6]


Hawk Moth turns Jalil Kubdel, a young Egyptologist, into Pharaoh, a super-villain with the powers of the gods of Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh intends to sacrifice Alya in a ritual at the foot of the Louvre Pyramid in order to bring an ancient Egyptian princess back to life. In order to stop him, Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to fight against an army of mummies and to unearth strange secrets which date back over 5,000 years...[7]


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Marinette is watching Alya's new blog update. Alya is tracking Ladybug when she passes by, hanging onto a helicopter, dropping her history textbook in the process. Alya picks it up, identifying it as a 10th-grade history textbook, thus announcing her belief that Ladybug's secret identity may be that of a student.

Marinette panics since Alya will know something's up if she asks to borrow her history textbook. Tikki tells her that what's done is done; that she can only keep looking ahead; and that, if she wants to keep her identity secret, she needs to get the book back from Alya. Tikki then types on Marinette's computer and brings up a web page about an exhibit at the Louvre on the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Tikki urges Marinette to invite Alya to the museum and to have her to bring the book with her. Marinette is skeptical, not understanding what King Tut has to do with Ladybug, but Tikki promises that the trip will be worth it.

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Marinette ends up telling Alya that she found something about Ladybug at the King Tut exhibit, so they go to the Louvre. Alya excitedly talks about how close she is to finding out Ladybug's identity, as their school is the only one that uses this particular history textbook, and there are only 43 girls in their grade, excluding herself. Marinette tries to exclude herself from the suspects list, but Alya points out that Marinette had to borrow her textbook yesterday. Panicked, Marinette makes the excuse that she'd forgotten her own book at home and that Alya knows how she always loses or forgets things. Alya just laughs and says she was teasing. Marinette will be off the suspects list when she brings her book to school.

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As the girls reach the King Tut exhibit, a young man shoves past them and drops a bunch of papers and a necklace, which, thankfully, hasn't broken. He introduces himself as Jalil Kubdel, their classmate Alix's older brother, before running off to greet his father, Mr. Alim Kubdel. Shrugging at his odd behavior, Alya turns back to Marinette and asks why she brought her here and what this has to do with Ladybug. Marinette tries to stall, and Tikki points her over to a papyrus scroll on the wall in the corner. Unfortunately, the scroll is covered in hieroglyphics without a translation. Marinette tries to find something that's relevant to Ladybug before Alya loses interest.

In his room, Adrien is on the Ladyblog, watching the video of Alya finding the history book. He, too, wonders if Ladybug goes to his school. Plagg doesn't understand why humans crush on each other instead of cheese. Adrien replies that girls smell better than cheese, much to Plagg's annoyance.

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Meanwhile, Jalil and Mr. Kubdel join Marinette and Alya in front of the scroll as Jalil explains the images on the scroll. He identifies a man holding a scepter as Pharaoh Tutankhamun I and the woman next to him as Princess Nefertiti with one hundred mummies surrounding them. The Princess died before the Pharaoh did and became the Sun God, Ra's wife in the afterlife. Mr. Kubdel remarks that he already knows all this since he organized this exhibit. Jalil then claims to have deciphered the hieroglyphs, theorizing that the images on the scroll depict a resurrection ceremony in which the pharaoh tried to bring his princess back from the afterlife and that the scroll contains a spell to bring people back from the dead.

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Marinette remarks that, like Alya, Jalil is prone to jumping to conclusions. Likewise, Mr. Kubdel is unconvinced and cautions Jalil that anything written in the scroll is a legend and cannot be interpreted so literally. Jalil insists that he is right and suggests proving his theory by using the pharaoh's scepter--on display nearby--and reading a spell from the scroll. Having lost his patience, Mr. Kubdel yells at Jalil for treating the scepter like a toy instead of a priceless historical artifact. He leaves, telling Jalil to stop with his wild theories and start focusing on the real world. In his lair, Hawk Moth senses Jalil's dejection and sends an akuma his way.

While Marinette stalls, Alya grows bored and takes the book out of her bag. Before she can open it, Marinette jumps in and puts the book away, insisting that she's found something about Ladybug. Outside the museum, the akuma finds Jalil and lands on the pendant around his neck, transforming him into The Pharaoh and giving him the ability to harness the powers of the Ancient Egyptian gods.

PH S01EP06 (147).png

Transforming into Thoth, the Pharaoh creates bubbles and traps several museum visitors and security guards inside them, slowing down their perceptions of time. Alya and Marinette duck behind some displays, the history textbook falling out of Alya's hands in the process. Alya begins livestreaming everything with her cellphone while Marinette sneaks off and transforms into Ladybug. Back home, Adrien is watching Alya's feed and transforms into Cat Noir when he sees the Pharaoh stealing the scroll and scepter.

Ladybug dives into the Egyptian exhibit room as the museum's security doors come down, trapping her, the Pharaoh, and Alya. She tries to fight the Pharaoh, but he grabs her yo-yo and swings her into a wall. He then transforms into Sekhmet and uses his enhanced strength to pull apart the bars of the security door. Cat Noir arrives, but the Pharaoh easily defeats him by throwing him into a sarcophagus. He then notices Alya hiding behind a display and kidnaps her, taking the scroll and scepter and pulling the bars back in place behind him.

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Ladybug and Cat Noir escape the room by using Cataclysm on the bars, and Cat Noir goes to recharge his Miraculous. Ladybug uses her yo-yo to access the Ladyblog, where Alya has been livestreaming her abduction. Outside the museum, the Pharaoh uses Anubis' powers and transforms all the bystanders into mummies. At Alya's questioning, he explains that he needs one hundred mummies and a sacrifice (a soul pure of heart) to resurrect his Princess. He reveals that he plans to exchange the Princess's soul for Alya's (because she looks like the person being sacrificed in the pictures on the papyrus scroll) to appease the Sun God, Ra.

Hearing this, Ladybug runs to rescue Alya but accidentally gets trapped in one of the time-warping bubbles. Cat Noir returns and pops the bubble, and they run to the roof to witness the resurrection ceremony in the courtyard. Alya, still being held hostage, notices a figure in a spotted dress on the scroll who seems to be swinging a yo-yo. When she questions the Pharaoh, he explains that the goddess on the scroll is Ladybug, who had thwarted the original Pharaoh's resurrection ceremony 5,000 years ago.

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The Pharaoh recites the spell and a beam of energy shoots up from the Louvre Pyramid, opening a portal in the sky. The mummies grab Alya and begin carrying her toward the pyramid, but Cat Noir distracts them while Ladybug swings in on her yo-yo and carries Alya to safety on a nearby rooftop. With Alya's help, Ladybug realizes that the akuma must be in the necklace. However, the Pharaoh transforms into Horus and flies up and captures Alya again, dropping her onto the beam on top of the pyramid to be transported into the portal.

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The mummies attack Cat Noir, but he and Ladybug trap them in a bus. Ladybug then ties her yo-yo around the Pharaoh and manages to grab the necklace from around his neck when he's flying. It falls to the ground, but he retrieves it before she or Cat Noir can. Just as Alya is about to disappear into the portal, Ladybug uses Lucky Charm, and a Ladybug costume falls out. She spots the pair of earrings that come with the costume. She then bargains with the Pharaoh, offering herself as a sacrifice in Alya's place, with the reasoning that Pharaoh can finally have his revenge on Ladybug for stopping him the first time 5,000 years ago. The Pharaoh agrees and releases Alya, placing Ladybug on the beam to the portal.

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The Pharaoh holds out his hand for Ladybug to give him her Miraculous, but she grabs his necklace and throws the toy earrings from the Ladybug costume to the ground, telling him to go fetch. When he is distracted by the decoy, Ladybug destroys the necklace and catches the akuma. After that, she purifies the akuma, and with the help of her Lucky Charm, Ladybug then returns everything back to normal. After that, the Pharaoh transforms back into Jalil.

Ladybug returns Alya's phone to her, and Alya asks her how old she is. To throw Alya off Marinette's trail, Ladybug replies that she's definitely "much older than a high school student." Cat Noir asks Alya if she wants to know how old he is. She replies that she will know "in a sec", referring to him detransforming. Cat Noir looks at his ring and runs off. Alya giggles.

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When Alya wanders back into the museum to the King Tut exhibit, Marinette makes the excuse that she was turned into a mummy. Alya is happy to have learned that Ladybug is 5,000 years old, but she's confused because the history book in her bag has disappeared. As Alya searches for the book, Marinette keeps walking and giggles to herself.

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Later that night, Tikki explains that she is actually much older than 5,000 years. There has always been a Ladybug superhero, and Tikki is the kwami who has watched over every Ladybug since the beginning. Marinette wonders if the other Ladybugs were as klutzy as herself. Tikki replies that every Ladybug is different, but Marinette is surprising, unpredictable, endearing, talented, a quick learner, and the cutest Ladybug. The episode ends with Tikki telling Marinette to get some sleep because she has a history test tomorrow. Marinette quips that at least her test is about ancient Egypt.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Korea.
    • This episode was the third to air in France and the seventh to air in Korea.
  • The Korean title for this episode is "Lady of the Pharaoh".
  • The date of the video and Alya's live stream on the Ladyblog suggests this episode takes place on May 21.
    • With the inclusion of the Ladyblog video, this episode takes place over the course of two days. However, it could be anywhere from three days to a week long because Marinette did not have her textbook the previous day and had to borrow from Alya and because the Ladyblog video was filmed "last week."
  • In the English dub of this episode, Alya says on her blog that she is in the 10th grade, while in one of the sub versions, she says she's in the 9th grade.
    • In the French dub of this episode, Alya says it is a troisième-year textbook, which is equivalent to Year 10 in the UK and Grade 9 in the US.
    • Alya threw this textbook behind her when the Pharaoh showed up so that she could film for the Ladyblog.
  • In the French version, Marinette had written her name in her history book before she dropped it.
  • The Tutankhamun exhibition that appears in this episode was previously advertised by some banners in "Copycat".
  • Adrien and Plagg briefly discuss the possibility that he and Ladybug know each other. It wasn't until "The Dark Owl" that Plagg discovered that the possibility was true.
  • In the Korean dub of the episode, the Pharaoh seeks to revive Queen Ankhesenamun, who, according to the episode, died before King Tutankhamen. Historically, Ankhesenamun was King Tut's only wife, and she died later in life than her husband.
    • In the English version, Ankhesenamun is called "Princess Nefertiti", after another Egyptian Queen with a much easier to pronounce name.
      • Nefertiti was King Tut's father's (King Akhenaten's) first wife. She is not related to King Tut and died about a year after Tut became Pharaoh.
    • In the French version, the Pharaoh is Akhenaten and the Egyptian Queen is Nefertiti. This rendition of names is considered the canonically accurate version.[8]
  • This episode also takes considerable liberties with Egyptian mythology. In the myths, Thoth was the god of writing and knowledge, not the god of time. Sekhmet was the goddess of war but is portrayed as a goddess of destruction. Horus was the god of kingship and ruled the sky, but there are no major legends about him with wings. His mother, Isis, goddess of magic, was the only Egyptian deity with wings.
  • Tikki is revealed to be over 5,000 years old, and people have been using the Ladybug Miraculous to fight evil for thousands of years.
  • Which is actually incorrect because the real King Tut ruled Egypt 3,300 years ago.
    • The pharaoh that ruled Egypt 5,000 years ago was actually King Menes.
  • When the Pharaoh is about to perform the spell to offer Alya to Ra, the sun god, the mummies stand around them in an ankh, an Egyptian hieroglyph which reads as "life."
  • In the English dub of this episode when the Lucky Charm equips Ladybug with a costume version of her superhero suit, Cat Noir asks, "That's our last hope?", but in the Korean version, he quips, "You want me to wear that?"
  • This is one of Carrie Keranen's favorite episodes, along with "Lady Wifi".[9]
  • The second time Cat Noir uses Cataclysm in this episode is unknown. He is on his last toe pad at the end of the episode.
  • After Alya tells Ladybug where the akuma is after Ladybug rescues her, she turns her head to the camera and says "I pay attention!", breaking the fourth wall.
  • Marinette doesn't read hieroglyphics at all, sort of similar to "Kung Food" in which her Mandarin gets all jumbled up. In short, her knowledge of languages is moot at this point.
  • On the background of the Egyptian gallery, the sign says "Pharaons". There's nothing wrong since this is how the French spells it. The English translation is simply "Pharaohs". Anyway, it's natural to show that they're in France and not in a place involving English.
  • This is the first time where Cat Noir uses his powers to destroy a previous object: the Louvre Museum bars seen in "Copycat".


  • The school bag that Alya normally uses is light blue, but in this episode, she uses a yellow school bag that has the same design as Nino's.
  • When Alya moves to film Ladybug freeing Cat Noir from the sarcophagus, she takes her bag off. In the next scene, the strap is on her shoulder. It's missing again when the Pharaoh picks her up.
  • When Cat Noir looks at his Miraculous after using Cataclysm, the ring is on his left hand.
  • When Alya was picked up by the mummies, she dropped her phone on the ground. Then she has it again.
  • When Ladybug dragged Cat Noir away from the mummies, his baton was long and in his hand. When she let him go, his baton was small and on his back.
  • The pendant's chain grows and shrinks in length throughout much of the episode.
  • The bus where Ladybug and Cat Noir lock most of the mummies has an advertisement with Mireille and Aurore on the side. This is for the KIDZ+ weather girl competition from the episode "Stormy Weather" and is not supposed to be there.[10]
  • When Ladybug leaves Alya after defeating Pharaoh, Cat Noir‘s right hand is placed on top on his left hand, but it’s on his shoulder in the next shot.


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