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The Miraculous Collection is a set of four books that adapts episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It's currently available at the official Zag Store.[1]


Join Ladybug and Cat Noir in these four exciting Parisian adventures! Spots On! Marinette seems like any other high school girl, but she's far from it. In fact, Marinette lives a double life - she is also the superhero 'Ladybug'. Little does Marinette know, her crush, Adrien, also has a hidden identity - 'Cat Noir'. Unaware of each other's true identities, the fiercely independent Ladybug and overconfident Cat Noir team up to protect Paris from the evil Hawk Moth. Miraculous is a red hot animated superhero series


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Series Books Release date
1 4 August 30, 2018
# Title/Adapted Episode Release date ISBN
1 Stormy Weather August 30, 2018 TBA
When new villain Stormy Weather hits Paris, she is set to cause chaos. Will Marinette be bale to transform in time to save the city without neglecting her babysitting duties ?
2 The Bubbler August 30, 2018 TBA
When Nino is transformed into the Bubbler, he uses a magic bubble-wand to trap adults inside giant bubbles. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir burst the Bubbler's plan?
3 Timebreaker August 30, 2018 TBA
When Alix is transformed into a time-travelling villain, Ladybug and Cat Noir must return to the past. But will an extra superhero be enough to help them foil Timebreaker's plan? Timebreaker is the third title in a new Miraculous fiction series. It follows the events of the television episode of the same name.
4 Copycat August 30, 2018 TBA
An artist jealous of Cat Noir and Ladybug's partnership has framed Cat Noir in a robbery. Will Ladybug be able to spot the copycat and clear her partner's name? Copycat is the fourth title in a new Miraculous fiction series. It follows the events of the television episode of the same name.



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