"The Chase" is the third episode of the Miraculous Zag Chibi short series.[3] It premiered on August 31, 2018, on the official Miraculous Chibi YouTube channel.[2]


Cat Noir decides to ask Ladybug to the movies. But if he wants the superheroine to go with him, he'll need to catch the tickets first, as they just slipped out of his hand and are now flying away in the Paris sky…[4]


While Ladybug releases a purified Akuma, Cat Noir jumps out of a garbage bin he fell into. Ladybug bursts out laughing upon noticing a banana peel in his hair, which he throws away in disgust, then winks at him and leaves. Cat Noir pulls out a pair of movie tickets, imagining him and Ladybug watching a movie together, and holds them up triumphantly before the Paris skyline. Later, Ladybug is seen running across the rooftops of Paris, before stopping to admire a picture of Adrien on a sidewalk column. Cat Noir comes up behind her, startling her into punching him and making the tickets fly out of his hand. Pausing to flirt with her for a moment, he runs off after the tickets, leaving her to continue admiring the poster of Adrien. Cat Noir attempts to catch the tickets by leaping off several rooftops, but the wind blows them away each time. Ladybug notices Cat Noir's activity and investigates, but Cat Noir gestures in reassurance before making one last attempt to catch the tickets, pinning them down with his staff before handing them to Ladybug and collapsing on a rooftop. Unfortunately, upon receiving the tickets, Ladybug finds that the staff has punched holes in them, making them useless. She discards the tickets and leaves, while Cat Noir lies passed out on the rooftop.



  • The scene when Ladybug jumps from rooftop to rooftop before noticing an advertisement of Adrien is a recycled animation from "Rooftop Dinner".
  • The chibi design of the purified akuma is noticeably different from that of the main series.


  • After Cat Noir throws a banana peel off his head, Ladybug disappears in one frame.


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