"It's no biggie you know, Juleka and I often play Super Penguino together."

—Rose, "Oblivio"

Super Penguino is a popular platform game app in the series. While it is considered childish, it is played by most students of Miss Bustier's class.

How to Play

While the game wasn't fully shown being played, the screen shows the player controlling the character as it jumps icy platforms above water and collecting coins.

The screen has timer and life counters on the upper left corner, and score and coin counters on the upper right. The bottom has a direction pad and presumably a jump button.

Despite appearing as a single player game, it is said to be played by pairs, with one controlling the character's movements, and the other player controlling the jumps. Alya insinuates to Marinette that the game would be better when played with "the right partner".


The only shown playable character is a penguin.



Comics and books


  • Super Penguino is used throughout "Oblivio" as a euphemism for romantic relationships with many of the canon couples admitting to playing it, including Alya and Nino and Ivan and Mylène. As well as this, other couples who are heavily implied to be involved also play it such as Marc and Nathaniel and Rose and Juleka.
    • Interestingly, Chloé and Sabrina are said to play the game as well.
  • The game is a reference to Super Mario.

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