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This page is for a concept/character/etc. that didn't become, isn't considered, or hasn't been confirmed canon in the Miraculous Ladybug Quantic Universe continuity.

Super Lady Luck is an online slot game on Isoftbet for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. This game has been around since 2012 and has had some modifications over time.[1]

How to Play

The game goes from left to right in order of what connects. If there is something in the first column and the second column, no matter the row, those two connect. However, a connection that earns in-game euros must be three of a kind. In the picture above, Mr. Pigeon connects four times. Kid Mime, while he is on there three times, does not connect to the first column. To see the amount of money each picture group gives, click on the picture. While playing normally, Lady Luck may appear on the right side of the screen. She only does this when the player has not received any money in that particular spin. She will shake the entire board, causing a free re-spin. If the player does not receive any money from the re-spin, she will reappear again and re-spin until the player earns something.

Sometimes, the player can find "Scatter" cards. Gain three of these cards in different columns on the board, and the player gains 10 Free Spins. Four cards give the player 15 Free Spins. Five cards give the player 30 Free Spins. During this event, the player doesn't lose any money and it is Lady Luck who spins the board. If the player does not earn anything from a particular spin, more often than not, Lady Luck will appear on the left side of the screen and zap the cards. These cards all become the same card and definitely earn the player money.

If there is a Bonus card facing an Extended Wildcard and they are directly next to each other--not one row apart, not diagonal--then the Lady Luck and Black Cat Wheel Bonus Game is triggered. The player has the option of picking between Lady Luck and Black Cat. This gives the wheel a point of reference for the multiplier of whatever is spun. (There are two wheels: the inner wheel has petals with coins, more spins, and the jackpot on it; the outer wheel is a multiplier of whatever the inner wheel will be.) In this game, the player can win the Progressive Black Cat Jackpot.

In any game, when you make more than 100 euros, Ladybug will appear with the score and a voice will announce, "Big win!"


  • The older version of this game included 2D animations of Ladybug, Cat Noir (featuring Félix Agreste as Cat Noir, rather than Adrien Agreste from the series), Mr. Pigeon, the Mime, and Hawk Moth.[2]
  • From the unused concept of Quantic Kids, Melodie and Kid Mime appear as slot images in both the old and current versions of the game, while Mercury appeared as a slot image only in the old version.
  • The game has had many different titles, including Miraculous and Ladybug Adventures.


Ladybug with a wand in Super Lady Luck
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