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Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)

Season 2, episode 18 (Production order); Episode 44 (Overall)

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Oh no, it's Audrey Bourgeois! Only the harshest fashion critic in the entire world! I didn't know she was coming!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Style Queen"

"Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)" is a Season 2 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] According to the series' production/written order, it is the 18th episode of Season 2, as well as the 44th episode of the series, overall. [1]

This episode is also the 1st part of the 2 parter, "The Queen's Battle."


When she is humiliated by Gabriel, Chloe's mother becomes Style Queen, who possesses a magical scepter and aims to exact her revenge on Adrien.[5]


It's Fashion Week in Paris and Adrien is going to be modeling the derby hat Marinette submitted to Gabriel Agreste's fashion design contest. Marinette fears that no one will like her hat since there's a synthetic pigeon feather and not a real one, but Tikki reassures her that it's fine and reminds Marinette of Adrien's allergy.

The international queen of fashion has arrived.

The two then head to the fashion show, but once they arrive, Marinette discovers that Audrey Bourgeois, the harshest fashion critic in the world, is in town for the event. Following her appearance, Marinette is unsure about presenting the hat, especially when she overhears the fashion critic tell Nadja Chamack that glitter is what's in style since there is no glitter on her hat. Marinette attempts to sneak away, but Nathalie catches her and takes her to Adrien. On the way, she accidentally bumps into Chloé and Audrey, dropping her hat in the process. Chloé shows Audrey the hat and makes fun of it, but Marinette denies to Audrey that the hat is hers before taking off with Nathalie.

Adrien holding Marinette's derby hat.

In his trailer, Adrien feels a little odd about the suit he has to wear for the fashion show and is teased by Plagg for it. Marinette and Nathalie then arrive. Marinette walks over to Adrien but trips over the trailer stairs and drops her hat, causing the side feather to fall off. Together, Adrien and Marinette go to pick it up. Adrien realizes that the feather has fallen and expresses worry that Marinette's work is ruined. Marinette says it doesn't matter since she assumes Audrey Bourgeois didn't like it, but Adrien reassures her that the hat is fine and puts it on, practicing his catwalk with it. After Marinette compliments him, she and Nathalie leave.

Chloé brags about her mother.

Back at the fashion show, Tom and Sabine wonder if Marinette is nervous. Alya tells them that she probably is since it's her first fashion show. Audrey and Chloé then show up with Audrey sitting beside them. However, Alya tells her that the seat is reserved for Marinette. Marinette and Nathalie arrive as Chloé boasts about her mother being the best fashion critic in the world. Nathalie tells Audrey that Gabriel reserved a seat for her, which pleases her until Nathalie says that it's in the second row. Audrey refuses to sit anywhere but the first row, but all Nathalie says in reply is that she'll reserve her seat for someone else if she doesn't want it. Audrey attempts to fire Nathalie, but she reminds her that she works for Gabriel, not her. Enraged, Audrey calls Gabriel, but he ignores her call and turns to speak to his wife Emilie, who is inside a coffin in Gabriel's secret basement. He apologizes to her about taking so long but promises that his newest prey has more malice than anyone who's ever been akumatized before, calling her his masterpiece.

Audrey being akumatized by Hawk Moth.

Audrey is further angered when Gabriel doesn't pick up her call. Claiming that she will not watch a fashion show from the second row, Audrey turns to leave with Chloé and André following behind her. Hawk Moth picks up on Audrey's anger and sends an akuma after her, which infects the gold rose on top of her hat. Hawk Moth offers her the power to show everyone that she is the queen of style in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Audrey accepts the deal and is transformed into Style Queen, a villain who can turn others into gold glitter statues.

Style Queen turns Adrien into a glitter statue.

The fashion show starts and Adrien walks down the catwalk when suddenly, Style Queen appears and demands that Gabriel Agreste kneel before her. Adrien tells her that his father is not present, so Style Queen decides to settle for Adrien instead, turning him into a glitter statue, much to the crowd's horror. Plagg, who was watching everything from above a rail, realizes that Adrien being turned into a statue presents a problem and takes off. Hawk Moth is equally horrified at what's happened to Adrien, but decides that he has no choice and tells Style Queen to capture Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Marinette hides and transforms into Ladybug.

Ladybug ready to fight Style Queen.

As everyone runs away, Style Queen turns more and more people into glitter statues. André attempts to convince his wife to stop, but she merely turns him into a glitter statue, too. When Chloé appears in front of her, Style Queen nearly turns her into a glitter statue, too, until she offers to be her assistant. Agreeing to put Chloé on trial, Style Queen is then confronted by Ladybug. Style Queen criticizes Ladybug's costume, but Ladybug pays no mind to it and engages her in combat. However, without Cat Noir around, Style Queen gains the upper hand and very nearly turns Ladybug into a glitter statue. But Chloé then intervenes, offering to take Style Queen to Gabriel Agreste's house and suggesting that she finish Ladybug off later. Agreeing, Style Queen takes off with Chloé and Adrien.

Arriving at the Agreste mansion, Style Queen searches everywhere but Gabriel is nowhere to be found. She turns to Chloé and asks her where he is. Chloé says that Gabriel usually never leaves his house. Hawk Moth then makes contact and tells Style Queen that Ladybug and Cat Noir are protecting Gabriel and that in order to get to him, she must first capture Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Style Queen agrees and takes off to the Eiffel Tower with Chloé and Adrien.

Chloé helps Ladybug.

At the tower, Style Queen puts Adrien on a gold table, puts her akumatized object in his mouth, and makes a barrier over the two. She then orders Chloé to find Ladybug and Cat Noir and call her if she does. Once Style Queen leaves, Chloé desperately tries to free Adrien but with no luck. She then notices Ladybug, who'd arrived at the tower and left a voicemail to Cat Noir to hurry up. Chloé ushers Ladybug to hurry since Adrien was starting to vanish and tells her where Style Queen's akuma is. Style Queen catches Chloé helping Ladybug and turns her into a glitter statue. Ladybug and Style Queen face off once again, but Ladybug has trouble holding her ground against Style Queen. Calling upon her Lucky Charm, Ladybug receives a mallet and soon realizes that it's telling her to go to Master Fu. As she leaves, Style Queen prepares to go after her but is stopped by Hawk Moth, who tells her that Ladybug will soon come back with Cat Noir.

Marinette chooses the Bee Miraculous.

Marinette arrives at Master Fu's and explains the situation to him. Master Fu assures Marinette that Cat Noir is fine and reveals Cat Noir's kwami, Plagg, to be with him. Plagg tells Marinette that Cat Noir lost his Miraculous, much to her shock, so he'll have to help her instead. Master Fu, however, refuses to allow this since Plagg is too dangerous without an owner, reminding the kwami of past disastrous events caused by him. Instead, Master Fu takes out the Miracle Box and allows Marinette to choose a trusted ally to help her fight Style Queen on the condition that she return the Miraculous once the job is completed. Marinette chooses the Bee Miraculous and claims to know just the right person.

Ladybug attempts to give Alya the Bee Miraculous.

Back at the Eiffel Tower, Alya climbs up to get more footage for her Ladyblog. Ladybug appears before her and begins to offer her the Bee Miraculous, but before she can, Style Queen appears and attacks the two. Alya pushes Ladybug out of the way, turning into a glitter statue, and in the fall, Ladybug drops the Bee Miraculous. Without another option, Ladybug calls on her Lucky Charm again, this time receiving a tube of glue. Ladybug puts the glue on a French flag nearby and uses it to attack Style Queen. As her body is made from glitter, parts of it fall onto the flag, leaving her without a midsection. Even so, Style Queen manages to attack Ladybug and make her drop the flag.

Plagg using cataclysm on the Eiffel Tower, nearly destroying everything around it.

Before she can turn Ladybug into a glitter statue, Plagg appears and protects Ladybug from Style Queen. He calls upon Cataclysm, destroying half of the Eiffel Tower, a nearby bridge, and the Tour Montparnasse. It gives Ladybug enough time to break the barrier surrounding Adrien, take the akumatized object, break it, and purify the akuma. Then using her Miraculous Ladybug power, Ladybug returns everything back to normal. Ladybug and Plagg then pound it, with the latter promising to keep an eye on Cat Noir.

Hawk Moth is both shocked and saddened that Style Queen, his greatest masterpiece, failed, unsure what else he can do. Gabriel enters his atelier and is contacted by Nathalie, who comments on the big risk he took involving Adrien. Gabriel tells her that he wishes that he could tell Adrien why he's doing what he's doing, turning to face the portrait of his wife.

Marinette realizing that she had lost the Bee Miraculous.

Ladybug takes Adrien back to the fashion show and then hides and transforms back into Marinette. Tikki reminds Marinette about the Bee Miraculous. Marinette believes that the Miraculous Ladybug brought it back, but Tikki tells her that's not the case. Horrified at the thought of losing a Miraculous, Marinette prepares to go back to the Eiffel Tower but runs into her parents, who are relieved that she's okay and drag her back to the fashion show. Marinette promises Tikki that no one will find the Miraculous and that she'll get it back once the fashion show is over, but Tikki is still worried.

Chloé is shocked to see Pollen.

Back at the Eiffel Tower, Chloé and Audrey walk down the tower's stairs, with the latter complaining about the elevators. Chloé then stumbles across the Miraculous box and later in her room opens it up, finding the Bee Miraculous and the kwami Pollen, who happily greets her.


Major characters

Minor characters


One of the audience members must be a huge Cat Noir fan.

  • This episode was first revealed in a promotional video for Season 2 released by TFOU on August 31, 2017.[6]
  • Two clips of this episode are seen at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.[7]
  • This is one of the few episodes Ladybug is not happy during her transformation. Other examples are "The Bubbler", "Santa Claws", "Zombizou", and "Anansi".
  • This the fifth time Adrien has been put in direct danger due to Hawk Moth's villains following "Pixelator", "Simon Says", "Riposte", and "Gorizilla".
  • Style Queen is derived from the phrase "beauty queen".
  • The episode reveals that Emilie lays in a windowed container in the basement of the Agreste Mansion.
  • This is currently the only known episode to have almost all characters from Season 1 and Season 2 who make an appearance in this episode.
  • Style Queen is one of the few villains Hawk Moth doesn't name because "Style Queen" is the title of Audrey Bourgeois' magazine.
  • This is the first time a kwami directly uses his power without his holder.
  • It is revealed that Plagg is able to perform Cat Noir's Cataclysm, apparently stronger as it destroys the Eiffel Tower along with a nearby bridge and Tour Montparnasse.
    • Meaning that all kwamis can use their powers without their owners.
  • This episode reveals that Plagg is responsible for multiple disastrous events in the past when he used his powers without his owners, such as sinking Atlantis, leaning the tower of Pisa, and wiping out the dinosaurs.
    • However the real Leaning Tower of Pisa, was leaning due to faulty foundations five years after its construction had started.
    • When the real Atlantis sunk most people believe it was done by natural disasters.
      • According to Plagg when that happened he said "he had too much cheese" but for it to be true that means his Miraculous would've been made by then giving him his physical form likely meaning the Quantic Universe version of Atlantis sunk later than it's real world counterpart.
    • The dinosaurs went extinct to due to many possible causes.
  • Marinette planned to offer the Bee Miraculous to Alya, making her the first known person to be considered to wield two Miraculous.
  • This episode doesn't have an end card.
  • This episode premiered on October 6, which is fitting because the real fashion week in Paris was over three days before this episode came out.
  • The way Style Queen called Adrien "Sleeping Beauty" is a reference to Princess Aurora from the 1959 Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.
  • One of the audience members at the fashion show wears a shirt that has the Cat Miraculous logo.
  • Style Queen is one of the few villains who isn't in constant possession of their akumatized object following "The Dark Owl" and "Captain Hardrock".
  • This is the first time an akumatized object looks the same way as it is when not akumatized.
  • Marinette officially meets her partner's kwami, Plagg.
  • Cat Noir doesn't appear in this episode because Adrien didn't transform.
  • This is the second episode that Ladybug and Cat Noir don't work together to fight a villain following "Princess Fragrance".
  • This is the second time that Adrien doesn't wear his regular clothes following "Riposte".
  • This is the first time Plagg and Adrien end up separated.
  • This is the first time Hawk Moth sees another kwami (albeit through the eyes of Style Queen) followed by "Sandboy".
  • Another aspect of the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) is revealed despite them being able to fix a Miraculous when damaged by the power of another Miraculous the magic ladybugs can't retrieve Miraculous that are lost or missing.
  • That Tikki was aware of the effects of the magic ladybugs.
  • Marinette's mistake was similar to Master Fu's and the Agreste couple as all three lost or used a Miraculous resulting in something terrible.
    • Marinette's was purely an accident unlike the Agreste couple and Master Fu, she had no intention of using the Bee Miraculous for selfish or reckless intent but due to her losing the jewel ended it up in the hands of someone who did have those kinds of intentions.
      • However both Alya and Plagg did the right thing if it wasn't for them, then Hawk Moth would have been close to achieving victory for the fifth time following "Lady Wifi", "The Puppeteer", "Dark Owl" and "Zombizou".
    • For the Agreste couple even if their intentions weren't selfish they were still reckless by refusing to stop the use of the Peacock Miraculous in it's broken state they were responsible for damage they caused to everyone around them.
    • While at the same time Master Fu's was selfish, he knew the danger of using a Miraculous for such a reason was a bad idea but he did it anyway.


Look closely, and you'll see Pollen's stinger and part of her tuft are pink.

  • During the fashion show, Lila Rossi appeared in the audience. But according to Thomas Astruc, this was actually an animation mistake.[8]
  • When Adrien's bodyguard drives away after Audrey "fires" him, his sideburns are white.
  • When Marinette grabs the Bee Miraculous, the other Miraculous drawers aren't open.
  • When Chloé brags about her mother to her classmates, Bob Roth's moustache is miscolored brown. And not only that, but XY's hair is also missing.
  • In one frame when Ladybug is carrying Adrien back to the fashion show, part of her feet is missing.
  • After Ladybug drops Adrien off at the fashion show and left, Adrien's left eye was a little off as he watches Ladybug took off.
  • Before Pollen greets Chloé for the first time, her stinger and part of her tuft are miscolored pink.


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