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This article is about the Season 1 episode. You may be looking for the character, the Season 3 episode, or the manga chapter.
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Stormy Weather

Season 1, episode 01 (Production order); Episode 01 (Overall)

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Let's welcome our fantastic finalists! To my right, Aurore Beauréal, and to my left, Mireille Caquet! Who will be the lucky winner?

Alec Cataldi, "Stormy Weather"

"Stormy Weather" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[7] According to the series' production/written order, it is the 1st episode and premiere of Season 1, as well as the 1st episode of the series, overall.[1]


After losing a contest for TV weather girl, bitter Aurore is akumatized into the villain Stormy Weather, who traps Marinette's friend Alya in ice.[8]


The episode begins with the finale of the KIDZ+ television contest to find a new weather girl. It's all down to two contestants: Mireille Caquet and Aurore Beauréal. The voting is up to the viewers at home.

While the competition is airing on the television in Marinette's home, Manon Chamack, whom Marinette is babysitting, steals Marinette's phone so that she can vote for Mireille. Marinette chases Manon around the living room, trying to get both her phone and hat back from her. When she gets one thing back, she loses the other. Tikki offers Marinette words of encouragement. The doorbell rings, and Marinette opens it to see Alya.

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Alya reveals that Adrien is at the Place des Vosges for a photo shoot. This makes Marinette excited, but Manon appears, halting their gossip over Adrien. Alya offers to take care of Manon while Marinette goes to watch Adrien, but Marinette declines, stating that Manon is her responsibility. Manon runs off, grabbing pots and pans and making noise. Alya helps Marinette calm down Manon; she has experience with younger children due to her younger sisters, Ella and Etta Césaire. Manon is curious as to who Alya is, and Alya responds by saying she is a unicorn princess from the planet Rispa, currently in the form of a human. Alya picks up Manon, swinging her around in the air, before placing her on Marinette's shoulders. Together, the three of them head off to the park.

Stormy Weather (98).png

Back at the KIDZ+ studio, the votes are in: Mireille has won by a landslide with 82% of the votes. A devastated Aurore runs off the stage. Hawk Moth, in his lair, feels Aurore's anger and sends an akuma after her.

Stormy Weather (118).png

The akuma finds Aurore in an elevator, embedding itself into her parasol. Hawk Moth proposes to make Aurore into the best weather girl the world has seen, so long as she can get Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, to which Aurore agrees. From the elevator emerges the purple and white supervillain, Stormy Weather.

Alya, Marinette, and Manon hide around a tree, watching Adrien's photo shoot at the Place des Vosges. Alya asks what Marinette is going to do, and this leads to Marinette fantasizing what her future with Adrien would be, including three children, a possible dog, and a definite hamster. Alya calms her down, and they attempt to walk "casually" past the photo shoot. Alya points out that Adrien can't see them. When Marinette tries to turn around and start over, he spots them. Adrien waves, causing Marinette to wave in return and a large grin to appear on her face.

Trophy in hand, Mireille enters an elevator heading down. Before she can reach her designated floor, Stormy Weather appears. Stormy Weather traps Mireille in the elevator, freezing it open with ice. She then runs off.

The episode returns to Adrien's photo shoot, the girls standing off to the side, watching. To encourage Adrien, the photographer, Vincent, has Adrien imagine his mother, Emilie, with a bowl of spaghetti and doing various things with said bowl (i.e. dropping it). Marinette cannot stop smiling, her mouth dropping open even after Alya reaches over and closes it. Manon is bored until she spots a man with Mireille balloons. Manon begs Marinette to buy her a balloon, having to scream at her to bring her out of her trance. This causes the photo shoot to halt and everyone to look at Marinette. Alya offers to take Manon to get the balloon, but with Manon stuck to Marinette's leg, Marinette leaves. Alya stays, and the photo shoot returns to normal.

Stormy Weather (172).png

Stormy Weather sashays out of the KIDZ+ studio to a crowd chanting Mireille's name. Angry that they still cheer for Mireille, Stormy Weather unleashes a wind storm on the people, blowing them and the metal railings away. Stormy Weather then takes off into the sky.

Back at the Place des Vosges, Marinette pays for a Mireille balloon, handing it to Manon. Manon grabs Marinette's hand and rushes off to the carousel. She guilt trips Marinette into staying with her when Alya arrives, informing Marinette that Adrien needs a female partner (he looks too lethargic for the photographer's taste). Marinette protests, stating that she has to stay with Manon, but Alya insists, taking Manon and jumping on the unicorn in the carousel. Alya distracts Manon, allowing Marinette to be with Adrien.

Stormy Weather (251).png

In the sky, Stormy Weather's flight is halted by a stray Mireille balloon. She looks down, finding the park vendor handing another one to a child. Stormy Weather makes her presence known by sending out another windstorm, blowing the people away. She then surrounds the carousel in thick ice, covering it entirely. Manon and Alya are trapped inside. Marinette runs off, hiding behind a park bench. She brings out Tikki and transforms into Ladybug.

Stormy Weather lands in the park, zapping the Mireille balloons with her parasol. Adrien sees this and takes off to find Plagg. Adrien pulls out a piece of Camembert, and the kwami flies to it. Wasting no time, Adrien transforms into Cat Noir.

Stormy Weather (295).png

Ladybug runs over to the carousel, determined to free Manon and Alya. Getting her yo-yo, she wraps it thrice around the ice and pulls, but the ice is way too slippery and smooth for her yo-yo to do anything. The yo-yo comes free, hitting Ladybug on her head, causing her to fall back. Getting up, she runs over to Manon and Alya, reassuring them that she will free both of them. Ladybug accidentally calls Manon by her name. She covers up her slip by saying Marinette found her and told her about Manon. Alya nods at the superhero, pulling Manon away--distracting her--as Ladybug runs off to find Stormy Weather.

Stormy Weather (313).png

Stormy Weather isn't far. Cat Noir stops her as she is leaving the Place des Vosges, throwing a few puns at her while he warns her to stop. Annoyed, she sends a gust of wind his way blowing him off the park's fence; over several buildings; and into four cars. Ladybug finds him splayed on the road and offers him a hand. He takes it, returning to his feet and kissing her hand. She pushes his face away, reminding him that they don't have time for his childish games.

Stormy Weather floats over to them, interrupting them. She points her parasol into the sky, causing clouds to appear over Paris. Lightning rains down, aimed at Cat Noir, but Ladybug rushes at him, knocking them both to the side. As they roll, Cat Noir ends up on top of Ladybug, and Cat Noir grins impishly at her. Ladybug is not amused, turning his head to remind him of the problem at hand. Cat Noir sprints towards Stormy Weather, but she freezes the road, making it slick. Sending yet another gust towards him, he is thrown backward.

Cat Noir only remains on the street due to Ladybug, who thought quickly and wrapped her yo-yo around a lamppost and grabbed his tail.

Stormy Weather (375).png

When the wind stops, the heroes fall. Cat Noir bounces back to his feet, ready to chase Stormy Weather, but Ladybug stops him, telling him to think before he leaps. Ladybug then runs up the side of a building. Cat Noir follows suit on the opposite side of the street. They jump off at the same time, swinging their weapons at Stormy Weather. She turns, blowing them and many cars several streets away. The two land, dodging the cars as they fall. Suddenly, a bus comes flying at them. Ladybug pulls Cat Noir close, swinging her yo-yo rapidly, as the bus falls on them. The yo-yo acts like a drill, leaving the two heroes safe inside the bus, other than Cat Noir accidentally getting hit on the head by Ladybug's yo-yo.

At the Place des Vosges, the weather becomes worse. Firefighters work with axes to dig Manon and Alya out, but the ice becomes thicker and more jagged. Alya cannot distract Manon from the fact the ice is groaning and pulls her back under the carousel, and the two girls show fear.

Stormy Weather halts her flight to speak with Hawk Moth. He determines that the world knows of her powers and that it is time for her to keep her end of the deal. He tells her about his plan.

Stormy Weather (383).png

Ladybug opens one of the bus's windows and holds on to Cat Noir's staff. Cat Noir lengthens it, allowing Ladybug to get out and pull him up afterward. A nearby digital billboard turns on, revealing Stormy Weather giving the weather. She casts all of France in eternal winter, and it begins to snow. Cat Noir brushes her threat off, stating that he would've looked good in a swimsuit. In the same tone, Ladybug responds that the cat suit is good enough. She knows where Stormy Weather is. Together, Cat Noir and Ladybug rush to the KIDZ+ studio.

When they arrive, Cat Noir points out a picture of Aurore, and the two realize that her parasol has the akuma in it. The two move along, running to the recording area, busting open the doors on the way. They find it empty and learn that the weather forecast was prerecorded. Laughing, Stormy Weather appears in the doorway behind Ladybug and Cat Noir. She aims a blast at the lights, taking out all of the lights in the building. A couple of them fall as she does this. Laughing, Stormy Weather runs off.

Meanwhile, the ice in Place des Vosges is becoming thicker, poking holes in the roof of the carousel. Alya pleads for Ladybug to hurry.

Stormy Weather (431).png

Ladybug stumbles, unable to find her way in the dark. Cat Noir grabs her hand, able to see due to his night vision. He leads her through the building and up two flights of stairs. Ladybug protests, but when she is hit with a fire extinguisher by Stormy Weather, she allows Cat Noir to continue leading her. They end up on the roof, Cat Noir holding Ladybug's hand. Stormy Weather cackles, releasing a cyclone around the building.

Stormy Weather (468).png

Ladybug moves to retaliate, finding her hand trapped. She glares at Cat Noir as he sheepishly grins, removing his hand. Stormy Weather sets hail onto the heroes. Cat Noir pulls Ladybug in front of him, raising his baton and twirling it in a circle, blocking the ice. Cat Noir complains that his arms are cramping. Ladybug uses Lucky Charm, and a bath towel appears, Ladybug wraps it around her arm. Looking around, she spots several pipes and a billboard. Ladybug tells Cat Noir to destroy the billboard.

Cat Noir prepares himself by using Cataclysm. He then taunts Stormy Weather, distracting her as he runs his hand along the billboard. It comes crashing down toward Stormy Weather. She blasts a hole in it with a bolt of lightning and Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around Stormy Weather's ankle. Ladybug takes off running under pipes and against a crane before jumping over an HVAC. Opening the towel, Ladybug soars into the air, pulling Stormy Weather down. The speed at which she falls and the angle of the crane cause her to lose her parasol. Cat Noir catches it, tossing it to Ladybug, who breaks it in half. Ladybug opens her yoyo, captures the akuma and purifies it. She throws the towel into the air, repairing all the damage that Stormy Weather had created and cleansing the city.

Stormy Weather (551).png

The storm rolls away, and the ice covering the carousel is gone. Alya and Manon are both safe and sound. Fist bumping after a job well done, the two heroes leave.

Back in the Place des Vosges, Adrien and the photographer are waiting for the lucky girl to show up. Tikki points this out, stating that Marinette deserves to be in that photo shoot. Manon spots Marinette and runs into her open arms. She reveals Marinette's secret: Marinette's the best friend of Ladybug, unbeknownst to her and everyone that she is the real superheroine Ladybug. Marinette agrees as Alya walks over. Handing Manon over to Alya, Marinette runs to the photographer, ready for the shoot. The photographer stops her, seeing Manon. Instead of Marinette, the rest of the shoot continues with Manon and Adrien, the two very happy and very adorable. Marinette sighs as Alya pats her on the back, comforting her.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Korea, the first country to air the series, making it the first episode overall worldwide.
    • This episode is also the first episode aired in France and other countries, but in the US, this aired as the third episode, after "The Bubbler" and "Mr. Pigeon".
  • Tumblr user jep2k3, a storyboard artist for the show, posted a couple GIFs of a scene he boarded for this episode.[9]
  • As a Christmas gift for Miraculous Ladybug fans in 2015, Thomas Astruc released a complete storyboard version of this episode to YouTube.[10]
  • In the Korean dub, Alya is a unicorn princess from the Nespar Kingdom.
  • In the French dub, Stormy Weather is called "Climatika."
  • This is the first episode that doesn't have an end card.
  • In many variations of this episode, including the English dub, a kissing sound is made when Ladybug and Cat Noir roll over each other in Stormy Weather's initial attack. This sound does not exist in the French dub. Therefore, while many episodes perpetuate it, Ladybug and Cat Noir did not kiss each other at all.
  • Aurore is the first victim to try to resist akumatization, as she clearly tries to swat the butterfly away.
  • On May 5, 2018, a section of the film was shown "Putin 4.0".[11]
  • This is the first and only episode where we see Cat Noir use his night vision.
  • In Marinette's fantasy, the "three kids" she mentions are named Hugo, Louis, and Emma.
  • Marinette felt guilty about leaving Manon, but actually, she did the right thing. If she hadn't left, then she wouldn't have been able to help anybody as her alter ego.
  • This is the first episode where the transformation timer isn't mentioned, followed by "Guitar Villain" and "Furious Fu".
  • When Ladybug said, "Let's wire cut this icy cake," it's implied that the yo-yo has the ability to cut through things, and that is shown to be true when she used it to shield herself and Cat Noir from an incoming bus by tearing a hole through it.
  • While battling Stormy Weather, Cat Noir calls her various names related to a few story characters.
  • When Cat Noir was sent flying by Stormy Weather the first time he bounced in between a series of cars while doing so the sounds are similar to that of pinball game.
  • This is the only episode in which Hawk Moth doesn't say anything when sending the akuma.
  • This episode shares a few similarities with "The Bubbler":
    • Both of them are the only ones which have the title on the title card in the top left corner, instead of the bottom left like every other episode.
    • Ladybug and Cat Noir's transformations in both episodes have different, less detailed backgrounds than the ones in all other episodes.
    • These similarities most likely are related to the fact that they're the first two episodes to have been aired internationally.
    • Ladybug also references to the righting ability of a cat in both episodes.
  • This is the first time where the heroes appeal to reason with an akumatized villain.
  • If it's true that Mireille had 82% of the votes and Aurore had only 18%, and that Aurore lost by half a million votes, then it can be calculated that Mireille won 640,625 votes, while Aurore had only 140,6255.
  • In an interview with Suji Jung, a few interesting facts about the episode's animation was revealed:[12]
    • This episode cost three times as much to produce in comparison to the rest of the episodes this season.
    • This episode had a much higher frame rate, level of modelling, simulation and attention to detail as compared to other episodes.
    • This episode was also handled as a test run and originally was intended to serve as the baseline standard of the show's animation quality.
  • With Stormy Weather being able to control the weather is similar to Storm of the X-Men.


  • When the episode starts and it shows Thomas Astruc as the director, there is no space between the words "by" and "Thomas".
  • When Cat Noir provokes Stormy Weather on the top of the KIDZ+ studio, his ring is on his middle finger.
  • Cat Noir touches the ventilation pipe with his right hand, when he runs towards the billboard, after activating Cataclysm. However, it may be possible that the Cataclysm effect only works when Cat Noir touches something with brute force.
  • The posters of the weather competition that appear in various episodes such as "The Pharaoh" are animation errors.[13]
  • When Tikki talks Marinette into doing the photo shoot with Adrien, the outside part of her bag clips through the inside as if it were closed.
  • Both the balloon man and Jean Duparc can be seen at the Place des Vosges despite being blown away from the TVi Studio by Stormy Weather a few scenes earlier.
  • As Ladybug and Cat Noir dodge Stormy Weather's lightning bolt Cat Noir's stick disappears for a few frames then, reappears on his back when Ladybug redirects his attention to the titular villain.
  • When Ladybug breaks the parasol with the akuma in it, the akuma comes without the purple stripes on it, but then the stripes reappear when Ladybug is capturing the akuma.
  • When the Lucky Charm is thrown into the air, the magical ladybugs that appear differ from the ones seen in later scenes and episodes. This is a broadcasting error. The corrected version of the scene can be seen in some promotional videos such as Fiestar's music video of the opening.
  • There are several errors on the map of Europe Stormy Weather used in her "forecast".
    • Mainland France (including Monaco) is highlighted, but not Corsica.
    • Andorra, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, San Marino and the Vatican are missing.
    • Northern Ireland has a large peninsula that doesn't exist.
    • The Netherlands extends into northern Belgium.
    • Eastern Poland and southeastern Hungary are deformed.
    • Lithuania and Kaliningrad are too far south.
    • Ukraine extends too far west, chipping out the eastern tip of Slovakia and northeastern Hungary.
    • Northwestern Romania contains parts of Serbia.
    • Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo are part of the same country.
    • North Macedonia is farther west than in should be, cutting out northeastern Albania.
    • European Turkey appears to be a part of Bulgaria, and the rest of Turkey doesn't appear.


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