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Scene: Master Fu's massage shop. Marinette returns the Fox Miraculous.

Master Fu: Great work, Marinette. Thanks to you, Parisians can rest easy tonight.
Marinette: (yawns) I can't wait to do the same. Good night, Master.
Tikki: Marinette, you forgot to mention the school field trip.
Marinette: It's not like I'll be able to go anyway.
Master Fu: What field trip?
Marinette: Oh, the whole class is taking the train to London tomorrow to see Big Ben. But if Hawk Moth creates a supervillain while I'm away, Cat Noir won't be able to capture the Akuma on his own, which means I have to stay. Too bad, tough life of a superhero, besides I'm too exhausted to go anyway.
Master Fu: Wait, the Horse Miraculous can be used to teleport back to Paris in the event of an Akuma situation. (hands her the Horse Miraculous)
Marinette: That's so cool! Thank you, Master.
Master Fu: Ladybug definitely deserves a bit of fun, just like all young people her age.

Scene: Outside Collège Françoise Dupont.

Adrien: See you tonight! (he walks towards the school, but as soon as the car drives away, he runs to the train station) Hawk Moth already struck last night, so there's no chance there'll be another Akumatization today.
Plagg: A day of vacation, finally! Far from Paris and those annoying akumas. Good idea, Adrien.

Scene: Parisian streets.

Roger: (Sees a civilian leaving trash on the sidewalk) Trash must be thrown inside the trashcan or it's littering, he's getting a fine!
Sabrina: No, please, don't dad! You'll make me miss the train, you know that Chloé's relying on me!
Roger: But the law is the law, sweetie.
Sabrina: But you're not on duty yet, are you? Right now you don't have to be anything but my dear, sweet daddy.
(Roger continues driving.)
Civilian 1: You backed right into me!
Civilian 2: (overlapping) You backed into me! No, you backed into me!
(Another civilian throws trash on the ground, and Roger growls in frustration.)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. Hawk Moth's window opens.

Hawk Moth: A frustrated police officer with a passion for justice who has his hands tied... the ideal prey (turns a butterfly into an Akuma) Fly away my little akuma, and evilize him!

Scene: Parisian streets.

(Roger stops behind a car that is emitting a large cloud of smog.)
Roger: (coughs) Another polluter! That driver's getting a fine, his vehicle does not meet city standard!
Sabrina: Daddy! (Her phone alarm starts going off.)
Phone Alarm: (with Chloé's voice) Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry up, Sabrina! (Roger concedes to his daughter and continues driving.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) What's happening? I can feel the anger receding! Fly faster my akuma, catch up with him!

Scene: Gare du Nord.

(Max, Markov, Alya, and Marinette step out of a taxi. In another car, Max's mom, Claudie Kanté, checks her smart watch.)
Smart Watch: You have no new emails.
Claudie: (sighs, then steps out of the car, immediately becoming cheerful) Who wants a sneak peak of the Startrain's operator cab!
Marinette, Alya, and Max: Yeah!
Alya: Thanks, Mrs. Kanté, this will make an awesome exclusive for my astronomy blog!
Marinette: You've started "another" blog?
Alya: I can't help it, life is so interesting!
Marinette: (points) Hey! Isn't that Adrien?
Markov: Affirmative, Marinette! That is indeed Adrien Agreste!
Max: There was less than a point two three percent chance his father would allow him to come.
Marinette: Alya! This trip is gonna be amazing!
Nino: (also just arriving) Adrien, whoa! What are you doing here?
Adrien: I'm tired of my father keeping me from going on school field trips.
Nino: You're disobeying him, dude?
Adrien: Technically not, because I didn't tell him about this one!
Nino: That's sneaky smart, my dude. (chuckles)

Scene: The Startrain's Operator Cab.

Claudie: The operator must keep his or her hand on here throughout the whole journey between Paris and London. It's called the Deadman switch and -
Alya: (is recording) What would happen if you took your hand off it?
Claudie: The train would come to a stop.
Marinette: Even for just a second?
Claudie: It's the safety switch in case the operator feels faint, for example.
Max: That's why I've always loved traveling with my mom by train. Trains get from point A to B within the given time they're programmed, and they're safe.
Markov: Programming is the best!
Alya: Have you always wanted to drive a train?
Claudie: I always want to be a driver, yes, but my true dream is to be an astronaut, to drive a rocket across the universe! I decided to operate trains so I could be here while Max is growing up. A space mission lasts several months - (gets up and hugs Max) I can never be away from my Maxie-poo that long, but now my son's a young man.
Max: My mom's taking the exams to start her astronaut training.
Marinette: That's amazing!
Claudie: I'm expecting the test results today. (She checks her smart watch.)
Smart Watch: You have no new emails.
Max: It's too early mom! The official documents said 11 a.m., you'll get them during the train ride.
Claudie: If I pass the test, this trip will probably be my last. The next time I drive, I'll be manning the controls of a space shuttle, taking the next space crew to the moon!
Max: You have an eighty nine point seven percent change of passing.
Claudie: That still leaves a ten point three percent chance of failing.
Max: I believe in you, you're the best! (They embrace again.)
(Alya takes a snapshot of the two of them while her and Marinette smile.)

Scene: Gare du Nord.

(Roger struggles to take a suitcase out of the trunk of his police car. A civilian throws a piece of trash on the ground, causing him to lose focus and trip over the sidewalk. The suitcase flies open and some of the items fall out.)
Roger: You're only going for the day, why do you need such a huge suitcase?
Sabrina: (gathering the fallen items) I have to be prepared for anything Chloé needs, daddy. In the event of a hair crisis, in case Chloé wants a cup of her favorite tea!
Roger: I'm proud of you, sweetie. To protect and serve, that's our Raincomprix family motto!
Phone Alarm: (In Chloé's voice) Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry up, Sabrina! (Roger quickly shuts the suitcase, getting an Akuma trapped inside.)
Sabrina: Chloe's waiting for me! See you tonight, daddy. (She takes the suitcase and kisses her father goodbye.)
Roger: (sees Mr. Ramier feeding pigeons) All right, that's it, you're getting a fine!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) I can't feel any negative emotions anymore! What's gone wrong? Where's my akuma?

Scene: The Star Train's platform.

Announcer: Final boarding for train number 8065, platform number 23.
Chloé: (sees Sabrina) Ugh, finally, you're here!
Miss Bustier: You're probably gonna be hot in those clothes, Chloé!
Chloé: May I remind you, Miss Bustier, that it's always cold in London!
Sabrina: Don't worry, Chloé! I've brought heating pads and an English weather survival kit! (Her and Chloé start walking away.)
Miss Bustier: But, where are you two going? Our car is this way!
Sabrina: It's all right, Miss Bustier! The mayor of Paris made arrangements for his daughter to be in first class! I'm just taking Chloé's suitcase there. I'll be right back!
(Miss Bustier sighs as Sabrina leaves.)

Scene: First class car of the train.

(Sabrina struggles to put the heavy suitcase in the overhead bin, but eventually does so.)
Chloé: You're still here?
Sabrina: Oh! Sorry, Chloe. (She takes her leave.)
Chloe (dials Sabrina cell phone) Come back, now!
Sabrina (comes back) You need anything?
Chloé: I want my seat completely reclined.
Sabrina: Yes, of course, Chloé. (She reclines her seat)
Chloé: Mask!
Sabrina: Oh! (puts on Chloé's mask for her, then backs away with her head down.)
(In the train's operator cab, Claudie starts up the train, and it leaves the train station.)

Scene: Passenger car in the Startrain.

(Sabrina takes her seat back with her other classmates. Marinette stares at Adrien from her seat.)
Adrien: (showing Myléne his tablet) It's Big Ben!
(Marinette yawns loudly, and the whole class laughs, excluding Adrien, who smiles.)
Marinette: (groans) That was so embarrassing.
Alya: You're too funny, girl. But why are you so tired? What were you doing all night?
Marinette: (stammers) I - Oh - I... tried to come up with a plan, to find a way to tell Adrien that - um, well, you know.
Alya: You know what your problem is? You make too many plans. Just be yourself and go with the flow.
Service Drone 1: (comes out from under Adrien's seat) Hello, would you like a beverage?
Service Drone 2: (comes out from under Marinette's seat) Hello, would you like a beverage?
Marinette: Cranberry juice, please? (giggles) Want anything?
Alya: Apple juice.
(The robot opens and raises two cups toward Marinette. She takes one and gives the other to Alya. Time passes on the train, as students entertain themselves in their seats. Adrien and Nino play cards, Ivan and Myléne listen to music, Juleka reads a book while Rose rests on her lap, Kim and Alix joke around, Lila and Sabrina are on their phones, and Nathaniel draws Miss Bustier reading. Max and Markov are playing videogames, when a service drone comes up to them.)
Service Drone: Hello, would you like a beverage?
Markov: Hello, what's your name? Hello?
Max: It's not programmed to chat, Markov. It's just a service drone.
Markov: (droops) What a shame!

Scene: The Startrain's Operator Cab.

Smart Watch: You have no new emails. (Claudie sighs.)

Scene: Passenger car.

(Marinette has fallen asleep, and dozes off on Alya's shoulder. Alya smiles knowingly, and goes over to Adrien.)
Alya: Would you mind swapping seats, Adrien? I wanna chat with Nino.
Adrien: Sure! (He sits next to Marinette, and puts his headphones in.)
Adrien's Headphones: Lesson Three...
(In her sleep, Marinette shifts and rests her head on Adrien's shoulder. He closes his eyes and rests his head on hers.)
Alya: (whispers to Myléne) Hey!
Myléne: (sees Adrien and Marinette) Rose!
(Rose sees them, then gets Juleka's and Alix's attention.)
Juleka: Awesome.
(Adrien falls asleep, and Alya snaps a photo of him and Marinette. Lila glares at them, and goes to wake up Marinette.)
Alya: (gets up) Need something, Lila?
Lila: Uh! Actually, I get motion sickness and I know Marinette always has a solution to everything.
Alya: I get it, but she's asleep right now, as you can see, and she's super exhausted so...
Sabrina: I can help you Lila! I have just what you need in my suitcase!
Lila: Thanks a million, Sabrina! You're so sweet. (Sabrina leaves, and Lila growls.)

Scene: In the Operator Cab.

Smart Watch: You have no new emails.
Claudie: (groans) Something's not right. (A small beep sounds, and she starts speaking into a microphone.) Ladies and gentlemen, Startrain will be under the sea via the Channel Tunnel in just a few moments!
Kim: (In the passanger car) Awesome! (grabs his bag and runs off)

Scene: First class car.

(Sabrina takes down the suitcase with a large thud, and Chloé sits up with a jolt.)
Chloé: Well, how about that? You happy now? You woke me up!
Sabrina: Oh! I'm so sorry, Chloé!
Chloé: Well, now that I'm awake, I might as well have some herbal tea.
Sabrina: Of course, Chloé. I'll take care of that right away. (She opens the suitcase, releasing the Akuma, and screams. Several more of the passengers scream.)
Chloé: (stands up) Calm down, everyone! I'm sure you all recognize me, of course. I'm Chloé Bourgeois, and as you well know, I'm also Queen Bee! Whatever you do, don't panic... but there's an Akuma.
(The passengers scream and run out the car.)
Chloé: (calmly) Everyone get out of this car right now! (She exits behind them and shuts the door, trapping the Akuma.)
Hawkmoth: (In his lair. He growls.) I've lost contact, my Akuma's too far away!
1st Passenger: You sure it's really an Akuma?
2nd Passenger: It looks more like a harmeless butterfly.
Sabrina: Chl- I mean, Queen Bee knows what she's talking about. Trust me!
(Kim walks out of the train's bathroom in his swimming gear.)
Chloé: What're you doing in your swimming trunks?
Kim: (indignant) Well, we're about to go under the sea!
Chloé: Ugh! You are ridiculous, Kim! Utterly ridiculous!

Scene: Passenger car.

Passenger Nicole: I'm scared, Jean-Pierre.
Passenger Jean-Pierre: Don't worry, Nicole. If it were a real Akuma, there'd already be a supervillain on the train by now.
(Marinette slowly wakes up.)
Kid Passenger: Daddy, do you think Ladybug will come?
Passenger Jean-Pierre: Of course not, sweetie. I'm sure there isn't an Akuma on board at all. It's probably just some prank.
(Marinette realizes she and Adrien fell asleep together, and rests her eyes again.)
Chloé: Your daddy doesn't have a clue. It really is an Akuma.
Simon: It's definitely an Akuma. I should know, I was once Akumatized myself!
Sabrina: There's zero risk to anyone now, anyway. Since the amazing Queen Bee has shut the car doors, taking the akuma prisoner!
(Alya and Nino hear this, and get up to investigate.)

Scene: First Class Car.

(Alya searches with her phone out, while Nino watches from the door.)
Nino: Nothin' there.
Alya: Probably just Chloé needing some attention again.
Nino: C'mon, let's head back to our seats. (They leave. The Akuma appears, and heads into the vent above.)

Scene: The Startrain's Operator Cab.

Smart Watch: You have no new emails.
Claudie: That's impossible! I can't have failed! I'll never be an astronaut. (The Akuma is absorbed into the Deadman switch.) Who cares about the results of that stupid exam? I can become an astronaut - right here and now!
(The deadman switch is engulfed in purple, followed by Claudie and the rest of the train, which transforms.)

Scene: Passenger Car.

Startrain: (over the PA system) Ladies and gentlemen, I am Startrain! (Marinette and Adrien are startled awake.) You all get to live my dream with me! Shoot off the rails, and fly off in a rocket to explore not just the moon, but the entire universe!
Max: Mom!?
Startrain: (over the PA system) Fasten your seatbelts! We have liftoff!
(The train breaks free from the Channel Tunnel, and bursts out of the sea. It launches itself into space, zooming past an observation satellite, and then the Moon. The passengers are now all floating out of their seats.)
Various Passengers: Wow! Whoa!
Kim: See, I was right to change into my swimming trunks!
Juleka: (smiling) This... is... spacy!
Alya: I don't think Ladybug and Cat Noir are gonna make it up here to save us!
Marinette: Uh, maybe we can persuade your mom to change back, Max? (He nods, and starts swimming toward the doors.)

Scene: Back on Earth, Inside Gabriel's atelier.

(Nathalie sits at her computer. Her eyes widen, and she quickly stands.)
Nathalie: Sir. You should take a look at this. (On his own computer, Gabriel switches from his designs to Nathalie's screen. It shows Nadja Chamack, reporting from TVi News.)
Nadja Chamack: An observation satellite took these amazing photos earlier. (Beside her is a photo of the akumatized Startrain.)
Gabriel: So, that's why I lost touch with my Akuma! It's too far out of range.
Nathalie: There's another problem. Adrien's class is on the train, and your son is on the passenger list!
Gabriel: He's up in space! And there's nothing I can do.
Nathalie: I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will rescue him.
Gabriel: Hoping that my enemies will save my son... How ironic.

Scene: Aboard the Startrain.

(Max goes to confront his mom, and realizing his whole class is right beside him, laughs with joy. He rushes over to a speaker on the wall.)
Max: Mom!
Startrain: (through the speaker) Max! You see this!? I'm Startrain!
Max: You have to take us back down to Earth. You can go into space once you pass the exam!
Startrain: (through the speaker) Why? Now I have a hundred percent chance of traveling the universe! And I get to take you with me, too! Isn't this fantastic?
Marinette: We must get to the operator's cabin to take control of the train, and drive it back home.
Alya: And, how do you plan on taking down the super-villain?
Nino: No one here has any super powers!
Chloé: No, but you do have a super-heroine with you!
Marinette: We have two things in our favor: the element of surprise, and the fact that there are a lot of us!
Adrien: Good point, Marinette. (Marinette and the others head into the next car, while Adrien sneaks in the opposite direction.)
Startrain: (in the operator cab, watching Marinette and her group of classmates on her monitor) Oh, where do you think you're going? Don't you wanna sit back and relax! (She twists the ship around, sending Marinette's classmates tumbling back down the train, and laughs.) I don't want anyone to get hurt! So stay in your seats and enjoy the view!
Marinette: (gets into a bathroom and lets Tikki out of her purse.) No peace for Ladybug, obviously.

[Transformation sequence.]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Yeah! (transforms into Ladybug)

Cat Noir : (sees Ladybug as she exits the bathroom)Ladybug? But, how did you get here?
Ladybug: Teleportation! Courtesy of the Horse Miraculous. And, you?
Cat Noir: I... was already on the train! Lucky, huh? Just like what they say about black cats?
Ladybug: No one must know that you were one of the passengers!
Cat Noir: There're hundreds of people on the train! I'm just a cat in a hay stack.
Ladybug: Well, I guess you're right. Let's go and stop Startrain! (She starts heading down the car.)
Cat Noir: Why don't we use the Horse Miraculous to teleport the train back to Earth?
Ladybug: That would be pointless. She could make the train take off again just as quickly. We must capture the Akuma first!
Cat Noir: But if we do it while the train's up here in space, we'll all freeze and have no air to breathe.
Ladybug: Which is why we must first reach Startrain, then capture the Akuma, and teleport back to Earth at the same time!

Scene: Passenger Car.

(Ladybug and Cat Noir go into the next car, which is filled with their classmates and other passengers.)
Classmates: Ladybug? Cat Noir?
Alya: (snaps a photo of them, and then starts recording) Have you been on the train with us the whole time?
Ladybug: Of course not! We teleported here using a special Miraculous.
Cat Noir: (To Miss Bustier) We're handling this. Gather everyone together at the back of the train, please.
Miss Bustier: Of course. Everyone, please follow me to the back of the train. (She leads everyone away.)
Chloé: I hope you remembered to bring my miraculous.
Ladybug: Uh... actually...
Cat Noir: We... didn't know you were going to be here, otherwise we would've, for sure.
(Chloé looks disheartened. Sabrina holds onto her as they start to head out. Suddenly, the doors behind them shut close. Cat Noir tries to open them, but can't.)
Cat Noir: Reinforced plexiglass! Unbreakable, except for my...(He raises his hand.) Cata - !
Ladybug: (grabs his wrist) No, wait! We might need it when we're face-to-face with Startrain.
Cat Noir: Max!
Max: (turns around) Huh?
(An alarm starts blaring. Startrain sees Ladybug and Cat Noir on her monitor.)
Startrain: (in her operator cab) Looks like we have some intruders. (Markov begins hacking the door.) You better give up if you don't wanna fly too close to the sun! (She laughs maniacally. Cat Noir finds the hidden camera and breaks it, while Markov finishes hacking.)
Max: Got it!
Cat Noir: Well done!
Ladybug: Max! Markov! We need you to come with us to open the next door.
Max: But isn't it too dangerous?
Cat Noir: We'll protect you. (Max and Markov smile, and they all head to the next car.)

Scene: Empty Passenger Car.

(The door shuts behind them.)
Cat Noir: What's happening?
Ladybug: We gotta be ready for anything! Lucky Charm! (A firefighter's helmet appears. Ladybug snatches it out of the air, and looks around.) I can't find any -
(The vents starts releasing a red hot gas, propelling them backwards. Cat Noir extends his stick, and they grab on to each other, preventing them from going back any further. They crawl back through the space clutching onto the seats, Max tied to Ladybug's back, while he holds Markov. Max holds Markov onto the door wall port.)
Markov: Max! My circuits are overheating! (His screen glitches.)
Max: What're we gonna do? Markov's having a meltdown!
Ladybug: You have to finish the job, otherwise we're all gonna toast inside this car!
(Max grabs a water bottle floating in the air, and releases the water onto Markov. His screen turns back to normal.)
Cat Noir: She wasn't kidding, it feels like we're really close to the sun!
(The door beeps, and they pull themselves into the next room.)
Cat Noir: (groans) Wooh! We almost got cooked in there!
Markov: I think we should classify this as a code red situation!
Max: (to Markov) Good job.
Cat Noir: You two make an awesome pair, too. Just like me and milady.
(Ladybug scopes out the next room, when its glass door starts freezing over.)
Ladybug: (gasps) Markov! Check the oxygen level in the next car.
Markov: (flies over and connects to the door port) It's decreasing quickly!
Ladybug: Startrain is creating a void!
Max: The temperature inside will soon be close to absolute zero!
Cat Noir: Max won't be able to hold on in these conditions without super powers!
Ladybug: (opens her yo-yo, and takes out a Miraculous box.) Max Kanté, here's the Miraculous of the Horse, which grants the power of Teleportation. You will use it for the greater good. (Max takes the box.) Once the job is done, you will return the Miraculous to me. Can I trust you?
Max: You count on me one hundred percent, Ladybug. I'll do everything I can to save my friends, and my mom! (He opens the box, releasing Kaalki.)
Kaalki: Oh, to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?
Max: Uh, hello! My name's Max.
Kaalki: Are you glorious and famous?
Ladybug: Kaalki! We don't have time for that! Max is perfect for the job, trust me. We're going to the last car, to the door leading to the driver's cab, that's where Startrain is.
Cat Noir: Gonna have to be fast and in sync.
Ladybug: While I handle Startrain and Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm, we need you, Max, to teleport the train back to Earth! So that I can summon up my Miraculous Ladybug, so everything gets fixed!
Max: Got it!
Kaalki: All you need to say is: 'Kaalki, full gallop!'
(Max takes off his glasses and replaces them with the Horse Miraculous)

[Transformation sequence.]
Max: Kaalki, full gallop! (transforms into Pegasus)

Scene: The car before Startrain's Operator Cab.

Pegasus: (holds his breath and opens the frozen door)
Startrain: (from her operator cab) I was expecting you - my dear, super passengers. You can't stop me from living out my galactic dream, I shall conquer the universe!
(The heroes make it to the end of the corridor, and Markov attaches to the door port again.)
Startrain: (from her operator cab) My little drones! Attack!
(The Service Drones come out from under the seats, and start shooting lasers. Ladybug defends Markov with her yo-yo, while Pegasus surveys the room. He throws his Horseshoe, causing it to bounce off and destroy the drones. Ice encapsulates the cabin, and creeps up on Markov.)
Markov: (glitches and shuts down) I'm... getting... cold...!
(Ladybug spots a few hand warmers, and makes the connection with her firefighter's helmet. She grabs them, turns them on and places them into the helmet. Then, she places it over Markov, still protecting them with her yo-yo. Cat Noir and Pegasus are then able to take out the drones using his Horseshoe. As Markov gets warmer, he gets back online, and opens the door for them.)

Scene: The Startrain's Operator Cab.

(They all get inside, Cat Noir bounding off ahead.)
Cat Noir: (bouncing off the walls) Cataclysm!
Ladybug: Hah! (throws her yo-yo, ensnaring Startrain)
Startrain: Ah!
(Cat Noir cataclysms the Deadman switch attached to Startrain's hand.)
Ladybug: Pegasus!
Pegasus: Voyage! (He sends a portal, showing Big Ben, ahead of the train. Right as the train is deakumatized, it flies through the portal, and crash lands into Big Ben. Claudie is back to normal, and the Akuma flutters around the operator cab, while the heroes are splayed across the window of the train.)
Pegasus: (squeaks) I'm sorry, it looks like I kinda got the spatial coordinates wrong.
Cat Noir: (groans as Ladybug is stepping on him) Well, I heard your class was supposed to be visiting Big Ben.
Ladybug: (captures the Akuma nonceremoniously) Miraculous Ladybug! (The magical ladybugs fix Big Ben and return the train to the Gare du Nord in Paris. The heroes jump onto the roof of the train station, and Max detransforms.)
Ladybug: (releases the butterfly) Bye bye, little butterfly!
Max, Ladybug, and Cat Noir: Pound it!
Ladybug: (as Max hands her back the Horse Miraculous) Thank you, Max.

Scene: Gare du Nord, the Startrain's platform.

(The students are all gathered outside of the Startrain.)
Kim: (to Alix) Yeah, that was cool -
Miss Bustier: (from the train) Children! Please, all aboard! Back to London!
(Claudie stands outside the train as well, and hesitates to check her smart watch before forcing herself to do so.)
Smart Watch: You have one new email.
Max: Hey, mom! (He waves at her and approaches with Markov.)
Claudie: (Looks up from her email) I passed!
Max: (embraces her) I told you, mom! You're the best! That's one hundred percent certain.
(As Adrien is about to board the train with Nino, he gets a notification on his phone. He looks up to see Nathalie and The Gorilla waiting for him from across the station.)
Nino: (puts a hand on his shoulder) I'm gettin' the feeling that was your first, and last, field trip.
Adrien: That's okay. At least, I got to see Big Ben, right?
Nino: Sure did! No one's seen it as close up as we did! Too bad we got separated at the end.
Adrien: We'll go back there together some day. (He takes his leave.) See ya.
Marinette: (sees Adrien leaving) Oh, no! Poor Adrien! This trip was a total disaster.
Alya: A total disaster? Really? (She shows her the photo of her and Adrien napping together. Marinette is so overjoyed that she tackles her in a hug.)
(The end card shows Cat Noir, Ladybug, and Pegasus soaring with the Big Ben, Space, and the Eiffel Tower behind them. Below the heroes, a phone shows Adrien and Marinette cuddled up together.)


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