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Season 3, episode 13 (Production order); Episode 65 (Overall)

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"Max Kanté, here's the Miraculous of the horse, which grants the power of Teleportation. You will use it for the greater good. Once the job is done, you will return the Miraculous to me. Can I trust you?"
"You count on me one hundred percent, Ladybug. I'll do everything I can to save my friends, and my mom!"

Ladybug and Max, "Startrain"

"Startrain" is a Season 3 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[5] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Startrain" is the 13th written and produced episode of Season 3. It is also the 65th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Anxiously awaiting news about her astronaut application, Max's mom becomes Startrain, who wants to turn her train into a rocket ship.[6]


After another successful mission, Marinette returns the Fox Miraculous to Master Fu. She bids him good night and is about to leave when Tikki reminds her to tell Master Fu about the school field trip. Marinette says that it doesn’t matter since she won’t be able to go. Master Fu asks her about it, so she explains that her whole class is taking the Startrain to London to see Big Ben. However, if Hawk Moth creates a supervillain while she’s gone, Cat Noir won’t be able to capture the akuma, therefore she must stay. Master Fu gives her the Horse Miraculous, explaining that it can be used to teleport back to Paris in the event of an akuma attack and agrees that she deserves some fun.

The next day, after his bodyguard drops him off at school, Adrien secretly heads to the train station, believing that since Hawk Moth already struck once, he won’t strike again. Plagg agrees with that idea, finding the thought of being on vacation and away from akumas exciting.

Officer Roger is driving his daughter to the train station when he sees someone litter. He wants to give them a fine, but Sabrina begs him not to as she doesn’t want to be late. He agrees, but when he spots another person littering, he begins to feel frustrated, so much so that his negative emotions are picked up by Hawk Moth. He sends an akuma after Roger. However, when Sabrina gets an alert on her phone saying to hurry up, Roger calms down. Hawk Moth tells his akuma to follow him.

Max, Alya, and Marinette get out of a car being driven by Max’s mother Claudie. Claudie looks at her smartwatch for any messages but finds none. With a sigh, she gets out of the car and offers to show a sneak peek of the Startrain’s operator cab. Alya comments that it’ll be a great addition to her astronomy blog, surprising Marinette, who asks about her starting another blog. Alya says that she can’t help it as the world is so interesting. Marinette is suddenly shocked to find Adrien approaching them, with Markov confirming that the guy approaching them is indeed Adrien. Max says that there was less than a 0.23% chance that Adrien’s dad would allow him to come. Marinette tells Alya that with Adrien’s arrival, the field trip will be amazing. Meanwhile, Adrien goes towards Nino, who is getting off the bus and is surprised to see him. Adrien explains that he was tired of his father keeping him from attending school field trips. Nino believes that he’s disobeying, but Adrien says that he technically isn’t since he didn’t tell his father about it. Nino finds that sneaky smart.

Claudie explains the Deadman’s Switch, which is a switch that the operator must keep their hand on at all times otherwise the train will stop. She also explains that it’s a safety feature in case the operator feels faint. Max says that he likes trains because they get from Point A to Point B in the time they’re programmed, with Markov agreeing that programming is the best. Alya asks Claudie if she always wanted to drive a train. Claudie says that her true dream is to be an astronaut, but since space missions can take months, she decided to operate trains while Max was growing up. Now that Max is older, she has taken a test to start astronaut training. However, she fears that she might not pass, though Max assures her that she will.

Roger asks Sabrina why she needs such a big suitcase for a one day trip. Sabrina explains that all the stuff inside is for Chloé just in case she needs something. Roger is proud of Sabrina’s willingness to serve others. Unbeknownst to the two, an akuma flies inside the suitcase just before Sabrina closes it. After bidding her dad farewell, she leaves. Now with Sabrina gone, Roger spots Mr. Ramier feeding pigeons and prepares to fine him. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth is no longer able to sense his akuma.

Sabrina boards the train and is met by Chloé, who is relieved to see her. Miss Bustier notices that Chloé is wearing her winter clothes and tells her that she’ll be hot in them, but Chloé reminds Miss Bustier that it’s cold in London. As Chloé and Sabrina leave, Miss Bustier is perplexed since the class’s car is in the other direction. Sabrina explains that Chloé’s father made arrangements for her to sit in first class, and Sabrina’s just bringing Chloe's suitcase. Sabrina puts her suitcase above Chloé's seat and prepares to exit the car, but Chloé calls her back to recline her seat and put on her eye mask. Once Sabrina does those things, she leaves. The train then takes off.

From her seat, Marinette admires Adrien as he shows Mylène a picture of Big Ben on his tablet. Suddenly, she yawns very loudly, causing the entire class to laugh, much to her embarrassment. Alya asks Marinette why she is so tired. Marinette lies and says that she had been trying to think of a way to tell Adrien how she feels, to which Alya tells her not to overthink it and just go with the flow. Suddenly, service drones appear from under the seats and ask if the passengers want a beverage. Marinette orders cranberry juice while Alya asks for apple. Meanwhile, Adrien and Nino play a card game; Ivan and Mylène listen to music; Juleka reads while Rose sleeps on her lap; Kim and Alix make silly faces at each other; Lila and Sabrina use their phones; Nathaniel draws Miss Bustier as she is reading; and Max and Markov play video games. When the service drone asks them if they’d like a beverage, Markov attempts to chat with the device, only for Max to inform him that it isn’t programmed for chatting. Meanwhile, as Claudie drives the train, she anxiously opens her email but finds no new ones.

Marinette falls asleep on Alya’s shoulder, which gives her an idea. She approaches Adrien and asks to switch seats so she can chat with Nino. When Adrien sits next to her, Marinette falls asleep on him, with Adrien falling asleep not long after. While almost everyone in the class admires Marinette and Adrien, with Alya even taking a photo of the two, Lila becomes jealous and tries to break up the moment by waking up Marinette. Alya stops her and asks what she needs, to which Lila says that she gets motion sickness and wanted to ask Marinette for a solution. Alya understands but doesn’t want Lila to wake Marinette. Sabrina offers to help Lila with some supplies in her suitcase. Lila thanks her but is annoyed when Sabrina leaves.

Claudie announces that the Startrain is going under the Channel Tunnel in a few minutes, which excites Kim and prompts him to get out of his seat for something. Meanwhile, Sabrina goes to first class to get something from her suitcase but unintentionally wakes up Chloé. Chloé tells Sabrina to get her some herbal tea, but when Sabrina opens her suitcase, the akuma that was trapped inside flies out, much to the shock and horror of everyone onboard. Chloé tells everyone to calm down and, after reminding them that she’s Queen Bee, has everyone exit the first class car, trapping the akuma inside. Some passengers wonder if it was an actual akuma, but Sabrina tells them that Queen Bee knows what she is talking about. Chloé notices Kim in his swimsuit and asks him about it, to which Kim points out that they are going under the sea. A debate as to whether or not an actual akuma is onboard the train ensues, though Sabrina assures them that Chloé has taken the akuma prisoner. Alya and Nino overhear the commotion and look inside the first class car. They don’t see any akuma, so they dismiss the matter as Chloé looking for attention and head back to their seats, unaware that the akuma has flown into the air vents.

Claudie checks her messages again but still finds no new ones. Convinced that she has probably failed her test, Claudie becomes upset enough that the akuma onboard senses her negative emotions and attaches itself to the Deadman’s Switch. Claudie is akumatized into Startrain and sends the train with everyone onboard into space.

At the Agreste mansion, Nathalie tells Gabriel to look at the news, and when he does, he learns of the Startrain in space and realizes that he lost touch with his akuma because it went too far out of range. Nathalie also informs him that Adrien’s class, including Adrien himself, is on the train. Gabriel is horrified that his son is in space and he can’t do anything about it, though Nathalie assures him that Ladybug and Cat Noir will save him. Gabriel comments on how ironic it is that he has to rely on his enemies to save his son.

Max attempts to reason with his akumatized mother but to no avail. Marinette suggests that they go to the operator’s cabin to drive the train back home. Alya and Nino point out that they can’t take down a supervillain without superpowers, though Chloé reminds them that they do have a superhero. Marinette also points out that they have the element of surprise and strength in numbers. As the class heads to the operator’s cabin, Adrien sneaks away to turn into Cat Noir. Startrain notices the class going to the operator’s cabin and makes the train go faster in order to push them away. Marinette sneaks into a bathroom stall and transforms into Ladybug. Once she emerges, she is surprised to discover that Cat Noir is on the train, with Cat Noir equally surprised to see Ladybug. Ladybug explains that she got on the train via the Horse Miraculous and asks about him. Cat Noir admits that he was already on the train, to which Ladybug says that no one must know that he was one of the passengers. Cat Noir reminds her that there are hundreds of passengers onboard, reassuring Ladybug. Cat Noir then asks why they don’t use the Horse Miraculous to teleport the train back on Earth, to which Ladybug says that it would be pointless since Startrain would just launch it back up to space. They realize that they must defeat Startrain and teleport back to Earth at the same time. The two then meet with Miss Bustier’s class, who are delighted to see the heroes. Alya asks if they had been onboard the train, but Ladybug tells her that they got on using teleportation from a Miraculous. Cat Noir tells Miss Bustier to get everyone to the back of the train, which she promptly does. Chloé asks about her Miraculous, but Cat Noir claims that they hadn’t known she’d be onboard. Disappointed, Chloé leaves with the rest of the class. The heroes attempt to enter another car only to find it locked. Cat Noir prepares to use Cataclysm only for Ladybug to stop him, saying that they need it for confronting Startrain. She decides to use Max and Markov to help them get to Startrain. Markov helps override the system and gets them inside the next car. The car door closes once they enter, so Ladybug decides to call on her Lucky Charm and receives a fireman’s hat. However, she is unsure what to do with it.

Suddenly, the temperature in the car gets very hot, causing Markov to overheat. Max uses water to cool him down, and therefore, he is able to open the door to the next car. However, Startrain begins to make the cars freezing cold, with Max noting that the temperatures will reach below zero. Cat Noir notes that Max won’t survive in such conditions without superpowers, giving Ladybug an idea. She pulls out the Horse Miraculous and presents it to Max, making him promise to use it for good and return it once the mission is over. Max opens the box containing the Miraculous and is met by the kwami Kaalki, who asks if he is someone glamorous or famous. Ladybug tells Kaalki that there is no time for that and assures her that Max is perfect for the job. Max puts the Miraculous on and, after Kaalki tells him what to say, he transforms into a horse-themed superhero named Pegasus.

When the trio enter the next car, Startrain sends the service drones to attack them. Markov starts to open the door to the operator cab but begins freezing. While Cat Noir and Pegausus fight off the drones, Ladybug uses the fireman's hat and some hand warmers to keep Markov from freezing while he opens the door. When they enter the operator cab, Ladybug ties up Startrain while Cat Noir uses his cataclysm on the Deadman's switch, and Max teleports the train to London. Claudie and the train become de-akumatized as the train crashes through Big Ben. Ladybug cleanses the akuma and fixes all the damage done by Startrain.

As Miss Bustier motions the class back on the train, Claudie checks her e-mail again. She has one new message stating she passed her test, and Max congratulates her. As Nino and Adrien are about to board the train, Adrien gets a notification on his phone. He looks up to see Nathalie and the Gorilla waiting for him. Adrien assures Nino that they'll go back to London together someday and walks toward Nathalie. While Marinette laments about the disastrous trip, Alya shows Marinette the picture she took of Marinette and Adrien napping together. Marinette hugs Alya so hard that Alya falls over.


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Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Canada on Family Channel.
  • Max receives the Horse Miraculous for the first time in this episode, and his alter-ego Pegasus officially debuts.
    • Pegasus is the third superhero whose identity is known by Cat Noir following Queen Bee, and Viperion.
      • This leaves Ladybug, Rena Rouge and Carapace as the only superheroes whose identities are not known by Cat Noir at the time.
  • This episode is before the events of "Feast" and "Party Crasher".
  • This is the fourth time that Hawk Moth’s akuma doesn't reach the intended target after "Gigantitan", "Zombizou", and "Chameleon", as Hawk Moth was originally targeting Roger Raincomprix in this episode.
  • Markov opening the door is reference to R2-D2 from Star Wars.[7]
  • It is revealed that an akuma needs to be close to the Butterfly Miraculous holder in order for him or her to connect with an akumatized person. When the akuma gets out of range, it acts on its own accord and akumatizes a person who is not controlled by the holder. The distance between Paris and the English Channel is about 242 km/150 miles, so Hawk Moth's range is something less than that, though the exact distance isn't confirmed and other Butterfly Miraculous holders might have had different ranges.
    • It isn't completely revealed how Gabriel knew about the range limit but it could be at some point in the past he lost the connection to one of his previous champions or Nooroo could've told him as he experienced it with one of his past owners.
  • This is the second episode in which the titular villain names themselves, after Gabriel Agreste does so in "The Collector".
    • Startrain is also the first akumatized villain after The Collector to never receive direct orders from Hawk Moth. Consequently, she never expresses any interest in taking Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
  • During Marinette's conversation with Master Fu, on the drawings meant to represent the other heroes fighting Hawk Moth without Ladybug, Cat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen Bee are shown. However, Viperion isn't seen, even though the episode is supposed to be after "Desperada", according to the production order (which is also the chronological order of the season). Furthermore, Queen Bee is seen, even though "Miraculer" is meant to be before "Startrain" (which is also supported by Chloé's questions about "her" Miraculous), the episode in which Chloé is told that Ladybug wouldn't be able to give her the Bee Miraculous again, due to Hawk Moth knowing her identity. This could imply that both episodes happen after this one.
    • However, the most likely explanation is that that was done because of the inconsistent airing of the show, which could lead to Viperion appearing before being introduced, or Queen Bee not appearing, before an explanation is given, if "Startrain" was aired before "Miraculer" or "Desperada".
    • This would also contradict Marinette's statement in "Miraculer", where she says that they'd need all the help they could get, while not giving a miraculous to any of the holders introduced in Season 3.
  • The Activation Phrase for the Horse Miraculous is, "Kaalki, Full Gallop!" and its superpower is "Voyage".
  • Besides the Ladyblog, it's revealed that Alya also works on other blogs.
  • This is the first time we see London in the series.
    • It has been mentioned several times in the series, but this is its first physical appearance.
    • This is also the first time that a plot of the series happens outside Paris, with the heroes fighting and defeating the titular villain in space and also appearing in London.
  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir meet up, he calls black cats good luck. This is believed to be true in some countries, England being one of them.
  • Markov is the only one other than Ladybug and Cat Noir that knows Max is Pegasus, being as he was with him when the Horse Miraculous was given to him.
  • This is the second time a visual thought process is used by another character, in this case, Pegasus.
  • This episode shows Roger without his cap on. It also reveals that he has gone bald.
  • Throughout the episode, Chloé is seen wearing her winter outfit instead of her regular outfit. She explains this to Miss Bustier, believing that London is always cold.
  • Upon talking with Ladybug, Cat Noir calls himself "a cat in a haystack", referring to the classical saying, "a needle in a haystack."
  • Since the Fox Miraculous is seen being put back in the Miracle Box, it means Alya was called on another mission to become Rena Rouge.
    • This also means that this is one of the few episodes where there had been a mission both on and off-screen.
  • Max doesn't give himself a superhero name, Ladybug calls him Pegasus when he uses his powers to bring the train back down to Earth.
  • It's revealed that when Miraculous holders are transformed, they can survive temperatures of absolute zero degrees. They can also hold their breath for an extended amount of time.
  • The animation studio who did this episode (Symbiosis) was fired after this episode due to the animation being low quality.
  • This is one of the seven known episodes that are at least partly set in locations outside of Paris, including "Miraculous New York", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Miraculous Rio", "Miraculous Dakar", "Miraculous London" and "Miraculous Tokyo".
  • This is the second episode not to feature a light mask of any kind, following "The Collector". However, since Claudie wasn't willingly akumatized, unlike Gabriel, the area around her eyes is red.


  • When Marinette gets stopped before leaving by Master Fu, she seems to be wearing eyeliner for a frame.
  • When Marinette gets out of the car, she doesn’t have her bag, but moments later, it’s seen on her shoulder.
  • After Adrien tells Nino that he didn’t tell his father about the London trip, Nino’s hair disappears for a frame.
  • When the screen zooms out to show the class watching a sleeping Marinette and Adrien, Lila is shown sitting next to Marc. However, when the screen zooms in, the one sitting next to her is Sabrina.
  • When Markov overheats, Max cools him down by pouring cold water over him, but in "Syren", Markov says that his circuits are sensitive to water.
    • However, it is possible that Max upgraded Markov to be water-resistant since then or the heat of the train car reduced the water to a volume sufficient enough to cool Markov without damaging him.
  • When the heroes enter the last car, Pegasus's Miraculous is briefly shown in camouflage mode.
  • When Sabrina tells Lila she has what Lila needs in her suitcase, her glasses and eye color are darker. In the next frame, Sabrina's glasses and eye color turned back to normal.
  • During the scene where Startrain makes her debut announcement over the loudspeaker, Nathaniel's shirt is white and lacking the symbol on the front.
  • When Cat Noir is travelling through the train, he says that plexiglass is unbreakable. This is incorrect, as despite the material being highly durable, it can be broken with immense force.
  • After Pegasus teleports the Startrain to the top of Big Ben, he detransforms without saying any detransformation words. However, Ladybug had already used her power before him, so she should have transformed back into Marinette before Pegasus transformed back into Max.
    • Also when he transforms back into Max, the Horse Miraculous has three dots on them, rather than none.


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