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Solitude is a hologram supervillain in the United States of America created by Aeon. Jessica Keynes came up with the idea of creating him.


As Solitude

He is a purplish black silhouette with a slender body, white glowing eyes and mouth, and has a triple hook claw in place of his left hand.

His body appears to be transparent, however it is unknown if the real Solitude is transparent as he was never seen. It is possible that the Solitude who appeared was only transparent because it was a hologram.


He seeks to kidnap any people who are loved by no one. The reason for this is unknown.


He goes after people who are loved by no one, implying that he has some way of identifying such people. It is currently unknown how.

He has a triple hooked claw in place of his left hand.




  • He has a similar appearance to Oblivio.


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