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Sole Crusher

Season 4, episode 07 (Production order); Episode 85 (Overall)

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Zoé, no one will judge you here. You can just be yourself. You might trip, you might fall and they'll always be someone to help you back up. I'll always be there for you!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Sole Crusher"

"Sole Crusher" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Sole Crusher" is the 7th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 85th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Disney Channel

A newcomer to Marinette's circle of friends gets akumatized into Sole Crusher, a humongous supervillain who can absorb people.[5]


The episode starts with a taxi driver giving Zoé a tour of Paris. They pass by multiple landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Jardins du Trocadero and the Louvre. During the tour, Zoé sees the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, and asks the taxi driver to stop, saying that she always wanted to eat Parisian croissants. Inside the bakery, Zoé asks Sabine Cheng for some croissants, and receives them quickly. Marinette then walks in the bakery with a box of apples and accidently bumps into Zoé. Marinette apologizes, but Zoé says it's ok. Zoé helps Marinette up, and Marinette begins to explain how clumsy she is. Zoé laughs, and helps Marinette place the apples in the box. Marinette asks if Zoé needs anything, but she says she is okay. Marinette, however, still asks if Zoé can have twelve croissants, but then stops since she doesn't know her name. Zoé tells her name to Marinette, and Marinette says she is Miss Clumsy. She asks Zoé on where she is from since she looked stylish, Zoé tells Marinette that she is from New York and she had come to live with her maternal family that is living in Paris. Marinette notices Zoé's sneakers, and asks if she drew in them on her own. Zoé tells that she wrote everything that was good that was been told to her. Marinette notices there's only one thing, Zoé answers saying that she only had one friend. Marinette tells Zoé that she and her friends are going to make a show in the Liberty that night in the Seine river. Before going, Marinette writes down her number on the box she ordered, while Zoé writes downs her number on Marinette's hand.

A while after, Zoé arrives at the Le Grand Paris hotel, and Zoé gives the croissants to the taxi driver and tells her that it's for her children, and she asks if she doesn't want to give them to her family, and she says no, she think's they're not so sweet, and the taxi driver thanks Zoé and tells her to enjoy the trip, as Zoé looks at Marinette's number, as she stores the box in her purse. At the entrance, Butler Jean greets her, and takes her inside to see her mother, Audrey Bourgeois. Zoé tries to put on a mean façade in order to match her mother's demeanour, saying that her flight was horrible. When asked about her school, Zoé claims that she found a cockroach her locker, blaming it on the school.

Zoé is taken to meet Chloé, her half-sister. Chloé looks her up and down, telling her that she physically looks like family. She shows disgust at Zoé' phone and sneakers, and opts to replace them with diamond ones that she must earn. Chloé continues by saying that, in life, there are winners and losers, and you are either one of those. Zoé continues to act mean to as to appease Chloé, who decides to be her 'mentor'.

At school, Chloé introduces Zoé to the student body, demanding that they treat her with respect. Alya, Rose, Juleka, and Alix immediately think the new girl is bad news, like a second Chloé, but Marinette puts their anger to rest by saying not to judge quickly. She tries to talk to Zoé and ask about the macaroons. When Chloé gets angered over the fact that they seem to know each other, Zoé claims she had 'good taste' and threw the macaroons away. Disheartened, Marinette leaves, and Zoé gains admiration from her sister and Sabrina.

Zoé is eventually settled into Ms. Mendeleiev's class after threatening to call her stepfather. In art class, the girls discuss ways to get Zoé away from her sister's toxic influence, with Rose asking if they could adopt her. Marinette says she'll make the first move. On the way home, Chloé finally allows Zoé to have the diamond heels she promised.

At home, Marinette ponders why Zoé was so mean earlier; Daizzi suggests it was because she was hungry. Confident that Zoé's true self was the one in the morning, Marinette texts her; Tikki says that as long as she acts with good intent, nothing bad will happen. Back at the hotel, Chloé searches for the shoes while Zoé receives the text, saying they can talk in private and that she's still invited to the party that evening. Zoé writes back that she'll explain everything later. Chloé notices this and is infuriated, telling Zoé that she either walks over others or she walks on her and that Zoé should be proud to be in the family. Zoé, acting mean once more, says she plans to humiliate Marinette by throwing the macaroons in the river. Buying this, Chloé begins writing down other ways to ruin Marinette's life while Zoé steps onto the balcony.

Looking out onto the city, Zoé contemplates throwing the shoes away, but relents. She is noticed by André, who asks if she's okay. He tells her that he used to be a filmmaker, but was pushed into politics by his family. Zoé explains that, back home, she liked acting, but ended up acting so much she tried to please everyone and concealed her true self. André shows her his 'dream depository' where he keeps his movie scripts and supplies away from Audrey and Chloé so that they would accept him, and says he can make room for her things. Saddened and remembering Chloé's harsh words, Zoé ends up putting her sneakers in. Meanwhile, Shadow Moth detects Zoé's sadness and lack of acceptance, sending out an akuma for her.

As Zoé puts on the diamond shoes, the akuma infects her old sneakers. Shadow Moth christens her 'Sole Crusher', offering her the power to get revenge on Chloé. Zoé accepts and transforms as André runs to hide. Now Sole Crusher, she uses her powers to absorb Butler Jean and the hotel residents into her shoes, making her grow to a gigantic size. When she comes for Chloé, the latter runs away, eventually stopping at the bakery and causing Tom and Sabine to get absorbed. She breaks into Marinette's room and barricades the door, but Sole Crusher simply tears the roof open. Chloé pushes Marinette into the villain's grasp, but Sole Crusher simply holds Marinette (due to her earlier kindness towards her) and continues chasing Chloé across the city. Tikki instructs Kaalki to teleport to Plagg and send for Cat Noir, before leaving to be with Marinette. Though hesitant at first, Kaalki opens Voyage into Adrien's room, but it has the side effect of sucking Plagg's camembert into space and Adrien's foosball table into somewhere in the wild. Adrien is caught up and transforms.

Sole Crusher continues her rampage as Chloé gets near the Liberty, where Kitty Section is setting up. Chloé tells her sister that she should pick on the 'losers' instead of her, calling her a ridiculous copy of herself. Marinette says that Zoé shouldn't need to crush anyone as Cat Noir shows up. Marinette continues, saying that it's just unique people and that Zoé will always have someone like her to help when she falls. Shadow Moth contacts Sole Crusher, threatening to remove her powers and put her on the losers' side. Sole Crusher listens to her master and continues, saying that no one will boss her around again. Cat Noir trips Sole Crusher with his baton, causing Marinette to be freed. She runs into a safe spot and reunites with Tikki. She then transforms into Ladybug.

The heroes fight Sole Crusher, but their battle ends up causing mass destruction. Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, receiving a shoehorn. She takes this as a hint that the akuma is in one of Sole Crusher's shoes. Cat Noir Cataclysms her right heel and Ladybug breaks the left one with her yo-yo; this knocks Sole Crusher off-balance, but no akuma comes out of either one. Chloé yells at her sister for causing harm to her expensive shoes and tells her to go back to her old sneakers. As Chloé is finally absorbed, the heroes realize the akuma's true hiding spot and race to the Hotel to search Chloé's room. They find nothing, but André comes out of hiding and says he knows the sneakers' location. As they reach the depository, Sole Crusher arrives, now bigger than the building itself, and winds up for a punch. Ladybug uses the shoehorn to quickly open the bin and rip up the infected shoe. She purifies the akuma, repairs the damage with Miraculous Ladybug, and gives the freed Zoé a Magical Charm. Thankful, Zoé says the heroes are truly miraculous as they leave. Vengeful, Shadow Moth tells Ladybug that he will crush her one day.

In the evening, Zoé is welcomed aboard the Liberty with the macaroons as Chloé and Audrey watch from the Hotel balcony. Zoé apologizes for the mess she caused, saying she only wanted to impress her family and be accepted. Back home, people bullied her and called her a loser, but she vows to be different. Ivan takes the first step and warmly hugs her, with Mylène saying that they can be her new family. Chloé is outraged as they all eat the macaroons and party into the night.

When Zoé returns to the hotel, she returns the diamond shoes and Chloé demands André to let Zoé leave Paris. André says that the paperwork will take a while, so Zoé will have to stay with them for a couple of months. Chloé wants her in the basement, but André takes her to another room instead. Away from Audrey and Chloé, Zoé thanks him and tells him not to give up on his dreams.

In bed, Marinette receives a text from Zoé, thanking her and the others for being by her side. A montage shows Zoé meeting more of Marinette's friends, and allowing Rose and Juleka to dye a strand of her hair pink, finally giving her the freedom of being her own person.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • According to Feri González, this episode features Zoé's first appearance and chronologically takes place before "Queen Banana"[6].
    • It's also seen in the end scene card where it's Chloe next to a neon purple butterfly foreshadowing her akumatization.
  • This is the second 7th produced episode to feature an appearance by Luka Couffaine, the first time being in "Silencer".
  • This is the third time that the akuma lands in a pair of shoes, the first time being Alix's roller blades in "Timebreaker", and the second being Philippe's ice skates in "Frozer".
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese version, the episode is called "Esmagadora", which is the literal translation for "Crusher", which is half of the English name for the akumatized villain.
  • This is the first time Chloe has ever been in Marinette's room.
  • It's revealed that Marc Anciel is part of Ms. Mendeleiev's class.
    • He's also seen sitting in the same row as Aurore, possibly being a reference to both of their names being based on natural phenomena.
  • It's revealed that Mayor Bourgeois had the dream to become a movie director and that he was the one to produce and direct the movie Solitude, which was starred by Emilie Agreste.
    • This finally reveals "A. Bourgeois", as seen in the film's credits, is André, which he later confirms in "Queen Banana".
  • It's revealed that Sabrina does Chloé's homeworks at Chloé's wardrobe, in the dark. Because she says that her eyes are getting used to the dark, it's implied that she has been doing Chloé's homework in the wardrobe for quite some time.
  • This is the fourth time a kwami (Kaalki) has used their powers without an owner following Plagg in "Style Queen" and "Catalyst" and Trixx in "Gang of Secrets".
    • This time the unrestrained version of Kaalki's powers is revealed when she uses Voyage: her portals can suck nearby objects and teleport them to random locations, including space.
  • When Kaalki arrived at Adrien's room, she faceplanted George of the Jungle-style into his window.
  • Kaalki is one of the few Kwamis to know that Adrien is Cat Noir following Plagg, Wayzz, Tikki and possibly Sass (who must have heard Aspik's confession to Ladybug during one of the time loops).
    • Despite being aware that Plagg has an owner up until this episode Kaalki didn't know what Cat Noir looked like in civilian form mostly she used her powers while thinking about Plagg and his location.
  • This is the third time the akumatized villain is not in direct contact with the akumatized object when the akuma makes contact, following "Zombizou" and "Gang of Secrets".
    • This is the first time the akumatized object was not held by the person immediately before contact.
  • This is the fourth time when an akumatized object isn't in constant possession of the villain following “The Dark Owl”, "Style Queen" and "Weredad".
  • In the English dub, Kaalki says "Voyage" with a French accent.
    • She uses the same pronunication in "Optigami", suggesting this is how she naturally pronounces the word.
  • This is the eleventh time where the heroes appeal to reason with an akumatized villain following "Gang of Secrets", "Christmaster", Weredad, "Frightningale", "Riposte", "Robostus", "Volpina", "The Mime", "Rogercop" and "Stormy Weather".
  • When André Bourgeois picks up a pamphlet with Emilie Agreste inside of the Cellar of Dreams, another pamphlet can be seen underneath with a female figure with similar features to Kagami Tsurugi.
  • The Adrien the Fragrance ad from "Gorizilla", "Anansi" and "Oblivio" is seen in the magazine Audrey is reading.
    • It is also seen on a billboard looking over the street when Ladybug and Cat Noir discuss using Cataclysm on Sole Crusher.
  • When thinking about the ways Chloé can get along with her half-sister, she references the instances from "Stoneheart" and "Ladybug", as well as the incident Zoé had in boarding school.
  • This is the seventh time Cat Noir attempted to use his powers on someone else as of his own free will following "Troublemaker", "Malediktator", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Ladybug", "Miraculous New York", and "Furious Fu".
    • When Ladybug said, "We don't know what would happen if you Cataclysm her directly. It could be fatal!", she was likely referencing to "Miraculer" and "Miraculous New York".
    • But like in "Lies", he was prevented from doing so by Ladybug.
  • This is one of the many episodes where Ladybug and Cat Noir are seen fighting an akumatized villain off-screen, if they didn't then it's likely they were off on patrol or dealing with another emergency.
    • Also counting this is one of few episodes where Shadow Moth was close to victory without realizing it.
  • This is of the few times where the Cataclysm summoning sequence wasn't shown.
  • Just like "Gorizilla", the titular villain or sentimonster rips the ceiling off and to take someone hostage.
  • When Mr. Damocles mentions mid year admission, them running on the French school system it's likely they have five marking periods and with a total of 144 days and them starting in September this episode suggests that it centers around mid November.


  • When telling Alya, Juleka, Alix, and Rose about how she met Zoé, Marinette's earring is missing when she turns her head to the side.
  • When Ladybug catches the akuma and said 'Gotcha!', she was in her original suit for a split second.
  • When Adrien says "Hi" to Zoé, his mouth doesn't open.
  • When Chloé puts her arm around Zoé, Zoé’s hat turns white for a single frame.
  • Similarly to "Miraculer" and "Lies", when the akuma flies out of the window of Shadow Moth's lair, the Butterfly and the Peacock Miraculouses are missing from Shadow Moth's chest.


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