"Smelly Wolf" is Mylène Haprèle's "happy song," which helps her feel better. To calm her down when she is akumatized in "Horrificator", Ladybug, alongside Cat Noir, Alya, Nino, Ivan, Rose, and Juleka sing the song to her.


Smelly wolf, smelly wolf
Trapped in the stinky hut.
Smelly wolf, smelly wolf
I'm gonna kick your....

Smelly wolf, smelly wolf
Stinky breath and slimy drool.
Smelly wolf, smelly wolf
You're just a silly...!

Loup puant, loup puant
Piégé dans la hutte puante.
Loup puant, loup puant
Je vais vous botter le cul....

Loup malodorant, loup malodorant
Haleine puante et bave visqueuse.
Loup malodorant, loup malodorant
Tu n'es qu'un idiot... !


  • When Mylène sings the song to herself at the beginning of the episode, she starts with the second verse, but when Ladybug and the group sing it, they start from the first verse.
    • In the French version of this song, Mylène starts the song with the first verse.
  • The Castillian Spanish version of this song is titled "Cosas Felices", which means "Happy Things."
  • In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", when Mylène is kidnapped by Stoneheart, she is seen in the same pose as when she sings "Smelly Wolf" in "Horrificator".
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