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Ladybug to Carapace, "Anansi"

Shell-ter is the special superpower granted by the Turtle Miraculous to its owner.


The Turtle Miraculous owner holds up the Shield and materializes a green, spherical barrier with a glowing hexagonal pattern, much like the pattern on a turtle shell.

The force field is strong enough to endure the collapse of a massive, incredibly heavy structure, such as the Arc de Triomphe. So far, the only thing known to be capable of breaking through the force field is the power of another Miraculous. A Cataclysm was capable of breaking the barrier in a single hit; and a Sentimonster was capable of cracking the barrier after several hits.

Shell-ter is capable of cutting through anything that crosses its border, such as Anansi's webs.

Although Shell-ter is handy to use, Carapace must use it wisely, as he can only use it once before detransforming back into his civilian form after five minutes. Jade Turtle isn't subject to this limitation.


Season 2

Episode Summoner Reason Image
Anansi Carapace Used to protect Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Alya Césaire as the Arc de Triomphe was crumbling down.
Shell-ter Sequence (11)

Season 3

Episode Summoner Reason Image
Miraculer Carapace Used to protect Ladybug from Miraculer's attack.
Miraculer 383
Miraculer Used to block Rena Rouge's attack.
Miraculer 413
Used to prevent Carapace from reaching her akumatized object.
Miraculer 489
Used to protect her armpit from being tickled by Ladybug's Lucky Charm feather.
Miraculer 515
Party Crasher Carapace Attempted to use to protect Cat Noir, Viperion and Pegasus from Party Crasher, but Carapace was absorbed by the villain before he had a chance to activate it.
No Screenshot
Used to protect Ladybug and her team from Party Crasher's attacks.
Party Crasher Infobox
The Battle of the Miraculous Jade Turtle Used to protect himself from Hawk Moth and Mayura's attacks. It was almost broken by the Butterfly sentimonster's stinger.
Jade Turtle Shellter





  • The name of the superpower is a play on the words "shell" and "shelter."
  • In the French dub, this superpower is called "Protection".


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